‘Arsenal need Allegri to save them from their weak mentality’

Date published: Monday 13th March 2017 12:11

Jose Mourinho’s souring relationship with the British media, why Arsenal need Massimiliano Allegri to salvage their mentality and a conspiracy against Emre Can are all discussed by our readers.

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Has Mourinho’s relationship with the English media has broken down?

I think Jose’s relationship with the English football media has completely broken down, hence he is terminally miserable in every press conference and interview.

There was a time he enjoyed his relationship with the media, but the events of last season has soured that that, and he can’t avoid the blame, and therefore now treats them with disdain. I would imagine he is reasonably happy around the club and and at the training ground, although of course I have no real idea!



In my opinion, he’s never been the same since the Madrid job.

The Jose of the 2nd stint at Chelsea was a completely different character than the first time round. He used to laugh and joke with the media, have a good relationship with his players and was much more dynamic.

The Jose Mark2 just seemed like a broken version.

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With United injuries should Fellaini be deployed up front?

Marouane Fellaini: Confident United can beat Chelsea

According to the press Rooney and Martial both injured and Rashford ill so none of them travelled to London so we have to assume they are all ruled out.

Big decision for Jose as to whether to play Mkhi or not considering they still need to focus on the Europa on Thursday – surely cannot afford for him to get injured…? Also big talk of playing Fellaini up front so guess that he still has options

However, no denying the fact that a much depleted ManU team but I am sure still a strong enough team will be deployed

Trust and hope that we go full strength and show no mercy. Based on current form, plus the problems facing ManU should mean nothing less than victory in 90 minutes but we have all seen Jose pull a rabbit out of the hat before so full focus and concentration will be required

Cannot wait….KTBFFH


United have zero chance now [with no forwards]. No threat. Will be an absolute walk over for Chelsea. Shame as the front 3 of rash tony and mkhi would have made the game interesting. I don’t blame Jose. We wont finish 4th,so we have to win europa…



Arsenal need Massimiliano Allegri just to change ‘weak mentality’

Massimo Allegri: Linked with Chelsea vacancy

For the good part of the last decade,Arsenal’s mentality has not only been weak, it in all honesty has been embarrassing.Arsenal epitomize capitulation.We never actually give in a fight and from a fan’s perspective that is the most pathetic thing to see, to atleast see your team fighting and showing that we care.
So in summary where wenger and Arsenal is concerned there is nothing to look forward to with this once a legend washed up man.

I would like to switch my attention to Massimo allegri.First thing is that we have to acknowledge how strong a mentality Juventus have.Not only have they gone a season unbeaten in recent times,they’ve won around 30? games on the trot at home, they hardly ever concede and they even play with an attacking mindset.

But where mentality is concerned, their desire to win the game is second to none.Each and every player fights for every small decision against the ref and even gets the benefit of the doubt.

They quite literally play every game as a final.Just seen their game against milan and I can safely say if it was not for the influence of players on the ref the whole game they would not have got that penalty in the end that won them the game. But the main question is do we give allegri credit for this mentality?

It could’ve been inherited as the players are born winners and he’s just putting into effect their talent.It confuses me, even Wenger went a season unbeaten for us and look how he turned out.

Switching back to Arsenal,never ever appeal for decisions. Our players don’t even have the decency to fight for their teammates.It really is a farce what’s going on.

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If our players had a strong desire to win and there’s an unjust decision, they would be angry and appeal it each time. If the players are there just to pick up a pay cheque then why bother arguing any wrongful decisions?

In regards to Vieira saying the players have let the manager down, Wenger has had 10 years to find players with the right mentality. Maybe Vieira means they are letting him down now as top 4 is in jeopardy and he is struggling to meet the remit set by the board.


The problem would be to get a decent manager in with the current board acting the way it does.

Regarding the mentality could it be that Wenger always state that they have it so the players confuse it with loosing and think that´s the correct mentality to have?


I am no fan of Arsenal’s board what so ever but what exactly is it they do that’s so bad?

All i want the board to do is open their cheque book when needed, which they do.
They do not get involved with internal team affairs which is fantastic. You wouldnt find players going to the board to get manager sacked as they have no concern with this. Even as much as i want wenger gone i really respect that from from them.

