‘We only have ourselves to blame for paying over-the-top prices’

Date published: Wednesday 5th July 2017 12:58

Arsenal fans suggest three able replacements for the “finished” Santi Cazorla and Manchester United fans are split on whether Wayne Rooney should be considered a club legend, all in the forum.


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Santi Cazorla is finished’

By the look of it, Santi Cazorla is finished. He has suffered another setback….We need someone of similar guile to help the transition from defense to attack.

Last couple of years our fate was sealed once he got injured. I am not convinced we have a like for like replacement on the team. An argument can be made for either Ramsey or Xhaka; but IMO neither comes close to Cazorla.

We need someone like Isco i.e. someone very technical. Once upon a time this might have been Wilshere; but not anymore. A proper replacement for Cazorla is as important as signing a top striker IMO.



Two men who could replace Cazorla…

Santi IMO is Arsenal’s best player.He’s made the team tick and without him we suffer a lot.I don’t know how far reports of a setback are, but I’m led to believe he’ll miss the start of the season.

He’s basically missed at least half the year.Setbacks time and again.So yes,It’s unfortunate and sad to see a player of his calibre go through that.

I have two players in mind currently,Goretzka and golovin.Both were amazing to watch at the confederations cup.

Goretzka has been schalke’s best player last season. And golovin you really don’t need to watch too much of him before you come to the conclusion he has brilliant technical ability.Funnily,we’ve been linked with both.I’d be happy with either,goretzka preferably.

the  specialone


High hopes for Xhaka

Ahmad, you’re right mate, there just isn’t anyone in the side who can adequately fill in for him but that’s probably got at least something to do with why Wenger changed up the formation. The way we’re currently playing, we’re not quite so reliant on his particular skill-set, so I’m not sure it’s as essential that we find a like-for-like as it once was.

Not only should we not be so reliant on Caz himself, but no team with ambition can afford to be that reliant on a single player.

I’m actually really looking forward to seeing how Xhaka does in his second second season and if Rambo continues where he left off and, as sad as it will be to see Santi fade into the background, those two must ensure that he struggles to get back into the side.

Al The Gooner


Matic talk has ‘all gone quiet’

Nemanja Matic: Chelsea are up for the fight

CFC1905…Chalobah being a back up with Faregas is assuming Matic has already exited the club,but it’s all gone quiet on that front.

If Bakayoko comes we’ll have at least 5 players vying for 2 midfield roles.Chalobah is already making rumblings that he wants more of a prominent part in the 1st team and not just a bit part like last season and I can see sinister forbodings of Chaloba’s fate if the club’s/Conte’s hand is forced…Matic is the more established player on bigger wages,Chalobah has potential and is just breaking through but Chalobah is the easier option to cash in on like the club did with Ake.

The club seem to regard our young players as ‘meh!’,’easy come easy go’,’3-a-penny’,plenty more where they come from!…without even battering an eyelid!.There’s already a queue of clubs in the wings waiting to take Chalobah on and I don’t just mean in a loan deal.



Attacking concerns at Chelsea

My main concern is again on the attacking department. It is disappointing that there has been no announcement except Caballero but I think this transfer window is difficult for almost all EPL teams except City that have already added 2 good additions.

It hasn’t been announced yet, but it seems to me that Bakayoko is a certainty. Less sure for Rudiger, I could not care less as I still think we’re good enough in centre back department.

Is it true that we need Costa to leave first before being able to sign a new striker? If so: we’re screwed. Costa only wants to go to Atletico and we all know Atletico are on a transfer ban. And they don’t need to rush to sign Costa or whoever they want as they cannot play anyway until January



‘Lukaku is a done deal’

Sorry – still do not accept the negativity

Deals are in the offing and take time. I do not see us letting Matic go, for example, until Bakayoko is confirmed and is in all transactions – anything could go wrong or change

I feel the same about the striker that Lukaku is a done deal but we want Costa of our hands first partly to balance the books in terms of fees but also bearing in mind the FFP

My feeling is to be patient and see what materialises in the coming days…? KTBFFH



Liverpool’s Van Dijk alternative

Had heard about this Mammana link yesterday and wasn’t sure what to make of it but there seems to be more coming out about it today.

I wonder if this is a VVD alternative?

