Wenger letting Gnabry depart ‘was like letting Paul Pogba go’

Date published: Monday 12th June 2017 12:38

Arsenal fans are now angry about Arsene Wenger’s decision to let Serge Gnaby leave, while Victor Lindelof is discussed and what are Liverpool’s expectations next season, all in our forum.

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Gnabry ‘never had a chance’ at Arsenal

What can you say? If this is not a mismanagement of the highest order, I don’t know what is. Why the lad never had a chance while with us? Is it because of Wenger’s alleged favoritism? Sure he was underwhelming at WBA.

But name one attack minded player who wouldn’t there. Anyway sounds like a waste by Wenger. At the time he left, the Ox was not pulling trees, was he? But Gnabry never got a sniff…



‘One of Wenger’s biggest mistakes’

This will be one of wengers biggest mistakes.
He has the all the attributes of oxlade, iwobi, Walcott in one. He is the player that should of been playing well ahead of all of them but wasn’t.

I said a few years ago the same thing I am now, even last year before he left I was. Had a poor time at West Brom but let’s face it messi would struggle to play in a Tony pulis West Brom side.
Everyone in Germany loves him and rate him so highly. Lowe has been raving about him for years.

This is like it’s letting pogba go, difference is we would never try to sign him again.



‘I’d take Costa at Arsenal’

If its true that costa has been told he can leave chelski,then i’d take him at afc no problem.for starters he’s a winner and would easily score 20+ in our team.a striker is our no1 priority this summer and it doesn’t bother me who we sign one from.

Still think we need a combative midfield player as well,despite rambo & xhaka having a good end to the season.still not convinced that them two can be good enough to challenge for the title but they have both played pretty well and it’s their shirt to lose



Wenger ‘couldn’t manage a character like Costa’

I can see the appeal to some Steve, but I really really can’t stand the bloke! I know its not about that but I just find it hard to like the idea of him playing for us. To be fair I don’t think it would ever happen because there is no way Wenger would be able to manage a character like that. We have seen in the past that anyone who starts causing trouble or has a bit too much to say, is shown the door pretty swiftly.

I agree that we need to address the central midfield issue – rumours that we are close to signing this Russian kid Golovin don’t exactly fill me with confidence.



Not convinced by Lukaku

I’m still not convinced on Lukaku. Poor record against the so called big teams, although he scored 20+ goals, he tends to score 2 or 3 goals in a match instead of scoring week in week out. Not convinced he can do what Costa did v Southampton away or Man City away last season.

Personally if we do get Lukaku, we have to buy another striker to put pressure on him and also a striker that can actually link play while holding up the ball.



Lukaku ‘seriously flawed’

Lukaku as everyone know does not score against big teams which is a very serious flaw, however he is still young and can develop further, who else can we get, theres not much out there in that kind of class and the few that are available well all the top teams are vying for them plus the current clubs that they are at want to keep them. So its very difficult.



‘He’s scored against us. City. Arsenal. Spurs and liverpool’


Never understood this thing with lukaku and big teams. He’s scored against us. City. Arsenal. Spurs and liverpool. How can you say he doesnt score against big teams when its a fact that he has

You have to remember he plays for a average everton team and outscored costa on 2 of 3 seasons.



‘Liverpool to pay £40m for Oxlade-Chamberlain?’

Back in the world of football though, this has to be BS about us being willing to pay £40m for Oxelade. Where is that sum even coming from, never mind that he’s only got a year left on his contract.

Silly season nonsense? I hope so, I wouldn’t want us to spend £20m on him if I’m honest.



What can Liverpool expect next season?

What’s the minimum that you would be happy with next season and what would you realistically hope for?

Aussie said it in the other thread that he’d hope to see us qualify for the CL again next season to cement our place in the tournament so to speak and I am the same. I highly doubt that I will be chanting “Klopp Out” at all next season anyway but the minimum for me is CL qualification once more but I don’t think it’s out of order to hope for a cup and to make the knock-out stages of the CL.

How far would you lads need to get in the CL in order to not win one of the domestic cups?

This will be a controversial one from me I think as I’d probably sacrifice the LC for the quarters and the FA Cup to make the semi’s. it is probably time we got our hands on a cup but I love the CL too much and serious progress in this tournament means a lot to me.



Premier League the aim…

I want the league, the holy grail. Look, United and City are still rebuilding under Jose and Pep, Arsenal might have to sell a few key players.

Chelsea and Spurs would be the favourites but if we could buy a few great players and learn to win against the lesser teams, we definitely stand a chance.



‘My expectation is set pretty low on this one…’

My expectation is set pretty low on this one. As long as there is improvement from last season i will be happy, I dont really expect us to win the EPL or the CL any time soon even though a small part of me is hoping we get to win some league cup soon.

Apart from silverwares, I do hope we can start finishing in the top 4 constantly which will not be an easy feat with the increasing number of rivals in the mix but we should be aiming for that.



‘I’d be happy with top four again’

Honestly, I’ll be happy to get top 4 again and have a decent champions league run (as bob said, qualify for group stage and then get through that into the knockout stages).

Anything more than this would be a great achievement. I think solidifying where we are now is crucial. Whilst it would be great to win a cup, there is no way that I would rather win the FA or League cup than remain in champions league. We’ve been outside it too long.



‘Ridiculous Michael Keane rumours can now be put to bed’

Michael Keane: Could be on the move this summer

You’d have to think Mourinho has done a lot profiling of partners for Bailly. From what I’ve seen he looks like a ball playing centre back which would compliment the tough tackling Bailly perfectly.

Time will tell I guess but, as JM says, defence box ticked now let’s get in the players who are going to create the chances and put the ball in the back of the net.
Might be nice to give Ed a bit of acknowledgement here as well.

Bailly and Lindelof for under £60m when those wankers opposite are spending obscene money on Mangala, Otamendi, Stones etc. Looks like a perfect execution of identifying, scouting, shortlisting and then buying without getting ripped off.

Oh and thank god those ridiculous Michael Keane rumours can now be put to bed too!



Lindelof will be a ‘top signing’

You will love Lindelöf. I followed him in Swedens U-21 victorious European Championship.

His positioning,reading of the game,tackling and ballcontroll are excellent. He doesnt give away silly freekicks like Smalling and Jones does. i havent seen him in Benfica much but you can be sure of Mourinho knows the Portuguese league and how Lindelöf have progressed since he joined them.

I think he will be a top signing and will be a regular starter with Bailly.



‘I’d be ecstatic with Verratti’

With Lindelof seemingly in the bag, it seems we now undoubtedly need to focus on a striker, a central midfielder and then hopefully a right winger also.

Morata also seems to be a confirmed signing for the striker role however, until announced on manutd.com I won’t hold my breath.

Bale would be absolutely amazing for the right wing spot; we’re talking about one of the Top 10 players in world football and someone who has been a top player in the Premier League before. At 27 he’s coming into the peak of his game and would be a superb signing if we don’t have to pay crazy money for him. If we don’t get him, I’d be fine with Douglas Costa coming in for just 25m.

In central midfield, if we can convince Verratti to join us ahead of Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Juventus I’d be ecstatic however I can;t see that happening – our big hope is that he joins either Barcelona or Bayern so that we can then maybe take one of their central midfielders.

Andre Gomes has been booed by Barcelona supporters however he is actually quite a good player and would be an improvement on Herrera. Renato Sanches from Bayern would also be a great buy given his age.

Sympathy for the Devils

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