The mentality comes from the manager not the board. The board run the club the manager runs the team, if the manager fails to win a trophy or challenge that is his fault. If the club goes under or doesn’t put up money for players then that’s the boards fault.

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Finally Liverpool play poorly and still claim a win

Three points !!!

Firstly when we are playing poorly/losing i cant think of anything worst then Gary Neville`s voice (the fact that he talks sense is irrelevant)

Why does Can get so much stick yes he was not great, clearly the manager asked him to play that deep in the first half. He had very few options ahead of him & in the end got us two extra points.
Clyne, Milner, Lallana & Coutinho all played poorly Clyne & Milner have been awful for weeks but they get away with it maybe because the media don’t like criticising English players!

Klopp if your going to play Milner @ left back please don’t play a slow centre back next to him.



It’s no grand conspiracy or dislike of Germans, but Can simply isn’t good enough

I’m not the media and I would be critical of Can before any of the other names you’ve mentioned and it has nothing to do with them being English, as I’m Irish.

I’ll take your point about the 4 lads having some poor games (some more than others) but they have all been brilliant at other times this season. Has Can put in a single brilliant performance this season? Lallana was brilliant just last week, it’s hardly fair to name him and also Milner is an easy target for people who doesn’t deserve to be on a ‘worst player’ list, or whatever you might call it.

The key difference for me is that most of the players in the team had made a big step forward under Klopp this season. That is of course until the dip in form but did anyone really shine through those matches? Anyway, Can was a player who I (and likely others) expected big things from this season and if anything, he’s made a big step back.

There is no grand conspiracy or dislike of Germans, Can just isn’t able to play in our system. Maybe he hasn’t been concentrating on his football and is more worried about his next move and all this contract talk is just angling.

Whatever has changed for him, he’s not good enough where-as the other 4 players you’ve named are.


MrMak- do you really think most players have improved this season?

Sturridge hasn’t. He had a great 2nd half of last season and I thought he’d kick on this season. Same with Origi.
Cans went backwards overall despite the odd good game. I couldn’t say Coutinho has improved overall. Clynes went backwards so has Lovren. Hard to judge Milner as hes playing a completely different position. I couldn’t say Firminos improved.

Lallana definately has improved, Hendo too when fit. Maybe Migs?

I think what’s improved us slightly as a team is the likes of Mané, Wij and Matip. And even they arnt consistent.



Will Newcastle thrive or crack under the pressure of chasing pack?

Chris Hughton is experienced at this level, he will settle down for 2nd place, but knows Huddersfield is hot on his trail. It has more to do with the Huddersfield trying to catch Brighton, Brighton trying to put some distance with Huddersfield, than either of them trying to catch us.

Being at arms reach of these two teams is down to us having a poor home record. This poor home record is mostly due to a lack of creativity in the midfield department.

Being neck to neck with Brighton, at reach of Huddersfield, it can be either one of the following scenarios:

1. We thrive under the pressure.
2. We crumble under the pressure.

In Rafa I trust. My problem is that if the best case scenario occurs, will the club hierarchy learn from their mistakes? Or will they be comforted, thinking that their strategy was correct and that it must continue.

So, the best case scenario will be for us to crumble under the pressure, still securing promotion, but forfeiting the cup, which will allow Rafa to reshape the squad with sufficient funds.


I don’t know what the problem is at home but we need to sort it out and fast. its like we just crumble under the pressure of we should win.

Huddersfield will win their game in hand and then its 3 points between the 3 of us.Scary how this league can change so quickly, last week we were 11 points infront of Huddersfield and now they have clawed 5 points back in a few days.

concerned we are just going to bottle it an d end up 3rd on the last day of the season or something and you know whoever finishes 3rd aint winning the playoffs.




Palace confidence restored – here’s how we’ll survive

With 2 wins from the last 2 games my confidence has returned and I am prepared to say we can get the 40 points.

We are on 25pts so need 5 more wins and they should come from Watford, Burnley, Hull and Leicester with draws from Arsenal, Spurs Southampton and Liverpool.

No need to worry about the other teams around us we just need to get our home form back and nick a few draws from the top 6.

I actually think we can beat Liverpool and Arsenal but don’t want to get too carried away until after we beat Watford!



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