Arsenal forum goes wild at Emery sacking; doubts creep in over Ljungberg

Date published: Friday 29th November 2019 1:54

Arsenal fans are overjoyed at news that Unai Emery has been sacked but there are already doubts creeping in about interim boss Freddie Ljungberg – all in Your Says of the Day.


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Its happened at Last no idea what the plan for new guy



Lundberg as interim head coach which means they did not or have not completed new search. I am so F off I wanted him out but hate we are up in the air with no plan !



Ljungberg is a real shortterm as he does not have the proper license to manage for more than 12 days at least thats what I read.



All I’m saying is this may not change anything but… yes!!!!!!! I can’t hide my jubilation, get in there!!!!! I haven’t even said that about an Arsenal goal recently!

the bsm walk


its a start mate! its a good start! hopefully the groundwork has been going on behind the sences for the new manager and it wont be long (AND BE THE RIGHT MAN!!!)



thsi next appoint ment is going to be so critical, get it right and we can start getting back to where we belong, get it wrong and we end up like united



I also read that Freddie does not have the right badges to coach. Three months maximum I understand. I think the club probably do have a plan but need a little time to eecute it. Guessing we probably have a shortlist of a few names?

Does anyone know if Freddie has a style of play? What can we expect from him?



i think the new man has already been selected but both bits of news are never done at the same time….especially if the new man already has a club…



This club really boggles the mind at times.The sacking was inevitable,But why wait till so long only to appoint freddie as interim manager.You’d have thought we waited so long because we were identifying replacements and once chosen he’d have been announced.I don’t know how long freddie will be in charge for,but people need to remember he was part of Emery’s coaching staff too.Obviously his input has also had an effect.I serisouly hope we announce a permanent manager within 2-3 games.

All the managers we’re being linked with,most have a job.I think our best options would be Arteta or Poch.My first choice would be poch,No doubt but it’s a long shot.
If not,then Arteta.I know he’s no 2 to pep but if such an oppurtunity comes knocking I’m sure they’ll come to an agreement.

Whatever it is,if we’re ever going to go for a manager with little to no manegerial expereince,Now is the time.It’s the perfect time,it’s an expendable season.Not before the start of a full season should we take that risk.

the specialone



Freddie Ljungberg TEAMtalk

D*** sacked, what next

The Oracle


Good. Send them all to hell.

the bsm walk


Bsm walk, bit extreme, but what happens now? Highly unlikely there will be any signings in January now. Two years in from Wenger one manager down and we haven’t improved one jot.

The Oracle


Oracle, the new manager just has the steady the ship and make us more resilient and tougher to beat. That’s all I want at least. Like you said we need wholesale changes but the manager was certainly apart of the problem, and you can’t deny that. I’ve been gunning for him since last season and he should have in my mind got the boot then.

Let’s see what a new manager brings as that is the only way now, but Kroenke and co all need to go to hell as well. The fact we resorted to a panic buy like David Luiz says it all.

the bsm walk


And it may get worse before things get better,‘let’s not forget that.

the bsm walk



Fabinho TEAMtalk

Fab injured!! Who is going to raplace him?? We did not need any signing in summer…



Rumour fabhino our for 4-6 weeks

Huge loss

Sean the sailor


We’ve 7-8 midfielders, we’re just gonna have to cope with who we have.

Hendo/Wij back to 6.
More games for Milner, Ox and Kieta



December is going to be crucial and then the Club has to make an investment in January. Most pressing is support/replacement for the front 3 as far as I am concerned. TBH I would accept not making the next round in the CL if we can keep on winning in the league.




Gomes and Chong will never make it at United. They can’t even dribble past a man as wingers…

Sympathy for the Devils


Not a bad performance from most of the lads, probably deserved a draw. AWB could learn a thing or two about attacking from the right back position from Ethan Laird.
Much rather see these lads play in future cup games rather than the usual suspects.



Sympathy-Gomes & Chong ahead of Mata & Lingard any day of the week,at least they have time on their side.



I’ve heard really good things about Laird, could be a top player in a few years. But, as we’ve repeatedly said, they need world class players around them. Real leaders, Roy Keane types plus an incredible goal threat – Rashford might be that person but he needs help.




JC I don’t think we played particularly defensive last year either but still managed to put together an impressive amount of clean sheets along with scoring plenty too.
Even if we are more attacking this season the lack of clean sheets is very strange. I’d still expect to keep more than we have.
It’s a strange situation alright.

No Fabinho this week home to Brighton who havnt been good but I still expect a clean sheet.
Then home to Everton midweek, who again havnt been good, no reason not to expect a clean sheet also. As we know expectations and reality are 2 different things.



Clean sheets are overrated imo. It is often used in conjunction with the term – winning matches comfortably, which is supposed to indicate that a team is on a good run, but City beat Watford 8-0, then Everton 3-1 at Goodison, indicating that they were on course to a 10 successive win streak, but they then lost 2-0 at the Etihad against Wolves.

The result of one match or a succession of matches has no bearing on the result of the next match. The goals we are conceding might also keep the defence on their toes and make VVD and co avoid complacency.



I don’t see how not conceding goals can be over rated.
It’s literally 1 of the 2 most basic, fundamental tenets of football.
The other being scoring goals.



Last season, for a while at least, we were soaking up pressure a bit more and weren’t pressing high up the pitch as much as we are now.

I remember about half way through the season, last year, stats coming out about our pressing being less than usual.

So the tactics have evolved a bit

j c



West Ham despite their current poor form is always likely to be a difficult game for Chelsea.

There may be no Tammy for this one and in all likelihood Michy will be expected to step up with probably another couple of changes too given the rigours of the midweek CL game v Valencia and we may well see returns for Mount, Emerson and Tomori too v West Ham.

nine nine nine


This will be our most convincing home win to date. The West Ham that I saw last week were damn awful and Pellegrini is on the brink I reckon. 3-0 or 4-0.



I hope you’re right 67 but historically no games are easy following an away CL game West Ham have had a full week to prepare and they always raise their game v Chelsea.

Having said that you’re right if the West Ham that turned up last week v Spurs particularly in the first half turns up tomorrow and Chelsea are on or close to their potential we should win comfortably.

nine nine nine


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