‘Lacazette is showing absolutely no promising signs’

Date published: Friday 12th January 2018 12:59

Chelsea fans discuss the potential of a new stadium, while the performances of Lacazette and Morata are scrutinised in Your Says of the Day.


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The Alexis dilemma

Either go and play for arguably the most innovative manager in the world football and get a (virtually) guaranteed PL medal this season OR go and learn how to be a left back under Mourinho – it’s a no-brainer really.

If it’s about the money, he’ll go to United – apparently, they’ve offered more to Arsenal and a higher wage to Sanchez.
If it’s ambition, with a better chance to win the bigger trophies, and improve himself as a player, then it’s City.
I think the choice will be his – time will tell.



The problem of FSG

Suarez still gave us a wonderful season after he went on strike. FSG refused to sell and stand firm, probably the prie from Arsenal was too low. Then, Suarez bite a player in the world cup. FSG rushed to sell him once the Barca. offer came in, part of the reason is because of a higher price.

We are a little bit better than Southamptom because we can keep our best player for a few days more. However RB Leipzig is better than us, even they let Keita join us in Jan. (no confirmation yet), they keep their best player longer than us. P.S. Liverpool is financial far stronger than Leipzig and we failed to keep our best player longer than them.

We are in the driving seat of the Coutinho deal, long contract, no release clause and a coming World Cup year. However FSG decided to take the money ASAP. Good owner?

Football Scouser

Football Scouser, get your facts right.

Keita was bought in the summer and Van Dijk would have been bought in the summer if a Liverpool FC employee did not mess up. None of these deals were linked to Coutinho being sold, as we refused to sell him – so why do you keep jumping to absolutely illogical conclusions, blaming FSG for nothing?

Also regarding Coutinho, FSG left the decision to sell Coutinho with Klopp, who sold him because he only wants players who are committed 100% to the club. And in doing so, we got £146m, up from the initial offer of less than £100m, one of the best deals in football ever.

Teams such as Spurs and ManU have sold big players to the Spanish giants, so it’s not only Liverpool doing this. In fact, FSG have only sold 2 big players to Spanish clubs (Suarez, Coutinho), and part of the reason they moved is because most South American players have an ambition to play in Spain.

You’re clutching at straws here, most Liverpool supporters are satisfied with the way FSG are running the club



Strootman the ideal fit for United?

Kevin Strootman: Wanted by Man United and Inter Milan

We should try for Kevin Strootman from AS Roma. He en Matic could control the midfield, while Pogba is getting a more advance role. You have then 3 powerhouses and 3 leaders for the midfield. He is good on age, only 26, ans yes I know he has been injured in the passed, but so was Van Nistelrooij before joining United!!

We all saw it happen when Pogba was injured, United were lost and playing terrible, we could fix that problem with Strootman!!



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Lacazette failing to impress

Seriously,I really want Lacazette to succeed but he’s showing absolutely no promising signs at all to do that.I mean really,I’ve stopped counting the number of games he hasn’t scored since.But What gets me the most is he dosen’t even seem to be “trying” to get that goal.Apart from his movement there is absolutely nothing of him to admire.In the final third he’s been very inefficient.He got one chance today in the first half where he had a head start.All he had to do was use his pace and finish but he took a shot from outside the box.Also,he dosen’t seem frustrated at all?For a record signing the least you expect him to score is that frustration that would atleast signal he cares but it dosen’t seem the case.I have to admit,It’s double standards from a lot of fans.I mean giroud use to get critcised for literally every chance he missed.Let me correct that,he got lambasted,and you don’t even discuss what is expected from a “50m striker”.

