‘Nathaniel Clyne performances not good enough’

Date published: Tuesday 14th March 2017 1:01

Arsenal’s fans discuss the club’s problems and suggest the board are to blame, while Liverpool right-back Nathaniel Clyne is deemed “not good enough” in our Your Says of the Day.

Arsenal problems come from the top

@ Hulk whats so bad about the board? It ´s only a business for them and yes that part they do well, agree. But what about rest?

Ambition? No they accept bare minimum which is CL football. There is no pressure to win anything from them, manage 4th spot and they are ok with that.

Connection to fans? None what so ever Silent Stan say nothing and visit games very very rarely. If they are critcized then the basiclly tells us ve are idiots that don’t understand anything.

I agree that they should not get involved in the managers dealing but when they accept failings, the manager also does that and then the players also do that and that´s what we see year after year. So yes the problems comes from the top when the bare minimum is accepted and also the same scenario year after year is accepted. That is why our top players who want to win things leave because they have that mentallity. This winning culture does not exist in our club anymore and it´s everywhere from the board all the way down to the players.

The board should have stated years ago that a title is minimum and we should win the league within 3 years when that does not happen Wenger should be fired and players not up to that standard should be sold. When no one is accountable for anything then nobody will care as long as they are getting paid. All that comes from the board and then spreads like a virus through the whole club.

RVP even said that when he went to Man Utd that the difference was huge in that sense.

Arsenal now will never ever change with a new manager until accountabillity is introduced on all levels within the club. If you are not up for it then they should f off and leave. It´s not a christmas party where everybody is invited and every one get a present, but that is the state of the club now. Until that changes we will not see anything different whether Wenger stays or not. That´s where the board is to blame because they only care about the money and they will only act if that part decreases significantly. That to me is not a good board.


‘Point of the board is to make the club profitable’

Muffler – the point of the board is to make the club profitable and to allow the manager to be successful by giving him the means to do so. Which they do.

Kroenke not attending games is really nit picking, do you really care about this? If you do I would have to question why this matters so much.

I understand the board have limited expectations but that has no relevance on the manager and what they can achieve. If you give Klopp, Jose, Fergie, Simeone, Allegri or Conte 100mil to spend and said but you only have to finish in the top 4 do you think they would just try to finish in top 4 or go out to win the title?

As i have said many times i would bet my house that Conte remit was to get Chelsea back in the CL as priority and not to win the league. Guess what he has ambitions to win the league so that’s what he is trying and probably going to do.

I get what your saying though about them accepting failure and yes they accept 4th place and Cll qualification as the minnimum but at same time that does not mean the manager has too, Which he does. If the board really only cared about money then surely they would demand trophies as you get significant amount more for winning trophies and cups, it also gets you better sponsorship deals worldwide which only increases the coffers.

If anyone wants a board to be more involved, more so than just putting money on the table and employing a manager to do their job then may i suggest you go support Leeds, QPR, or Blackburn. All of these clubs have boards and owners how you wish ours were.



‘Board accepts the same failures year in and year out’

@ Hulk

You miss the point the board accepts the same failures year in and year out as long as Wenger makes CL that is the state of the club. Because it makes the club enough money to be profitable. Yes sthey would make more money if they win the league but they are maybe just like Weneger satisfied by just making profits no matter how big or small they are.

I have not said that the board should go beserk like in other clubs nobody wants that scenario. I´m saying that they should make Wenger accountable by stating clearly that just making CL is not enough to keep his job. Aim higher and make the manager and players feel that this is the goal we have set. They don´t do that they have said 4th spot and Cl is fine by having Wenger staying on dispite what he does just as long as he makes that bare minimum. It does not mean that Wenger don´t have to aim higher no but when you have been at the same job for 20 years you become comfortable and that is what has happened with Wenger and the board seem to accept that.

