‘Mignolet for the PL and CL; Karius for the EFL cup?’

Date published: Tuesday 12th September 2017 1:45

The Champions League is back and Man Utd fans discuss their prospects, while a Liverpool fan proposes an idea regarding Jurgen Klopp’s goalkeepers, all in our forum.


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‘Hum drum job done 2-0 victory’

Nice to be back and competing, in theory at least, for old big ears.

Not ideal to have two centre halves with no minutes in their legs starting but the flip side is Basle’s number 9 is Ricky van Wolfswinkel. They haven’t been tearing up trees in their domestic league either.

Looking forward to seeing Marcus Rashford and Romelus make their Champions League debut. Not expecting fireworks, I’m going for a hum drum job done 2-0 victory.

wonderfuel gas


Xhaka red card?

It’ll be tough, bound to be some first night nerves. We should be able to get past them though. They have some internationals on the squad so they’re not completely short on quality.

Granit Xhaka’s brother Taulant plays for them, perhaps he’ll play as well tonight as his brother has for the Gooners. If so, he’s likely to get a red card… we can hope



‘Making up the Champions League numbers is not something we’re used to’

Yeah nice to be back in but feels strange the fact that we’re not expected to do any real damage in the tournament.

Making up the numbers in the knock out stages is not something we’re used to. But i guess its baby steps while we build a squad to challenge. I think its a positive that Bailly and Jones are out after Saturday.

A lack of concentration from both cost us the points on the wkd. We really need to up our defensive organisation and play if we are going to have any chance in the CL or PL. Worrying thing is i’m not sure we have the players at the club to be able to do that at present.



What about this for an idea?

Loris Karius: Starting to settle at Liverpool?

What do people think of this idea that we will be playing one keeper in the league and a different one in the CL i.e. Mignolet in the league and Karius in the CL?

I can understand wanting to keep both keepers happy and tuned in by giving both regular games but has Karius earned the right to be keeper in the CL?

Those great performances Mignolet put in towards the end of the season last year to ensure a top 4 position and he doesn’t get to play in the CL?

Can’t say I’d be happy if I were him.

From a footballing perspective is Karius up to keeping net in a competition like his? A coupla stupid mistakes and we are out of the comp in what is a very winnable group.

I’m no great Mignolet fan but he has shown to be a better keeper than Karius so far. I’d use Mignolet in the league and CL but let Karius fight it out with Ward for the domestic Cup comps.



‘Klopp trusts Karius, we have to trust Klopp’

Ginger – It has worked for Barcelona for a good few years and no one really questioned them, to me it looks like Migs for the Prem, Karius for the CL, probably Ward for the LC, not sure who will keep for the FA.

At the end of the day we have to trust the manager on this one, he sees them day in day out in training, he trusts Karius we have to trust Klopp.




‘A different keeper in the PL,CL and the LC smacks of confusion’

Terrible idea imo and further demonstrates that Klopp is still not sure who his best Keeper is and it won’t go down well with Mignolet who helped Liverpool get into the CL in the first place.

A different keeper in the PL,CL and the LC smacks of confusion wont help either Mignolet or Karius with their confidence which both seem lacking at times and it certainly won’t help an already fragile back four either.

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Let’s hope Karius has learnt

I just hope Karius has learnt from the Arsenal match. Neither fill me with confidence, but Mignolet can be an excellent shot stopper.

I can imagine it being a nervy night. Sevilla are no mugs and once again I’m surprised at the groundless optimism of some fans. We really need a win to bolster our confidence after Sunday and get us off to a good start in the group. Winning at home will take pressure off us away.



Liverpool team v Sevilla

I moved house this weekend so was slightly oblivious to our poor weekend result in any case on to the next game.

My team would be


TAA Matip Lovren Moreno

Hendo Can Gini

Coutinio Mane




‘Costa deal by Friday?’

Marca are suggesting today that Chelsea have relaxed their attitude to Costa having to return to Chelsea prior to any transfer being concluded with AM and that a deal for Costa could be finalised as soon as Friday at circa 60m Euros which would be made up of an up front payment and certain performance related bonuses leaving Costa free to return immediately to AM and get himself fit prior to Atletico’s transfer ban being lifted in January and Costa being allowed to play for AM from then???

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Diego Costa poser…

Yirra Roman you’re being a bit petty mate. What’s going on, you aren’t usually this confrontational? If Costa returned to the pitch would I cheer? No. Would I boo? No…I’d be indifferent. That’s me.

Can’t believe I’m agreeing with Wisefan but here’s a question? If Morata, Bichy and say Hazard were all injured and Costa was still part of our PL squad and we had a run of tough fixtures coming up…would you play him if he was fit, training and promised to give us his all until January?

I would. Am I a moron or stupid because of my opinion? No!! Come on bru you’re better than this.


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