Who had the better season – Tottenham or Man Utd?

Date published: Wednesday 31st May 2017 9:00

Arsenal fans have put Arsene Wenger’s renewal under the spotlight, plus Man Utd and Spurs’ seasons are examined and Mahrez’ future is questioned in Your Says of the Day.

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Who had the better season – Spurs or Man Utd?

Spurs have had the better season.

Man Utd played teams we’d never heard of before in the Europa. Utd’s hardest game in was the final against Ajax who’s average age was 22 or something ridiculous. It’s so funny that Man Utd fans and now the media glamourize the Charity Shield. Also Man Utd needed the ref’s help (again) to win the League Cup final.


@amz. Spot on. Manchester United are rubbish and all 4 pieces of silverware taken by the club in the last year should be scrapped – they’re all useless anyway. It’s quite embarrassing that the club’s fans celebrate when they see the team lifting such useless trophies and confetti is thrown about. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Also, referees never get it right unless it’s in Manchester United’s favour.



“Two more years of sh*t”

Well, what we all knew, our pets and the tea lady included, will be announced shortly. He won’t forget how he was treated by us fans and some of us are a disgrace? He claims it was a minority.. think again. Forward 3 months matey boy and you will have the rest of the season of it to endure. You see out your contracts.. so will be a long two years… but during which time he is paid handsomely and no one raises an eyebrow that is the scumbag board. He does not give a toss nor care what we think, never has, never will. He thinks that now the future is decided, it will go away.

We are a joke of a club and are going backwards quicker than Marty McFly. Some of us have seen it for donkeys years now, while others grew tired of the bs. 2 more years lads… so anyone going anywhere nice for their holidays?


Even though we all knew it was coming, the news of the new deal has really brought me back to earth with a thud after the weekend. I just simply do not understand how anyone other than Wenger and Kroenke benefit from this deal. Knowing Wenger like we do, I have no doubt that in 2 years time, when we still have not won the title, we will end up in exactly the same position again! Why put everyone through that again? All in all, a very spineless call from the hierarchy of this club but one which doesn’t surprise us in the slightest.

News that seemed to slip under the radar last night is that we have agreed a fee for Nigerian winger Henry Onyekuru. The fee has apparently been matched by other clubs and he has to decide where he wants to go, but he wants first team football. Are we really going to be able to offer a 19 year old from the Belgian league, first team football. I can’t see it but who knows with this club.



Roman Abramovich – the greatest owner ever?

Personally I would say he is the greatest owner of a football club ever

As others have said, he has invested so much money towards the ground, the management and the players. He has watched the team evolve over the years and while he does not suffer fools that is his perogative when he only wants the best for the Club

Of course he has made mistakes as regardless of his wealth, he is still human, but I would argue the mistakes he has made a far fewer due to his business acumen and love of the game

We are extremely lucky and fortunate to have such a dedicated owner and I have seen players and trophies that I never would have expected to see during the 70’s and 80’s. KTBFFH


Truth…he’s had the single greatest impact on our club…bar none. How many owners pop in at training, how many visit the players dressing rooms after a game, how many attend as many games as he does. His blood is blue… his words are few…but he’s Chelsea through and through. And repeat…….?



Klopp done good

At last a good movement from Klopp. Clichy is a reliable, good and free player. He is 31 years old and he has 2 years to play at high level at least!

If we can not take Keita then there is Paredes, young player with potential to become better. Price no more than 25 mil.

Kjaer very good player at the right age for a CB,very experienced, better than Lovren and costs about 10mil…


Anybody buying Mahrez needs his head examined in my humble opinion (which means Poncho is on the phone as we speak!), I’d be amazed if one of the Prem big-boys take a punt there, and I even included Everton in that mix.



Man City plan for the future

So, at this moment we have no full backs,a keeper likely to sign who does not speak English…..that means a lot of pre season studying for a new defence to learn quickly. I still do not understand why Hart or Bravo have not been retained and Bravo moved on, maybe Hart has gone past the option stage now but Gunn has not.

A lot at stake here but whatever the scenario our defensive capability will be tested again, we need a fit Kompany improved Stones or a proven CB with class. We will need 4 CBs to choose from for the season ahead and not repeat last seasons mistakes but as we all know the ‘keeper has to be right this time.

Brian blue

Strongly linked again with Sanchez, Wenger staying on will either seal his move or see a quick contract signed. Still think he will go Bayern but if he does come to us, imagine that front line! Would have to stay away from any city players in fantasy league tho, who knows who would start one week to the next




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