‘Arsene Wenger will oversee the utter obliteration of Arsenal’

Date published: Friday 8th September 2017 1:53

One Arsenal fan is worried about the state of the club under Arsene Wenger, while a Liverpool supporter reckons Emre Can will be off in the summer, all in Your Says of the Day.


Arsenal are in ‘complete disarray’

You’re right.
It gets more pathetic every day. The club is in complete disarray

For seasons we have had glaring defensive problems, demotivated players, due to putrid management, poor training, even poorer tactical set up. Non existent self belief and complete absence of motivation, or pride.
The dithering of Wenger, whilst he mumbles on about all the extraneous influences that are causing the club to fail, is absolutely beyond belief.
This man will singlehandedly destroy what’s left of Arsenal. He fiddles whilst Rome burns.
Those who allow him to do this, are culpable in the highest degree. How they could ever have given him an extended contract. Was it so he could finish the complete and utter obliteration of a once great football club. God help us.
Tap up of Ox. For crying out loud, it’s over, he’s gone, yet Wenger cries to the press, the same one’s, who he accuses, of turning the supporters against him.
It just gets from bad to buggered. Is he really paid millions, to provide this?

Del boy would cry in his beer, sorry Pina colada.




Does anyone believe anything Wenger says?

So the day after stating that it will cost £140million to replace Sanchez Wenger now claims he is happy and will stay. The same thing he said all summer when everyone else knew he wanted out. Can anyone believe anything this fool comes out with.

The Oracle

A fan of the transfer window changes

So the 2018 summer transfer window will close at 5pm the thursday before the first weekend of the new season.

– This means Chelsea Will have to get business done early.
– Less prolonged transfer Saga’s
– Can start the season with a full team.
– Player prices may drop due to the need to conclude business quicker.

Im all for it.


Chelsea’s chances of back-to-back titles are slim

Wise-fan you did not give your prediction for FA Cup. I am not as pessimist as you for the league, but still not as optimist as others. And for CL, yeah, we’re poor lately except 2012 and one semifinal loss against Atletico 3 years ago I think, so around last 16 or 8 this season, but hopefully last 8.

Chance of winning back to back in the Premier League is very slim. I hope that all Chelsea fans realize that. Moreover, other teams have improved. City bought a GK (not sure he’s that good, but he’s surely better than their flop Bravo) and some attacking wing backs. Man Utd improved greatly by buying Lukaku and (sic) Matic, I think United are the team that improved the most. Liverpool bought Salah.

And us on the contrary, we did not really reinforce. We replaced Matic by Bakayoko and Costa with Morata. Rudiger, Zappacosta are a bit of reinforcement, but I doubt they would come as direct starter with Cahill coming back and there’s Moses. Drinkwater will be used as squad player I think. Is my assessment correct?

JoseBlueArmy: we had Solanke last season. And we played way less matches than this season.



Bakayoko to start this weekend

Must admit my feeling is for Bakayoko to replace Fabregas to ensure we do not lose the midfield. For me, the rest of the team picks itself apart from the wide player opposite Pedro

Hazard is not fully match fit and Willian is probably jet lagged so my feeling is that we should use both of them. I would probably start Hazard with a view to see how well he does and how fit he feels. If Willian comes on after 70 minutes or so not an issue for me

We have a good record against the Foxes and with no one having an idea where Mahrez is I think they will be a bit disjointed. Mostly worried about Gray but he does not seem to start (might after his England exploits) but feel quietly confident about this and agree a 2 goal margin in our favour. KTBFFH



Chelsea have a stronger squad than last season

GIB – not totally agree that you can call this latest transfer window (which I think you are referring to) as embarrassing. We bought in 6 players to bolster the squad

Conte will have been made clearly aware of the Clubs policy in terms of transfers and how we prefer to work. If Conte did not like this he could have walked but chose to stay so therefore accepts whatever he gets. We have a clear policy of loaning out youngsters but this season we seem to have ensured that those we think are in with a shout of making it we have given extended contracts to – which is a good improvement in my book

I agree that right up until the close of the window our squad looked thin and so we all questioned why sell or loan players like Chalobah or Ake for example, who looked worthy of a chance. I think at the end of the day that we have a stronger squad than last season. Not totally convinced about the quality in depth but only time will tell on that one

So far our start has been good and apart from the Burnley game which was heavily impacted by the official (not saying he was wrong but we have already seen in other games after only 3 weeks that officials still are not consistent in their interpretation of events) and we have done really well against perceived competitors…? KTBFFH



Clyne doesn’t get into my Liverpool 18

Here’s my first 18:

GK: Mignolet
Defenders: Gomez, Matip, Lovren, Robertson
Midfielders: Can, Henderson, Coutinho
Forwards: Salah, Firmino, Mane

Ward, Klavan, Alexander-Arnold, Wijnaldum, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sturridge, Solanke

Honorable mentions:
Lallana, Milner, Woodburn

I for one have never rated Clyne and considering that no one has him in their fit 18 I’d say that’s justified. Both TAA and Gomez are better going forward. For me at this moment Gomez is better defensively and adds a bit more height to this team so he edges it. Still not fully convinced with Moreno yet. Everytime he seems to turn a corner he goes back to his old ways.

Wijnaldum always seems to disappear in the away games. Also Coutinho is way better even with his head up his A*se. Can and Hendo for me provide that much needed physicality in midfield. Can’t quite put my finger on why I’d have Gini ahead of Lallana but I feel he offers more. Personally feel Milner is past it and is just there to fill in some gaps when needed. Woodburn wouldn’t look out of place on the bench IMO but just isn’t experienced enough yet.

That front 3 speaks for themselves. On the bench Solanke gives us that power and physicality up front, Ox gives us that pace, trickery and endeavor out wide and Sturridge is deadly on his day.

My only disappointment with the team Klopp has assembled is our options at CB. Personally don’t feel Lovren or Klavan are good enough to get near the first 11. Even a loan for Howedes like Juve did would have improved us significantly while we try to bring in VVD, but otherwise I think this team is as good as any out there.



Can will be off in the summer

I think people are trying to be as hopeful as possible rather than not understanding the basics, Nine. That’s my guess. We’d all love if Can signed and that it was in fact that some anomaly were holding up a deal rather than what’s actually been happening but nas razor said, with us in the ascendancy, Can may actually be interested in a deal. One that he wasn’t interested in 9 months ago.

Personally, I still think he’s off. I think we’ve moved on from him also, with Keita coming next summer.



Unhappy hunting ground?

We haven’t won at Stoke for a while and it required a last minute record breaking free-kick from Rooney last time out to secure a point. Hopefully we continue our momentum from before the international break and pick up 3 points.

I’m expecting the original starting line-up to start again tomorrow evening with Rashford coming back in for Martial. Then the usual substitutions of Fellaini for Mata and Martial for Rashford mid way through the second half.

Some posters think this may be a fixture better suited for Herrera over Mata so we’ll have to see.


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