The lads only 21 so not sure if he’s suitable to go straight into the team but am hearing really good things about him. Could be the NEXT VVD, like when he joined Southampton from Celtic.


‘Jose throwing his toys out of the pram once again’

Jose throwing his toys out of the pram once again. Yes i understand he wants signing done quickly but why all the leaks? His Mouthpiece Duncan Castles has already done 2 articles on his unhappiness already. Why? When does having a discussion with your boss becomes a no option?

Everyone knew this window will be tough and the players we are linked with, their clubs want huge money which is their right as they know we have the money.

Jose was the one that bought Zlatan at 35 knowing that he has to replace him in a market that gets crazier yearly. A market where Michael Keane final year of his contract costs 30m and i had a united fan arguing with me when i said Lingard would command 25m, that number is looking too conservative now.

We all need to calm dpwn including our baby manager and let the CEO do his job, afterall he got Jose all the players he wanted last season including the world’s most expensive player, heavens did not fall.

If RM wants us to pay 90m for Morata or nothing else, or 50m for Perisic, its his prerogative to determine if he wants to pay that.



‘Matic rumours are true…’

As always, the media have about as much a clue as to when/if Morata signs or who were about to sign next as we are. I still say though that until Di Marzio has broken it, or Ed Aarons from the Guardian breaks it, I can’t be arsed what the sun, mirror, star have to say….

The Matic rumours are true, BUT, he is only a 2nd option to Fabinho or will be signed WITH Fabinho, it will not be either/or unless Monaco refuse to do business.

RE Morata: Real are playing hardball because they want DDG but Jose refuses to even listen to any offer for DDG. If a deal isn’t done this week, other targets will be pursued. Aubameyang, Icardi will be pursued.

O.T Fax Machine


United only have themselves to blame for paying over the top prices’

I think we have ourselves to blame for paying over the top prices for players.

There aren’t many top strikers available and morata costing over 75 million is extreme but let’s be honest we are desperate unlike other clubs.

We should have regularly upgraded 7 years ago instead of relying on has beens. Which ever striker we buy now will cost us in excess of 75 million. Perisic is a weird one I wouldn’t go anywhere near him if he’s going to cost more than 35 million.



Rooney is a ‘United legend’

It seems WAYNE ROONEY is off to Everton!.What a legend he has been to the club for nearly 13 years.

He has served our beloved club brilliantly for nearly a decade and a half,our record scorer,broke all sorts of records,helped us win so many trophies,scored some amazing,spectacular goals.

Shed sweat and blood for this club,came to our beloved club as a boy,saw it all,conquered it all.Simply a brilliant player for over a decade.Sadly,unfortunately,everything has and must come to an end.

WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN YOUR LIFE WAYNE-you have been a legend for our great club.Will always remember you.



‘I wouldn’t consider Rooney a legend’

Whilst i acknowledge he’s done so much for us i wouldn’t consider him as a legend..held the club ransom TWICE waited until everyone was fed up with him, signed a huge contract after Fergie left and basically did nothing…

Sometimes it’s not about how you started rather how you finished…and Rooney has been poor for almost 4 seasons in a row, so he’s a great guy who used to be a beast fought blood and sweat to win us games and that’s it.

NOT a legend in my opinion, look at the likes of Giggs, Scholes, Vidic even to a certain extent Van der Sar, hasn’t been at the club as long as Rooney has but we were literally begging him to stay one more year.

That’s a legend in my eyes, not some mercenary who cares about his pocket and not the club


Rooney became ‘lazy’

His goalscoring and longetivity will make him a well remembered player at the club however he will not go down in the same bracket as Charlton, Giggs, Scholes, Robson, Best, Cantona and Ronaldo – even though a few of those haven’t accomplished what he managed to.

The reason for this is that the others gave their all for the shirt and are remembered fondly even nowadays for their passion and high level they produced throughout their careers. Rooney on the other hand is still remembered for holding the club to ransom twice and not meeting his true potential and going missing for the last 5 years when the club needed him most.

On top of that he never kept up his physical training and became lazy as one can easily see when watching him try to run and “dribble” in the last few years.

A great player and a great servant however will forever be in the 2nd tier of United greats (with the likes of Schmeichel, Vidic, Rio, Hughes, Solskjaer, Keane, Beckham, Neville, Bruce)

Sympathy for the Devils

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