‘Wenger’s idea of a strong squad is so ignorant it’s unacceptable’

Date published: Friday 26th January 2018 12:44 - Oli Fisher

Arsenal fans debate what qualifies as a good season, while Man Utd readers discuss their ideal midfielder and Liverpool’s ambition is questioned in Your Says of the Day.


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What is a good season for Arsenal?

Interesting thought someone put to me today and although I am still despondent like everyone else about this season but if that happened I personally would be happy with winning Carabao and Uefa cup and finishing 5th. I know its a long way off and I am not saying it will happen but if it did I would be happy with this season. Interested to hear what you guys think.


Of course it’d be a goods season,infact the position we are in it’d be a great season.

listen it’s simple as this,winning the carabao cup although a trophy it’s still not enough for a club of our stature.But winning the europa league(being it an entry into the CL) would be great.Although it’s not easy,beating city would be very very tough.And europa league as well,the teams that are involved there I really wouldn’t give us much of a chance.

I want wenger gone at the end of the season.But if he wins the league cup and the europa regardless of where he finishes in the PL not much of a case can be made for him to be sacked.But he won’t win them,and he’ll decide at the end of the season that he’s not done a good enough job.

The SpecialOne

I would not want us to win either of the Cups ( I doubt we will anyway), nor get into the top four, which I doubt, unless both Spurs and Liverpool mess up. The reason being our esteemed manager will use “success” in any one of these three competitions to get another stay of execution. We have been stuck with this wretched man for the past three seasons because of the FA Cup wins. He’d have gone otherwise.



Coutinho’s replacement

Why jump to assumptions that Klopp does not want to replace Coutinho.

It just emerged today that Liverpool and Spurs both made bids for Pastore of PSG up to £35m in this window, but he does not want to move to either club. Who knows what other bids have been made by Liverpool for even other players?


Was Coutinho adept at both positions? No denying his quality. Perhaps you’re right, he was handy to have as an AMF who could switch to more advanced positions as needed. But he isn’t really a winger, wasn’t strong enough or dogged enough to play the role Firmino does for us. And in a midfield would require protection from a dedicated DM. He’ll no doubt light up the three team Spanish league in midfield as he’ll not be put under anywhere near the pressure of the Premier league. Think he’s still at best as a traditional no.10 with two up in front of him.

Against Swansea a free kick or mazey dribble from him could have made all the difference but he’d probably of been hooked by Klopp early in the second half for not putting the leg work in.

The Fulcrum

Lemar is too expensive, at least too expensive for us at present moment. Klopp seems not interested in Mahrez, otherwise we should have take action already. Fekir! even Arsenal has not been linked with him, let alone Klopp.

Personally prefer a youngster, Leon Bailey of Leverkusen. Bailey is still far from a finished article but he is already the key man of Leverkusen. I even feel that he is already superior to his famous team-mate; Julian Brandt now. We should try our best to sign him up before other big teams take action or we will lose a very good player like we missed Goretzka.

Bailey is young, dynamic, able to play as a winger or drop little bit deeper and relatively cheaper than Lemar. I dare not to compare him with Lemar because I have not seen Lemar play for too much.

Football Scouser


United’s midfield dilemma

Never seen Seri play but from a quick google he seems to be more technical than Kante – more a playmaker than destroyer. Have seen Weigl a couple times. Seems to keep it simple and keep the ball moving very well. Possibly the perfect midfield link player. But again, I have’t seen enough of him to say he’s the one we should definitely be signing.


Not seen anything of Seri but I’m afraid I’ve not been impressed with what I’ve seen of Soler. Been more impressed with Guedes to be honest but not convinced about either. We certainly need a CM though, which Soler and Guedes aren’t anyway.


As good as Wiegl is, I feel he will struggle to adapt to the PL and the pressure of playing for United will be too much for him. I’ve seen him play quite a lot over the last year and he’s been missing in a lot of games especially the big games. Eugene Polanski on the other hand is just flying under the radar. He’s a better tackler, better reads the game then Wieghl and all round a better DM then Wieghl and wil cost far less

The 1 guy who will come in and truly challenge Matic is Lars Bender. He’s pretty much all you need in a Modern DM BUT will be 28 this year

OT Fax Machine


The reality at Chelsea

Although I have not always agreed with “phwepsi” in the past, today he made the definitive comment for this Site in his 9.00pm offering in the January Window thread: he said “I have no idea what is going on” and, if they are honest, nor do any other posters on any of the issues concerning our perpetually wayward club. Yes, I read inspired guesses, frankly nonsensical theories, total confusion and contradictions (even within the same post) but none of us can speak with authority about what is going on because, as the Press would confirm, no one at board level gives interviews (categorically never Abramovich) so all we get is the result of casting runes often given by people not qualified nor gifted enough to do so. All that one can say is that, at the moment (and not for the first time) our club is in one helluva state…..brought there from a promising conclusion to last season to a
“pulling defeat from the jaws of victory” situation now…all achieved in eight months of such mismanagement as I have rarely – if ever – witnessed in 70 years of watching football.

