‘Emery isn’t the bold and brave appointment Gazidis promised’

Date published: Wednesday 23rd May 2018 11:03

Unai Emery: Manager has signed a two-year contract

Arsenal fans react to the news of Unai Emery’s appointment, while there is debate over whether Harry Kane should captain England in Your Says of the Day.

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Emery confirmed

Having had a few hours to think about last nights news, I still don’t know how I feel about it! What I do think is, Ivan has bottled it! Let me just clarify, that’s nothing against Emery – I don’t know enough about the man. However, it isn’t the ‘bold and brave’ appointment Gazidis said we would be making. He has quite literally, on paper, taking the safest option available, with perhaps the exception of Carlo.

I think the club floated the idea early of bringing Arteta in and took plenty of notice of the fan base reaction. It just feels to me like Ivan knew that if he hired Mikel and it went south, it would be his head on the line next and he wasn’t willing to take that risk.

No denying Emery has achieved things but these need to be looked at carefully and balanced against his shortcomings as well. I don’t give his wins in France a great deal of attention. I know you can only beat what is in front of you but I would fancy my own chances in that league with a blank cheque book.
2 back to back europa leagues with Seville is commendable. One on penalties, one against Dnipro and the recent win against Liverpool. Appears to have been moved out of PSG due to his inability to take them on to the next level in Europe.

My concerns about him were slightly offset today by hearing about how impressive his interview, and analysis of the squad was. Sounds as though he has done his homework! More than anything, I am surprised he was that keen on the role. He is going from the wealthiest club in the world to a club who won’t give him anything like the money he is used to spending. Not even close.

As I said when Arteta was on the cards, I will back whoever is chosen and remain excited to see what happens this season. However, I’m not buying the story that he was always the first choice and it appears our conduct towards other candidates has been poor at best. We certainly don’t do things the easy way!


He only ever had cash at PSG andy other clubs he has managed have had even more limitations in terms of finances than what is available at Arsenal. What we will get is someone who from past expeeriences with Spanish clubs jumps about the technical area as if he is actually coaching you see him waving his hands and pointing in directions he thinks passes etc should go and he does not bother about reputations either again from his time in Spain…Like I said he changed the Valencia setup over a few seasons due to financial restrictions and kept them competative…I believe he could do well for us and wanted him a few years back but just never thought he would jump back in so soon after the PSG stint…As has been said only stumbling block is his English but hopefully that can be overcome…very excited about the future although I have to remind myself that he often chops and changes his team selection from one week to the next much like Allegri does at Juve…


Unai Emery: Has respect for Arsene Wenger

Andy – Emery is a perfect Europa league manager,who has overachieved at most of the clubs he’s been at.How can you expect gazebo to make the “bold” appointment he’s apparently said when there’s no one available.The only two possible managers who could come in and be most established are Simione and Allegri who are both not leaving their clubs.Ok maybe conte but his philosiphy is everything against this club.

So emery was the correct choice,for now atleast. He’s proven to overachieve at clubs like valencia and sevilla.Right now we are in the bracket of those class of clubs.yes,financially and with our stature we are capable of much more and ultimately our aim should be to win the PL but for now there is no better person that fits the board’s ambitions.

the specialone

It’s done thank goodness we have not pissed about and looks like the fans all think this is a good appointment so it should unify the club. I am really excited about this I hope and believe we will give him a chance and not expect miracles but having read up on him over the last few days, I did not see any negative comments apart from the Neymar spat so I think, hope and pray he could be exactly what we need ! COYG




Captain Kane

Yes, Kane is a great choice. A real team man. Claiming goals from teammates when he doesn’t get a touch. Giving an interview just before the last game of the season where he said “it’s all about me getting to 30 goals and winning the golden boot”. Yes, a great choice as captain .. so inspiring.

Personally, I don’t give two hoots about England but those who do need to take a good look at themselves.

Derek Wirral

So who else is there can’t think of anyone else with any kind of leadership skills or even sufficient ability to be a captain.


Kane is hardworking, professional, driven, a good example, humble and more.
He leads by example, that of an excellent footballer. He isn’t the most charismatic but not only captains need to scream and shout. I’d have given it to Kane or Henderson, happy with both but for different reasons


Personally prefer someone from the two CB’s or GK as captain, because they see the game in front of them and can give a better perspective on what tweaks are needed. The only player that seems sure to start in these positions is Stones, okay he can produce a few errors, but he apparently reads the game very well, which is important for a captain, so I would maybe giver him a go, the only argument I can see against him, is age/experience.


@Derek_Wirral You really can’t have got Harry Kane more wrong. Possibly one of the most ignorant posts I have read on Teamtalk. HK is one of the most dedicated, hardworking professional footballers we have in this country. Humble man who has worked his way through the lower leagues (on loan) to Spurs first team. A man who has not forgotten his roots and is clearly England’s best chance of achieving anything in Russia. I am personally not a fan of a striker being captain, but in this instance, I do agree Kane is the best man for the job. Now forget your childish digs, grow up and lets back our boys.


Anyone would think that one silly incident (only once), in a football match, changed the course of human history.

I would agree with Paxman that a CB or GK is preferable but as neither are viable options then Kane is the best captain material we have.


Personally, not a fan of strikers captaining teams as Paxman outlined… But if Kane can lead by example then bloody good luck to him. Great striker, deserves all the success coming to him over his career, hope he can fire england to some important results.

There’ll only be one captain lifting the world cup this summer. The rest, as Derek on the Wirral suggests, can have the same question asked of them. what leadership did they bring?



Liverpool the underdogs

Now Vicente Del Bosque is saying no one on our team is good enough for Real, and they will beat us comfortably 4-1. Jose Antonio Camacho expects 3-0 to them. I love it when we’re the underdog.


Our teams lacks a little edge which Keita will bring in abundance but with Ramos history of red cards think he’s above the 20 mark I would be looking to get under his skin we need to bring that streak of ruthlessness to the table.


Good, continue to underestimate us. Although, I believe it’s just the Spanish media writing up bullsh*t as usual, I highly doubt a team of veterans who won 2 CLs in a row would be that naive to underestimate us. Surely all eyes would have been on us when we knocked out Man City, if they are really that naive than good for us. Can’t wait for Saturday to arrive.


“Klopp has no other option than to be reckless—reckless in the sense of being very attacking. It’s a calculation. If his team doesn’t attack like crazy, they’re lost. They’re dead because they don’t have players who can defend a lead. They don’t have a competent defence. They don’t have a midfield that can dictate the rhythm of a game. This is the reason they attack like crazy.”

Might not sound nice but it’s true


Rubbish isotonic, that’s giving Klopp no credit. I was one who probably would have agreed with that statement until after the c$ty C/L game when I watched a clip on how Klopp outsmarted Pep. It showed how Klopp used a system to isolate players in particular areas & cut off supply to Fernandinho & get numbers on them to force mistakes. It also showed how Pep figured this out & changed it up to combat Klopps tactics (credit to him as well, I used to say he could only win by outspending everyone but I don’t any more).
Klopp is very smart & it’s not just gung ho, it’s calculated. Let them think that though mate, hopefully it’ll be their undoing.



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