Arsenal fans pick perfect January signing; Mignolet’s snide remarks irk Liverpool fans

Date published: Tuesday 19th November 2019 3:39

Dayot Upamecano TEAMtalk

Arsenal fans conclude that Dayot Upamecano is the best man for Unai Emery to sign in January, while Liverpool fans are irked by Simon Mignolet’s latest comments, all in our forum.


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Upamecano the man for Arsenal

I wonder which of the many many defenders we are being linked with, we will end up with….

this lad seems a decent prospect for the money, and with Saliba would give us a very young pairing…still hoping for Dayot Upamecano….

also rumours Xhaka will finally go and maybe replaced with Denis Zakaria



This club needs to accept that certain players haven’t worked out and to get rid of them sooner than later.In the next two transfer windows,I’d go in for both Demiral and Upermacano.Demiral probably being more immediate as he hardly plays for juventus so that’s more of a possibility.

Meanwhile, get rid of David Luiz.It seems to me just because we have him emery feels this obligation to play him for his expereince but the lad is just piss poor at defending.if we get both those targets,get rid of Chambers/Holding either of them.

Defense is all well and good but I’ve been saying it for over a year midfield is our priority.without a quality one,we can forget about playing dominating football regardless of who the manager is.I just don’t know how we are going to afford to improve our midfield,given the lack of ambition.

the specialone


Upemecano would be my number 1 choice, he’s young, strong, good on the ball and quick. Cant remember having a defender like that since Big Sol. also he’s played at France U16/17/18/19 and 20 with Saliba.

TSO – how would you feel about playing Luiz as our DM, he’s done it for Chelsea and Brazil. Good passing range as well. would be a better option than anything we currently have.

I know most will point to Torreira but he is not a natural DM up until 4 years ago he played as a number 10! it wasnt until the now AC milan manager than moved him to a DM that he took that role. Personally i think he is off, rumours are he isnt happy in England and cant settle, misses Itlay etc

Anyway, David Luiz for DM? anyone having that?



Yeah I’ve said it a few times Andy…i dont think he is the best DM and we would be better to get a specialist younger DM…..but as we do currently have him i think thats his best position, he breaks play up, gets a foot in and has a great range fo passing and not the legs to be box to box, so it could suit all until we can upgrade him, get a solid CB pairing and we might start looking less open!



Andy – As a DM?No thank you. Going to be honest,when we signed david luiz I was satisfied.Replacing an expereinced quality defender in Koscielny with an experienced defender who’s won many trophies in his career.But when you make sense of it,it was nothing but a panic buy.He was not even our first option,we only signed him because we missed out on our actual targets.And he came I guess because of his connection to Edu and us offering him a bamboozling 140k a week.
From what i’ve made of his performances,he was always a poor defender with a good passing range.Imagine getting someone past it.Similar situation happened with cech.We got him when he was past his best.
I just don’t trust him.Even as a ball playing footballer I’ve seen nothing special for us until now. I’ve anaylsed some of his defending,it’s terrible.he keeps moving backwards to stay on his feet but then commits a silly mistake.
I don’t want him anywhere in our team,if at all he’s to be tried it should be at the centre of a back might work

As for Torreira, good observation.I didn’t know he actually played as a no 10.Which explains why emery uses his energy to press high up the pitch.However,he’s known to be given good performances as a DM.He was fantastic for Sampdoria,and I heard he had a good game against for Uruguay recently against Argentina.
I think he’s our best option,and emery should stop using him so high up the pitch.Just a pure disciplined Player sitting right ahead of the defense.

the specialone


Torreira debate

Lucas Torreira TEAMtalk

TSO, i think this report sums up what you are saying about Tor




Stevo, just to say I very much appreciated your kind words elsewhere for obvious reasons I’ve not responded there.

442 is a disenfranchised Chelsea poster who managed to get himself banned by James on the Chelsea site for a whole flurry of some pretty awful posts aimed at both myself and others on the site it’s a shame because when his head is in the right place he’s a very good poster.

Unfortunately though he has the ability to completely lose the plot and is now on a warning there too.

Back to the theme of the thread.

I’m not sure without Emery goes investing further in the transfer market makes sense it would be better imo for Arsenal to keep their powder dry until there is a clarity going forwards as to exactly who the Manager is going to be.

Signings in January under Emery would probably be considered the wrong signings in respect of whoever might come into replace him.

If Emery is not replaced and he goes into Summer transfer window hopefully Arsenal back him in that window and he gets next season but right now that looks unlikely. Cheers 9’s

nine nine nine 


Steveo – Yup,I came across that as well. Thing about Torreira is he has all the attributes to play as a DM. Is it really so tough to teach a player how to be disciplined enough just to stay back and do your job?To be fair to emery. Torreira hasn’t been bad when used upfront.His pressing has been good and he’s even popped up to score some unexpected goals.However,what do we need more?An attacking midfielder or a DM?
It’s a no brainer.

I still to this date think our best partnership is torreira- Xhaka.It even worked last season.Statistically,we won more games than not when they started togther.Why that patnership has been shuffled?You’d have to ask Senor clueless.

the specialone


Mignolet chat annoying

Simon Mignolet TEAMtalk

I don’t normally like to talk about former players but Migs is seriously bugging me, I’m so happy to have gotten rid of him, worst keeper we have ever had and I mean that… He set the trend of goalkeeping errors while he was at Anfield and now the disrespectful little sh*t is taking shots at the Anfield crowd, who were fairly justified in their opinion of the most mediocre goalkeeper I have seen at Anfield. Sure there are worse goalkeeper that we have had but in fairness those were not expected to be a first teamer, the man is so fu**ing deluded he can’t see the difference between him and Alison.

