Arsenal ‘up sh*t creek without a paddle’ if Ramsey doesn’t sign up

Date published: Thursday 21st June 2018 11:16

Chelsea fans are concerned about the lack of clarity on their managerial position, Arsenal supporters continue to dissect Jack Wilshere’s departure and Aaron Ramsey’s possible exit, Man Utd readers look at who could be leaving and Liverpool fans talk Nabil Fekir – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Next Chelsea manager please

Still nothing and 10 days until 1st July.

There has been zero movement from the club. I don’t believe the media at all claiming it’s close. I think the media keep running the same story every few days in the hope it actually comes true.



999 if you dont me asking are you saying that City and United dont adhere to the FFP rules cause their income is not much more than us esp. in Citys case? Their stadium capacity is only 55 000. Its a bit of a puzzle to me that so many teams still spend lavishly without much done about it by Uefa.


I think it’s really disturbing that we still haven’t had any official communication from Chelsea FC concerning Conte, Sarri or transfers, or anything.
A season will be successful or not, it depends heavily on the preparation. Summer transfers, pre-season, ….
And at the moment, we seem not to have any clue about anything.
For me, if we can’t compete with Man Utd or Man City: it will be because of lack of preparation. Look at last season. Summer transfer disarray. And when we finished very low, again summer transfer disarray and a bad pre-season.



Blaze, City’s annual report for 2016-17, the first season of Pep Guardiola’s management of the club, showed a record revenue of £473.4million, a 21 per cent increase from last year. Chelsea’s group turnover figure grew to £361.3m from £329.1m in the previous year, an increase of 9.8 per cent and also a record revenue for the club.

So unfortunately Chelsea currently trail City based on the latest Financial results of both club’s by over £100m in revenue.

The next set of Chelsea accounts should be more promising though for a number of reasons one of which is that it will include a return to CL football last season and the revrnuss that creates which will be sadly absent this season. Cheers 999

nine nine nine


Aindro, 100% agree mate allegedly the latest hold up is down to how we pay Conte the compensation he wants it in a lump sum although the contract allegedly stipulates monthly payments until he gets a new job or the contract ends whichever comes sooner?

So on that basis a deal needs to be done and Chelsea wont want to pay Conte £9m up front to find he pops up somewhere else next month as unlikely as that may currently look.


Don’t understand if the contract stipulates they get paid monthly until they are in a job again what’s the problem or hold up? The club cannot be forced otherwise.



bort, I know that you want fact, not media speculation. But we have nothing new official from CFC. And IMO, this kind of situation with too much uncertainty: no news is NOT good news. I think what we all need is a clarification from CFC, an official communication.

And even though there are a lot of speculations from media, betting sites, articles, etc. IMO where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Not sure how accurate it is, but I believe there’s some truth in it.



I think Aindro is right Chelsea have been looking to replace Conte, far too much smoke otherwise and if Conte was staying it could have easily been confirmed by the club weeks ago rather than let this speculation run amok as it has but it hasn’t been confirmed that Conte is staying.

It’s a difficult deal on both sides because of the compensation due Conte and Napoli.

I’ve been a big supporter of Conte bar his regular silliness in front of the media re transfers but to retain him now won’t imo help him or Chelsea given everything that has gone before imo.

For better or worse we need to get the Sarri deal done and move on now asap and get focussed on strengthening the squad.

nine nine nine


999 I am afraid I still dont get it, how did City acquire superior finances to us if our revenues from winning trophies, gate money, selling players and sponsorships are virtually the same and actually should be more than theirs? I am not of course including owners donations as that is not allowed from what I know.



Blaze, don’t shoot the messenger mate.😊

The figures I’ve given you are the figures from each club’s submitted financial accounts and are all verifiable, commercially if you dig into it all City have far greater revenues than Chelsea including a £40m p.a. fee for Ground Sponsorship from Etihad Airlines not sure how that is not considered related parties under FFP but UEFA have sanctioned it. City also have a worldwide group of Club’s and the City Village. Some suspect smoke and mirrors but so far UEFA have not challenged any of City’s latest financial submissions so we have to accept that their kosher.

Unfortunately the facts are that Chelsea run substantially behindd City currently on revenues but I fully expect Chesea’s next financial results for the fy ending June 2018 and published in December 2018 to be more positive.Cheers 999

nine nine nine


Wilshere’s leaving Arsenal !!!

A mistake imo but it’s Emery’s call. The injuries have done for Wilshire though he could have been an Arsenal great bar the injuries.

nine nine nine


Its quite different with Klopp because none of them are out of contract. I dont think he would have said so if Jack had 3 years left. Emery had to make a call and he clearly thinks Jack doesnt fit. I do agree that our midfield is not good at the moment and if Jack is not replaced and if Ramsey wont sign then he is up sh*t creek without a paddle.

But to resign Jack and then dont play him is not good for anybody regardless of what anyone thinks.