During the summer window of 2017, when a League winning team, as always, needed refreshing we had a woeful window. We were, again, in the Champions League for 2017/18 and for that reason alone we needed top class recruits. In keeping with my opening stance, I have to say that I cannot account for why this did not happen….although like most other posters and pundits I have my suspicions. The now apparent schism between board and coach seems to have been apparent then in that we appear to have adopted the format whereby the board signs players and the coach has to mold the results into a trophy winning aggregation. People tell me that this has worked elsewhere (on what evidence I have no idea) but sheer logic tells me that it is preternaturally obvious that, in the real world, it can’t. in business (and football is a business) if your knowledge of your subject is sparse then you hire people whose knowledge is greater. in football it is the coach or Director of Football. And yet, at Chelsea, we apparently reject this. Don’t tell me that this works on the continent: on the surface it might do but you can bet that as autocratic as might be the management at (say) Real Madrid might be, there will be football advisors validating board decisions whilst at Bayern Munich two former German greats are actually on the board. That is why I proposed Gianluca Vialli and Rudd Gullit to be appointed at Chelsea even before Emelado left. Mr Abramovich might have had a glimpse of the realities of football life when he interviewed his alleged favourite manager, Josep Guardiola, and was told that the club needed 10 new players….or so it is rumoured. You can imagine how much money Abramovich would have been prepared to spend to get Pep (just to address the views of some on here that our money will attract anyone we want) but he was not prepared – or so it seems – to listen to his first choice coach when he proposed (apparently) such a churn in playing staff and, presumably, was prepared to name names. Thus, Conte had no chance….and the result of that can be seen now.

I said before the season started that our prospects for trophies this year were slim to non-existent. As trophy winning is the be-all and enda-all for many fans this precludes from their plans the prospect of blooding our youngsters. My reply was “well, as we’re not goi g to win anything this year, careful blood the best of or Academy youth, cut back the ludicrous level of loaning and, keeping an eye on 4th place in the table, introduce these players; it’s called “forward planning”….
something that so-called businessmen are supposed to know something about. If we are not prepared to spend(a perfectly sensible economy tool and hedge against FFP) we have to have an alternative. You never know, maybe we have an Mbappe or a Neymar lurking there. Already we have seen promise in Ampadu and although some credit the loaning system with the success of Christensen, the truth is that he was worthy of selection even before he went to Germany. If you ask me if this in the ideal way to look to the future, my answer is “no”….. we should have a mix of top talent and the introduction of youth but since we appear to be unwilling to either pay the going rate or listen to their coach this is Plan ‘B’.

Football is and always has been organic in the way season-on-season it changes. Sadly, the changes are now faster and more fundamental than they used to be so it is pointless to point out that we won the CL with our most inexperienced coach and probably not our best team. That was then, this is now. Since then the financial input has changed and on the field we have lost Cech, JT, Lampard and Drogba from the days when we terrorised Arsenal….wasn’t this obvious on Wednesday night? Our management and our outlook MUST change…..or else, prepare for a return to the days when if we beat Liverpool or Manchester United it was akin to David beating Goliath….not the more-or-less routine successes in which luxuriated more recently.


The club have always sacked managers in the RA era, long before a strategy (which none of us know) of the stadium and youth.
The club does demand success and trophies, new stadium, limited spending and youth cannot guarante that.
That being said, have we had limited spending, don’t think we have, just the way they have gone about seems to have been totally messed up.
And pretty sure every club would luv a manager who could do all of that these days.



The Snide Awards

An introspective one this, not asking to slag off rival players so hopefully no need for the argumentative behaviour that brought down the diving thread. Who is the snidest sh*thouse at your own club? General cheating and underhand behaviour so not just diving but card waving, moaning to the ref, tactical fouling etc.

Ander Herrera by a country mile for us.

Wonderfuel Gas

I know this is going to sound like sour grapes (it honestly isn’t) but until last week, it was Sanchez. Like the Chelski boys with Hazard though, none of us got on his back because of what he brought to the team.

Wilshere can be a bit of a sh*t at times, as can Xhaka and I really didn’t like seeing Lacazette waving that card last night, but he’s been looking more and more frustrated recently, so hopefully, it was just a one off.

Al the Gooner

I’m a bit loathe to criticise our players, but I do get annoyed when Chicharito falls to the floor thinking he’s been fouled when the ref shouts play on. Then he sits on his arse with his arms outstretched in protest instead of getting up and helping the team out.

I also hate seeing players wagging their finger at the lino’s and referees as a way of telling them their decision was wrong. Cant remember who it was in the Chelsea game, someone scored and the lino disallowed it. The player wagged his finger at the lino but the replay showed the lino to be correct.

Devon Hammer

No real sportsperson wins without trying to pull a fast one at some point.

Herrera, Mourinho, and Sanchez (apparently) are all integral shithouses to getting us back on top. Just like Ronaldo, Tevez, Nani, Rooney, Young and several others have been over the years.

I don’t care how winning is done, just get it done if you’re a winner. That’s part of what separates the sportspeople who retire with medals to the the rest.



Wenger’s misjudgement

Wenger’s idea of a strong squad is so incorrect and ignorant it’s unacceptable.In his latest press conference he says that “no one experienced will go unless someone expereinced comes in”.What utter b*llocks.

so wait, Miki is sanchez’s replacement?(not in my eyes but so it seems in his view).
If auba comes he’ll be walcott’s replacement.but he’s just said if auba comes he’ll let either of welbeck or giroud go.So in theory,we would’ve let one expereinced player go and become lighter.
Let’s not ignore,that wenger still hasn’t replaced Ox and coquelin as well another two experienced players.

I’ve said it many times. Wenger doesn’t know what a strong squad should contain.He always wants to make our squad weaker,because he doesn’t want the job of convincing the players who are not getting regular game time that their chance will come.
On top of that,the injuries we get to our players is a never ending list.

A lot of people say we have a strong squad but compared to our rivals the case seems to be anything but and it’s all because of wenger’s negligence.


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