You ask me honestly,I want to see him under a new manager.I think he has the potential but he lacks the desire.Either how,at best he can be a good striker not a great striker.

the specialone

As I stated when we signed him Lacazette is 2nd choice behind Giroud in the French set up and that should send out alarm bells. He is known as a good player when things are going well and his team dominate. He is also known as a player who lacks stamina and goes missing in big matches and is ineffective against big teams. Mourinho passed on him because he couldn’t see him being a success in the PL. I made these points when we signed him and I saw a bit of him at Lyon. Nothing Ive seen so far has convinced me he is a £52m striker. I had this discussion last night with another fan who countered “well Henry struggled at first”. Henry scored 26 goals in his first season, Lacazette wont get half that many. Another French sub standard Wenger signing Im afraid

The Oracle

The case of laca is a simple one I think. If we create the chances for him he will score I said in another tread our football has regressed over the last few years and now we don’t seem to be making these clear cut chances. Comparing him to giroud is a non starter as they are very different players. Laca is better in all areas I think and I don’t think him not throwing his toys out the pram because he is subbed off around the 70 min mark cannot be taken as him not showing passion or lack of desire. as for comparing to the other top strikers when he starts missing the chances that 90 million man Lukaku and the 70 million man moratta miss then I think we will have a issue they have missed loads of chances but at least there team are actually creating for the striker! Apart from the Man Utd game I can’t recall one where I think his misses have cost the team points although our def and de gea playing a out of his skin cost us points. I always said I would give him a season to get to the speed of the prem but still expected him to score a few more agreed but that was on the assumption we would actually be creating chances for him.



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Chelsea’s stadium issues

Seemingly the delay is all tied up with rights to light and could end up in the High Court here’s a view with the Council on Chelsea FC’s side.

Chelsea have told the council they will be unable to start development work or secure financing while there remains a risk that the injunction proceedings could succeed.

Therefore the council plan to use their powers under planning law to buy the air rights over part of Stamford Bridge and the railway line which sits between the stadium and the affected homes.

They would then lease the land back to Chelsea and railway operators Network Rail, meaning the property owners would be entitled to compensation but would not be able to prevent the redevelopment.

-source: Mail

nine nine nine

I read last night that out of 50 properties only 2 will not sell and Chelsea has asked the council to invoke a compulsory order to buy the properties. Also something about buying air rights above Chelsea and the tube line and then leasing these back to Chelsea which you mention so at least they are actively trying to move this along. KTBFFH


The family that have taken out the injunction against Chelsea could very easily find themselves pariahs in their own community and surrounding area. If CFC end up having to relocate due to their actions very many businesses in the area would suffer. The loss of income would not only be from match days but also with other events run in and around the Bridge and supporters who come to the area when visiting London. I cannot see RA losing this, but he may throw the head up if the challengeccontinues to create delay after delay!



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Emre Can’s replacement

I know it sounds bit wild but I heard a podcaster recommended Trent being a good replacement for Emre Can, I have to admit I was sold on it, who knows maybe this is what Klopp has already seen.

Obviously, Trent isn’t perfect he needs to strengthen up and learn to stay focused on defending but the time that he is having this season as a left back surely can be good training for eventually moving into central midfield, his favourite position. What do you guys think of this idea?


Give him a go all our mids including Can have been hit and miss. Sometimes Can looks like a great player other times I see him and he’s very average (if he gets consistency he could be a top player – it hasn’t happened yet).



Praise for the Robins

I have nothing but admiration for Bristol City. They played better football than more than half of the Premier League teams. Hopefully they’ll light the PL on fire next season.

Manchester City were shamed on two counts by Bristol City. The team of internationals could only beat Bristol City in the 92nd minute who had not played 11 back to stifle Man City. Then we had the Man City supporters, if you can call them that, who only made any noise when their side scored and the away fans were more vocal in their support for their side! If it were not for the deep pockets of their owners where would they be?

The Martial Art

You do realise your team lost to Bristol City and are miles behind Man City in the league. You are either about 13 years old or as thick as mince.

Tugay is God


Morata worth the money?

I think that Morata is a very competent no.9

My take on this is that he moved to London with his wife knowing that he was facing a new challenge. He has to get used to a new City, a new coach and his methods and requirements and not least, the physicality of the EPL. He signs a long term contract, his wife gets pregnant and now he hears constant rumours that one of the prime reasons for him relocating to London is now likely to be elbowed at the end of the season

Confusion and disillusion which reflects in his performances….? KTBFFH


Sorry mate but Morata was brought by the club to score goals and whatever era or manner you judge football on, to score goals is a striker, give him number 1 if you wish but he certainly ain’t no creative number 10 mate.
Like I said hope it’s a blip, but he needs to get scoring, and that means not draggig himself away from the areas he should be occupying, aka Torres in his later days.


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