Muff – what does contract have to do anything with whether emery thinks wilshere is good enough or not?if anything,considering he was ready to accept a financially reduced contract(all because there are many other overpaid players in our squad),and yet Emery couldn’t convince him to stay is worrying to say the least.

As a manager,if you really want to keep the player you have to convince him that he’ll get his chance.I can only come to the conclusion that wilshere is not Emery’s style of player,and hence probably told him that he’d only be used in the league cup at best.A real gem lost,yet again for free.

If it was any other player,i’d simply just keep on saying that this club better impress by signing few more players.But with jack particulary,i’m gutted as he represented the passion and desire needed to play for this club.

Nine – Wilshere didn’t prove to be indispensable in the end,but after putting so much faith in him to one day prove his fitness,and he has done that over the past two years very well,it makes absolutely no sense to let him go now.Poor decision that.

the specialone

Whatever was said we do not know. Some managers tell it straight up some tells the players that they are great and then get shafted as soon as a better opportunity arises. It comes and goes this.
Contracts has everything to do with it for sure. Emery had to make a quick judgement here and now he could not wait. Had Jack had 3 years left he could have waited. Could he have allowed Jack to sign sure he could but again if he already decided that he is not first choice what would be the point.

I like Jack so Im sad to see him go but I can understand why it happened now.

Besides it was Wenger who wanted Jack to prove his fitness not Emery.



is it really a loss? no, not in my opinion. Yes he has/had talent but he hardly played in the time he got into the first team. spent more time injured than fit at the expense of possibly signing other players.
Im sad to see him go. his comments wernt fair either i didnt think ‘the new lesser offer is on the table, but i couldn’t be guaranteed football’ I’m sorry but at what point can you guarantee football to someone who has spent half his career on the injury table and at what point would you ever offer them more money. you wouldnt.

Good luck to jack i hope he can stay fit but history tells us otherwise. and i wouldnt be the slightest bit surprised if he got injured for season after 3 games. If that does happen not one person would complain he is off the wage bill.



Not bothered he was given chances and didn’t step up
Injuries aside. We need to stop this sentiment with players and behave like a top club we hope to be



Liverpool going back in for Nabil Fekir

Fekirs agent seems to suggest that deal is not entirely dead.



Ginger, I remarked after Lyon pulling out of the deal that I believe we will go back in for him but I also wouldn’t be surprised if Klopp has already moved on to other targets, in fact I’d mightily surprised if he hasn’t.

Rob Fort Worth TX

His agents comments suggest we are still interested but of course we’ll be looking at other options also.



Wishful thinking mate… Personally i hope he plays and scores a hat-trick.



Think he needs to show LFC his knee is fine next game. Ynw



Is Jack Wilshere a possibility for Man Utd?

I don’t know whether these points are positive or not, anyway reasons to sign him

He’s not Fellani
On a Pay as you play deal, there’s nothing much to lose
He has a point to prove
He’s not Fellani
Can keep Jones company in the treatment room
He’s homegrown
He’s not Fellani
He’s not Fellani

In all seriousness I actually think he’s a potentially great player when he’s free from injury. The problem is the injuries, with that in mind I think he’d be better suited to the Italian or Spanish league where it’s warmer and a bit less physical.


Signing sub-standard players is how we got into difficulties in the first place. The problem is we sign him on high wages (else he doesn’t come) then he joins the army of mediocre overpaid aging second stringers that clog up the club who we can’t get rid of. And these second stringers block the path for developing young players.

In another thread I bemoaned that we aren’t taking punts on many prospects like before. If we wanted a second stringer midfielder, it’s best to scout a relatively cheap and unknown player who has the potential to become a star. If he doesn’t shape up, no problem he wasn’t a first choice AND if he does then we’ve made a star instead of having to buy a ready-made one at astronomic prices.

I am opposed to signing fading stars even if they are free.



I do like him as a footballer but as has been mentioned above, too injury prone, too inconsistent and the fact he is an Arsenal reject and struggled to get into the Bournemouth team says it all.
Like Mac says we got ourselves into the mess we are in now by signing substandard players. We should only be signing top quality players or young players who have the potential to be world class
Somebody mentioned Pereira. Although not strictly a CM, he is a similar type player and being 4 years younger with potential to develop, not injury prone and on lower wages he’d be a better option to have as backup creative midfielder (although personally I’d prefer we brought in a top quality ball playing DM like Jorginho/ Thiago/ Pjanic/ Verrartti)



Bad feeling Man Utd spending is almost done!

Should we be selling Herrera this window? Think it’s his final year and maybe last time we can recoup some cash from his sale? Free up funds for a better player as well.



I think there are a good few players in the exit queue ahead of him Scholesy. Darmian, Blind, Fellaini & Rojo for starters.


@scholsey, yes this is the last summer we can get any cash for Herrera, Mata, Shaw and Blind. After Fellaini running his contract down, I can’t imagine the board allowing anybody else do the same. Regardless of how good or bad they are either they sign a new contract this summer or they must be sold





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