‘Arsenal heading for bottom half next season under Wenger’

Arsenal: Fans unhappy

Stan Collymore’s comments on Philippe Coutinho are discussed, Bastian Schweinsteiger’s exit is also a subject for debate, while Arsenal fans continue to moan about Arsene Wenger, all in Your Says of the Day.

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Schweinsteiger should be respected

Regardless of what has happened at Man Utd he was a fantastic midfielder and leader for Bayern and Germany, trophies galore and never brought any controversy to the game. He will always have the greatest respect from those that love the game.



He should never have been signed…

Bastian Schweinsteiger: Back in the fold for United

He should never have been signed but you can’t blame him if he thought he’d play regularly enough under LvG as he wasn’t going to play at Bayern.

Jose’s treatment of him at the start of the season was poor but at that point Bastian should have tried to find another club. Instead he was happy to milk us of as much wages as possible. Again, he could have left in Jan but decided against it for some unknown reason.



‘Wenger staying for a year to keep the stability’

Arsene Wenger: Could make some Arsenal fans very unhappy

I can only imagine that the board never imagined that the Wenger leaving this year was ever going to happen and it’s going to be a massive void when he goes.

I don’t think that the board is ready to get a sporting director, a new scouting setup etc etc…I reckon that they are keeping him for a year just to keep the stability whilst they look for all the other roles to be filled.

That is worrying in itself if he is being consulted on that. God knows whats going on to be honest.



Will they let Wenger spend this summer?

Madmaxsdaddy, I think you’re spot on mate. The BofD gave up all control to Wenger years ago and he has run the whole club from top to bottom to suit himself.

The problem now is the Old Etonians haven’t got a clue who does what and how. I reckon like Max they have decided that Wenger needs to do a 12 month handover whilst they put a replacement structure in place.

If that’s true will they let him spend any money this summer. Where will we finish in the PL table NEXT year. It can only get worse and bearing in mind Sanchez will leave we could finish in the bottom half next season. It’s a disaster, cut your losses and boot him out now. Get Tuchel and spend spend spend after dumping the dross.

The Oracle


‘On current form Barca wouldn’t give him a job cleaning the toilets’

Stan reckons we should cash in on Phil because he is a “six games a season player”.

TBH I can’t really disagree with him. Couts has been woeful since he came back from injury. Rumour is he’s holding out for a move to Barca.

On current form Barca wouldn’t give him a job cleaning the toilets at the Camp Nou.



Coutinho an ‘insecure and timid version of himself’

Coutinho when he is good is unplayable, but since the injury he seems to be not the same physically or mentally.

People compare him to Messi but actually when is on form he reminds me more of Maradona. Maradona always played with an aggression that Messi never really has. Maradona had a little nasty streak. Now Coutinho when he was good at the end of last season and start of this season also showed that aggressive physical side of him. But since the injury he has reverted to that insecure and timid version of himself.

I think he looks a little bit unfit and he knows it, and Klopp seems to know if too. When you’re a little of form or match fit then some passes go astray more often and you can lose the confidence and ability to take people on.

I say is partly confidence too because when we scored it looked like the good Coutinho came back for a minute, he discovered his swagger for 10-15 minutes… And then he was substituted…. I’m not cool with this fickle nature of some fans who want to get rid of good players as soon as they hit a run of bad form.

There aren’t many top players in the world that can maintain a high level of ability constantly, and the few that can do that are are usually financially out of our reach. I think Klopp is managing Coutinho quite well, no one has been upset when he had been substituted the last two games, we just need to support Coutinho and hope he can regain his form.



Can Coutinho deliver 20 goals a season?

What a load of crap, first half of the season was the best one yet I´ve seen from Coutinho, he has been bad since he came back from injury but its not like he has played only badly since he came back.

He was excellent against Chelsea, after they gave him a kick to the head, right now Klopp has started to push his buttons, demand more from him in recent interviews.

If we are to reach the Champions League he will be vital and I´m pretty certain that he will start banging in the goals soon enough to get fans off his back.

I still feel that he can deliver 20 goals over a season if he can stay injury free and at the tender age of 24, he got more than enough time to reach that goal.



‘It all depends on the size of the bid from Barca’

Coutinhos biggest problem is his inconsistency. It’s been the same since he first arrived however young players tend to be inconsistent but he is now turning 25 soon with plenty of games under his belt. He can no longer be considered young or inexperienced.

While he performed very well for 3 months, we are now 7 months into the season. He’s not giving us anywhere near enough. It’s been similar in previous seasons. His mediocre/below standard games out number his good games. If he can sort out his inconsistency then we have a player on our hands.

I guess it all depends on the size of the bid from Barca or wherever in order to truely consider it. At the minute I’d be reluctant to sell but a part of me would consider it.



Firmino was ‘good’ on the left wing

First of all I would like to state that Firmino is good on the left flank, the team was p*** poor when he played there last time and we did not have a striker in the team at the same time.

Also why are posters insisting that Milner will go back into midfield all of a sudden? I would rather see him on the right flank instead of Clyne where he would not be so one dimensional. We only have those two capable of fulfilling the wing back roles, Moreno is incapable of it and very likely to be sold. I can’t see a reason to keep him as he is not pushing for the team.

So far Can and Henderson are the only ones that have been capable of fulfilling the DM role at the club, Can has struggled because of an injury but so has Henderson and both players are more than capable of playing a box to box or as an attacking midfielder.

If we get another DM it would only mean that we would never see either Stewart or Lucas playing again, which is fine by me.



Keep Milner but only as a ‘squad player’

I don’t remember Firmino having one good game playing left earlier this season. I distinctly remember a massive drop in form from him when moved left which was to fill the Coutinho hole.

After a while people were crying out for him to be moved back centrally. I don’t think we can blame the entire team on Firmino’s dip when moved left.

Next season I’d keep Milner on as a squad player. Can play midfield, leftback or rightback and his experience could be very useful in Europe.

I suppose a lot depends on whether we continue with 4-3-3 next season.



‘Lukaku, Rashford, Dembele and Ibrahimovic’ would be exciting

I’m really liking the look of Lukaku – he’s developing into a great striker and with his contract reject I think Everton will feel they need to take what they can for him. The fact that Raiola is his agent will help us however I hope the fact that Mourinho was the manager to let him go won’t be a hindrance.

I also like Moussa Dembele up at Celtic as a cheaper option; he’s doing the business at just 20 years of age and I’m quite positive he will develop into a great player also.

If we go into next season with Lukaku, Rashford, Dembele and Ibrahimovic as our forward line (get rid of Rooney) then we will suddenly have one of, if not the best attacking squad in the country. We then just need a top class playmaker to replace Carrick (Verratti?) and, if still possible, a pure pacey right winger in the form of Lucas Moura.

Sympathy for the Devils


Lucas Moura?

Sympathy-Deary me mate,Lucas Moura, really?


‘He’s exactly what United need on the right wing’

@redblood – yes mate I’m very serious – he is exactly what we need down the right wing – a pacey player with goals and assists (15/4 this season).

He can play equally well down both wings and, most importantly, will actually stick out onto the wing rather than constantly coming inside and making it difficult for our central midfielders to find space and making it difficult for our full backs to get down the wing because they’re constantly double-marked.

Sympathy for the Devils