Readers find Klopp’s comments on Coutinho ‘worrying’

Date published: Friday 4th August 2017 1:19

Arsenal fans are sceptical over Arsene Wenger’s insistence that Alexis Sanchez will stay, while a reader finds some of Jurgen Klopp’s comments over Philippe Coutinho ‘worrying’, all in Your Says of the Day.

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No time for a European Super League

I see a few comments about, as Agent Smith would say ‘the sound of inevitability’, with regards to a European Super-Duper League.

I, for one, am completely against it, period.

But having said that, I have no idea how it would work. For it to be a proper League, surely the Ego-Clubs joining it would have to leave their domestic Leagues (you can’t play in both, that would be about 70/80 games a season), which would probably mean leaving the domestic Cups too, and I would also think the national FA’s, having seen their Leagues ripped apart, might having something to say about the players being “non-selectable” for international football.

Anybody got any sensible ideas on how the Ego-Clubs would push this through and set it up?



Doubts over whether Wenger will keep his word over Sanchez

Stev, completely with you on this one mate. If – and it is still a big if – Wenger keeps his word and holds onto Sanchez, I’ll be delighted.

Sanchez isn’t going to wreck his own career by playing s**t all season and being benched. Meanwhile, keeping him will be worth at least £40m to the club, not just with the improvement that he brings but the message it will send out that we don’t take s**t from our players anymore.

I’ve always said the same thing on this score. When you let players like Cesc and Van Persie hold the club over a barrel, it a) tells everyone that the club has no ambition and b) tells players they can do what they like. In the long run, that can be more costly than any big transfer fee and it’s shown a serious lack of foresight on behalf of the club.

I’m still worried as Wenger has a pretty poor record on this front, of insisting he’ll keep a player, only to let them go days or weeks later but you’re right, some fans just want to whinge and will no doubt moan about Sanchez, whether he stays or goes.

Al The Gooner


Christensen ‘another one that could come back and bite us’

Van Dijk back on the agenda according to the press which would make sense if Christensen goes to Inter as part of the deal for Candreva although I have a nasty feeling that Christensen is another one that could come back and bite us in the Arsenal.

nine nine nine


Klopp statement on Coutinho is worrying

“So, keeping Coutinho is more important than getting VVD or Keita.”

This might technically be true but the worrying thing about this is that Klopp made a statement like this about how keeping Coutinho is really a great signing.

What you’ve kinda said though is this : “staying the same is better than going backwards”. Football is like business though and most times, staying the same is something that comes before going backwards. We keep Coutinho this summer but fail to buy anyone, then we struggle to come 4th next season, or likely don’t even get there because of the CL matches. We don’t get anywhere in Europe and Coutinho then leaves when we no longer have the same draw on players like Keita or Van Dijk who are back to being linked with City and Utd.

So no, keeping Coutinho and not improving in the areas that we apparently have set out to improve on is nothing to be proud of.



Liverpool only marginally better than Everton

The harsh reality is that next season will almost certainly be identical to the last. We have an awful defence, average midfield and very good but not perfect forward line, meaning no trophies yet again and a season built around a fight for fourth place!! We’re marginally better than Everton and the owners are not interested in investment, the fans need to push through for a sale and hope the next owners don’t also carry a stupid and mad transfer policy which repels any likelihood of trophies. I think Klopp will walk if these idiots don’t go soon.



Sanchez plus 40-50m and you’ve got a deal for Aguero

Brian, very valid points and Kun is rightfully a city legend (in my view anyway, he sealed that status in the 93rd minute of that QPR game).

However, how much longer will Kun operate at the top level? His injury problems are well known and by accounts he’s not the best trainer in the world… Sanchez however strikes me as someone that will continue to perform into his 30s. If you offered me Sanchez plus 40-50m for Kun it would be hard to say no, especially if we need to balance the books.

HK Blue


Unlikely that United will challenge for the league title

Manthisle i would agree however if we dont then you cant blame Jose, it would be LVGs fault, however if we do challenge then Jose will be given the credit.

Having brought in 7 players (expect Zlatan to resign) this is now Jose’s team. His decision to hand fellani and carrick new contracts and as you say its been 3 transfer windows which is sufficient for any manager to shape their squad (conte needed 1 transfer window)

I think we will challenge up to around Jan / Feb then possibly fall away, depending on the luck of the draw we could get to the QL of the CL.

In order to challenge for the league you have to go to the top 5 clubs and try and win 1 or 2 games. 5 draws wont do in my opinion.

Can i see us going to top 5 and winning? Probably not.



Neymar is worth his €222million fee

Having watched Neymar singlehandedly beat PSG in the CL I think he’s absolutely worth €222, the problem as identified by Jose is where does that leave the xfer market? I mean if Lukaku is worth nearly £90m then Neymar is worth the amount PSG are going to pay. This deal will make or break the xfer market. Neymar’s not moving for money, he’s moving to be the biggest fish in the pond, he’ll never be that at Barca with Messi which means he won’t be looked at comes to Ballon d’Or time, and on current evidence he should be up there. I’d absolutely pay what PSG are paying if we had the money but we don’t. It’s an astronomical fee, it doesn’t mean we can’t compete, just that we have some sense of what we can and cannot achieve. We prob could afford Neymar but we would be buying for at least a season or two to make the deal work.


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