The simple truth is that you were always mediocre Simon and you never developed any further in your whole time here, at best you had 2 good games in a row and were largely at fault for our position every year after a number of blunders every fucking season and then you wonder why the crowd never took to you… Its because you never accepted any fu**ing responsibility for your blunders and you are a pr*ck!

A disrespectful little pr*ck who has probably just found his level in Belgium, I mean you are in your prime now as a goalkeeper in a third rate league at the top of your game now, its no wonder you finally click with the fans…



Journalists take comments and deliberately spin it into something controversial.

The comments I saw, he was just saying how he had no chance of getting in the team ahead of Alisson. He didn’t say it very well. But I’m sure that’s all he meant by it

j c


This isnt his first outburst after leaving the club… I think these snide remarks actually describe him as a person rather well and if you agree with that you can also understand why he never got any better, kinda delusional about his own worth…



I for one don’t find an issue with Migs comments. All he was saying was that it was impossible for him to get regular Football with Alisson around. Nothing wrong with that.



So you didnt take any offense about his statements about the Anfield crowd a month ago either… Its pretty obvious why he would not get a sustained run in the team, he is half the keeper Alison is and somehow he doesn’t see that, he cant even work out why Karius was preferred to him and that’s because Migs has never gone through more than 3 games without a blunder. It’s the reason why he could never convince the Kop that he was a good keeper… it has nothing to do with the crowd just his limited ability as a keeper.



Wow what a statement, you argue with The great man(Davinci) & you come out with Migs could only go more than 3 games without a blunder which is ridiculous. Migs was playing well when dropped for Karius.



Migs turned on the club and he is bitter because of it, it would be better for him to focus on his career or whats left of it and salvage it instead of going every month to the media with a new take on Liverpool or on what went on behind the scenes here.

The thing is I can’t remember one single goalkeeper that has left the club in the last three decades that has twice gone vocal against the club a few months after his release.

You wanna defend him now, I can understand that but when he comes out for the third time lucky, you are gonna swing your vote around…



Whether you think I was defending him or not, it was your comment that he could go no more than 3 games without a blunder is what I called ridiculous, with a statement like that you seem to have an agenda against Migs.



Mignolet was sh*t before he was dropped. Worst shots to saves ratio in the entire league and like 3 clean sheets in half a season. By comparison, karius had double digits. There’s no agenda against him. He was rubbish and never deserved the #1 shirt.



Liverlad, that’s not such a big statement from me, considering how Migs performed during his whole career here…

The thing is I don’t like ex-players laying out the dirty laundry, the only one to do so repeatedly is Diouf, it reeks of bitterness and instead of being focused on his new challenge he is still here, living in the past…

Here we have one of the most inconsistent goalkeepers I have ever seen play for the team, having a go at the manager because he feels unjust.

He even goes on record stating that Alison could have scored a own goal and still be in the side, this is coming from a man that has provided us with more than 20 blunders. The only thing consistent about his form is how inconsistent he is and somehow he feels hard done by, he should just shut up and focus on his new club!

The only time I’ve been comfortable with Migs in the team is when he was sat on the bench!



As far as I see it, all he was saying was that it was virtually impossible to displace Alisson. Don’t see any comments about bias from Klopp against him. You are letting your opinion on his goalkeeping ability get in your way. And yes, he wasn’t good for us.



‘Palace will score’

Could be a great opportunity to go further ahead this weekend with Leicester having a tricky trip to Brighton (won their last three home games) and City hosting a rejuvenated Chelsea side that have won all their league games since we beat them 2-1 at Stamford Bridge third week in September.

But, that doesn’t count for nowt unless we beat Palace who, themselves, haven’t won for seven weeks and only scoring two goals in that time (both at Arsenal).

Selhurst Park has been a happy hunting ground for us in the league having only lost once there twice in ten visits and winning our last four. But it’s also been a trip to forget as well such as the 5th May 2014. Less said about that night the better. Staggering stat tho is that the entire starting XI that night AND the seven man sub bench are no longer with the club. Just five years ago. Out with the old and in with the new.

Don’t know which way this will swing. On paper and form we should win this but Palace can be good on their day and it wouldn’t surprise me if Benteke started. After all he was the man who inflicted our last home defeat two and a half years ago.

I think Palace will score. We’ve conceded in our last nine games in all comps. Curious as to our line up with the internationals and all. Bobby and Fab play in bloody UAE tomorrow. Will Ox get the nod with Gini and Fab or will it be our tried and tested usual mid? Will Mo and Robbo be fit? That means a start for Origi and Milner then. I’d personally rest them seeing as we’ve an average of two games a week now until the end of the year and you can’t piss about with ankles. A not fully fit ankle is an easy cruckle waiting to happen.

Either 2 or 3-1 to us….say Morph and Chas.

Rob Forth Worth TX



Tricky game rob. Always a tough place to go. I think it be a patchy game but one we will win. I think we will concede aswell. It’s going to be a tricky game and one which we will scrape a win like sheff utd and villa.

Few players have had a rest. Hendo, Winji didn’t play sat, vvd left the camp early.

Zaha againest taa is the worry which will probs mean mane wife right if salah is out

Milner in for robo

Sean the sailor


Don’t think this will be an easy game myself as it takes a game after an international break to get back into our stride.

Will wait until later in the week to see what kinda team we can/will put out. Several players have not went or pulled out of the internationals but will reserve judgement as to who is actually a doubt.
I genuinely think Salah is a doubt though. I don’t think he’s properly recovered from his ankle issues so I think we need to look at the bigger picture here and help recover instead of forcing him to play thru the injury therefore not properly recovering or indeed worsening it.

It was good to see Ox, Kieta and Gomez getting game time; I think they needed it but the drama around Gomez wasn’t needed. Ox looks like he could be an important player in these next few weeks.




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