A top club set clear goals and yes they also have the bare minimum to what needs to be achieved. But when a manager only manages bare minimum year in and year out that should signal to the board that the manager no longer has the abillity to make that final step and act by replacing him.

Just having a board being good at the financial aspects is not a complete board they need to have footballing knowledge which they don´t have and because of that they rely only on Wenger, which is why they want to keep him. The current board have 50% of what they need and if they address the footballing side they will be perfect.

Regarding Stan not attending games well that signals that he is an owner that only cares about the money not the club which we all fans love and support. So even a small thing like that means something. Take Roman for example he is passionate about the club and that passion is what to see from an owner. Not the other side of Roman though which is to much interference that part I don´t want to see at Arsenal but at least some passion from Stan. I know he is not like that but I think that would signal more value to the fans hey our owner is as passionate as we fans are. It sends a positive picture out. Instead of not saying anything, pulling money out of the club with some strange service fee and so on which gives a bad vibe.

Regarding you point about Conte and others I agree they have the will to win and aims higher but they have not been at their club for 20 years which means thay have to prove themselfes. Wenger dont have to do that which is why he has become comfortable. I still think that the board should have a long term view when it comes to managers but that doesn´t mean I would want to keep them forever just by managing bare minimum.

I think that we have the same view in some aspects and maybe I´m not good in explaining it in a good way. But no trust me I´m not after a board that acts like QPR, Blackburn and so on no. We have a good board in some aspects but if we take away they business aspects of our board we have in my view nothing left that´s why I want to add a little bit in forms of accountabillity clear and high targets not just settling for bare minimum. If they add that then I will be behind them.



Arsenal board ‘one of the poorest in the transfer market’

Thierry Henry: Left his role with Arsenal

muffler – Completely on the same page, and Let’s not also pretend that the board are some sort of geniuses where the financial position is concerned.They are one of the poorest in the transfer market,Liveprool and spurs have sold their players at world record transfers whilst we only sell our players with the same quality at considerably lesser amount.

We sold henry for £16m who at the time was the best striker in the world.We could’ve gotten so much for so many of the other players.Like Rvp Who practically won them the league.And cesc.

Wenger made the club more popular than it was and because of that they can afford to charge fans the highest ticket prices in the world only for the brand it is today.

The Hulk – I have so many disagreements with you but on the main pointYou keep on blaming wenger so much and not the board.

When we moved into the stadium Isn’t it the board that promised that we’d be as good as Bayern around 2016-2017.We lost to them 10-2 on aggregate.They didn’t fulfill their promise.I couldn’t give an arse of which manager they planned to keep they are responsible on delivering on their promise and they failed.

the specialone


Clyne ‘not good enough’ 

Nathaniel Clyne: Still feeling positive

I want a new right back too so there is competition for Clyne. His performances haven’t been good enough for large parts of the season. Would love if Jon Flanagan was the answer but I don’t think he is, and I don’t think he is in Klopp’s mind.

Come to think of it a quality back up or at least enough options from the bench to cover every position/create competition would be ideal. A new CB leaving Lovren/Gomez/Klavan as back up, GK, LB, RB, a DM, a left sided attacking player and, and/or a striker. I’m not confident we’ll address more than half of that though!


What about Trent Alexander-Arnold?

Stagger- we now have competition for Clyne in the guise of TAA. This young lad stands out in every u23s match he plays in and has been all season. Come next season he’ll be more than ready. TAA will turn 19 in Oct, the same age Flanno was when he broke thru.

AK- Sessengnon is getting first team football at Fulham but yeah if we were to buy him it would be an idea to leave him there for the season to get even more first team games.



Who is the most irritating pundit?

Does anyone come close to Jamie Redknapp for this title?
What did Carra say to him when they went off air?

Does Rddknapp think that because he is older and was a senior player beford JC that his voice or opinion takes priority?

Never thought he did anything much in the side and was a bit of a soft centre! I can see things haven’t changed! Talks crap like his dad.


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