‘Arsenal supporters lack passion, just like the gutless team’

Date published: Sunday 26th March 2017 2:05

Liverpool fans look at a potential replacement for Mamadou Sahko, while the fallout over Neil Taylor’s tackle continues, and Arsene Wenger comes under fire again.


Mamadou Sahko’s replacement

I’m putting this out there. If we can’t afford Virgil Van Dijk in the summer, I think we should bid for Tyrone Mings. The recent controversy overshadowed the fact that the lad can defend & does not get bullied by the best strikers out there. He would bring some steel to the back 4 that we haven’t had since Carra/ Hyppia/ Henchoz played for us & is the sort of player to help us grind out a result against teams outside the top 4. He would be affordable too.


With Chelsea sniffing around, Van Dijk could go for as much as 50m, which we cannot afford.

In fact I believe we should be able to get a central defender of similar quality for around half that amount, 25m, now the scouting dept just needs to find him, if they haven’t already (with Sakho leaving I am sure some targets are in place)



It’s all Fergie’s fault

Sir Alex Ferguson: Says former players need to be more rounded

Seriously believe all the mess were in is Ferguson’s fault. He just never spent money, kept saying theres no value in the market, yet city bought Yaya Toure , Aguero and David Silva for what, 80million? Combined? I cannot believe he left the team in the s***ters… and then there’s the Moyes scenario, that he picked!


Fergie took a club struggling with drunks and mid-table mediocrity and built a trophy-laden dynasty lasting decades – he won the league (at a canter) in his last season with a strong squad. When he left the club had De Gea, Evra, Valencia, Berbatov, Rooney, Hernandez, Vidic, Carrick, Nani, Van Persie, Kagawa and Fletcher not to mention good young players in Rafael, Jones, Smalling, Evans, Welbeck, Lingard, Michael and Will Keane, Joshua King, Fabio and Zaha. If Fergie stayed on another year and had another transfer market he would have probably won or come very close to winning the league, like he did for decades. It’s not his fault that Woodward and Moyes were absolutely rubbish in the transfer market and decided to spend money on Fellaini only; the funds were there but the club didn’t get any transfers done because they couldn’t sell water to a rich man on a desert island. Add to that the fact that Moyes totally killed morale went a long way to United falling so low so quickly, not Fergie.

If Fergie carried on an extra year or Mourinho was hired immediately, I’d bet my car that United wouldn’t have finished anywhere close to 7th and wouldn’t be where they are today. So we need to stop all this “it’s Fergie’s fault coz he didn’t invest” – no, Fergie won the league in his last year and left a good young group of players for the next manager, the next manager just failed to live up to expectations at all.

Sympathy for the Devils

Everybody agrees it was a poor squad of old players, mediocre players, misfits and no hopers. DDG was the only decent player. Look at the fees we sold players, look at how good they’ve been since leaving. IF the players were up to scratch why did the Glazers agree to spend so much on the squad. They are not known for splashing the cash.

Fans like you blamed Moyes saying a better manager would get the best out of them. We got rid of Moyes and got a better manager. And what did he do. He got shot of them. Mourinho will no doubt continue the cull and get rid of the remnants of Fergie’s players.

Had Fergie stayed we would probably have ended up 4th or 5th. If he thought he had chance of another title or CL you think he would have gone. He left because he did not want to be captain of the ship when it sunk.



The Taylor Enquiry

I don’t believe Taylor purposefully went out to injure Coleman but it was an awful tackle reckless out of control and high and Taylor should get more than a 3 match ban imo.

Hopefully Coleman will come back from this he’s a great player and I can only wish him well in his recovery.He’ll be a big miss for Everton.

nine nine nine

Look at the slow mo closely and you will see Taylor had eyes on the ball but unfortunately got it badly wrong. To bring Suarez’s bite in the discussion is totally ridiculous as biting is not part and parcel of the game. And yes, Taylor deserves more than just 3 games.


You know what guys, if I happen to break a guys leg at work, I get more time off to cope with what has happen than just three games. There might not be malicious intent behind the tackle, its more out of frustration but a player should get more than three games for breaking someone leg. Its a disaster and can damage both persons. Look at the abuse Shawcross has had to endure and much of it could have been avoided if the player involved would step out of the limelight for a couple of months.



We may be as angry as we wish with the loser ruining our club. The real problem is clearly the owner. He apparently wants Wenger to continue. Why I cannot fathom. People harp on about Dein. He is responsible for bringing this even bigger loser than Wenger on board. We are doomed. The fact of the matter is that the Pool supporters chased their previous owners from their club. Why can’t we do likewise? Because we lack passion, just like our gutless team; we cannot show our frustration and anger. The protests are not gathering any momentum. People talk about stewards at the Emirates. If,say 30K protest (loudly but peacefully) with banners etc against the owner, BoD and Wenger do you think the stewards can stop this? Surely there aren’t 30K of them. Regarding Wenger, I have lost whatever respect I had for him. He will go down as a leech. No self respecting person insists to stay when he knows he is so despised. And when he has failed so badly over years.



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Not Contesting decisions is a bigger problem and more significant than many actually think it is.I’ve been watching this sport for many years now and can only come to the conclusion those who think it doesn’t matter that much are very naive in that respect.

They’ve introduced rules such as any form of dissent will result in a warning and it was followed in the PL for like one or two weeks but got thrown out of the window. Referees are humans,and the smart teams (which is almost everyone apart from the likes of us), take every opportunity to manipulate the human error. If you notice, most referees already have crowd pressure, added to that when players come running to contest for decisions then it’s tough not to be influenced by it. I am not condemning it,it’s something we all hate to see but unless we can get video replays or another alternative going and appealing for decisions (whether big or small) is absolutely necessary to win. Which is why all top teams do it. I can recount many many instances where the ref literally changes his decision only because of appealing. Bottom line it matters a lot.

But other wise, yes the mentality as a whole our club is cowardly. They simply have not shown that they care, and the manager has to be responsible for that. I’d rather get relegated and show fight than achieve a fourth place trophy and get capitulated.

Ahmad – Well, I’ve said it for the biggest time Kronke is most at fault.He has set the standard for this club,and without a change in ownership we’ll probably be worse off even without Wenger. But where the manager is concerned, for me Wenger has already gone down as a leech. I’ve lost all respect for him, what he’s doing to the club.

The SpecialOne


Chelsea’s home-grown problem

Lukaku for Costa, if possible no, but if Costa does not sign: yes. Barkley for any of our midfielders: no. But have to say we are lacking of English starters. Only Cahill this season. We have Cesc, Moses and Begovic as home-grown players but I doubt Cesc and especially Begovic will stay next season.

I really want RLC or Chalobah to become starters but it’s more wishful thinking for now.


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