‘Arsenal need to wake up and stop deluding themselves’

Date published: Tuesday 31st January 2017 12:00

One reader lists Arsene Wenger’s long list of deficiencies and the reasons why Liverpool have struggled in January are outlined. All in today’s Your Says of the Day…

The reasons why we have seen failure at Arsenal

Al, not only does he fail to get the best out of the players he signs the wrong ones, he sets them up incorrectly, his tactics are predictable and his substitutions always take place after 70mins, there is little imagination, variety, or a planB.

These are the main reasons why we have seen 13 years of abject failure. To answer your question as I have been stating for some times we are still weak in defence, no cover at right back, no cover in the centre of defence and nothing at all at left back.

We have far too many midfield players who want to play centrally and very few who can play wide. We have more options up front with Welbeck back but we still lack a really top class clinical striker. I would rank our squad depth and quality at about 4th best in the league.

The rot set it when Wenger thought he could emulate Barcelona and play tiki-tala, that’s all very well but he didn’t have Barcelona’s players apart from Fabregas who he built the team around only for the Catalan to become disillusioned and head off back to Spain. And no Steve the best squad is not the same as the best XI or best team but those XI are the most important part of the squad.

The next thing is on here someone will suggest our reserve XI is better than the first XI. People really need to wake up and face reality instead of insisting on deluding themselves.

The Oracle

‘Wenger is as passionate as ever’

I have never said Bellerin was reserve player, I said if the team that played Southampton was a reserve team (as you said) it was a bloody strong 11 with Bellerin in there. It’s you who have said you have worries at RB. I don’t. Who was the cover in 03-04?

Leicester was a one off – easily the the biggest over achievement of the premier league. We have finished third and second in the last two years, so if what you say is true and we have the forth best squad with the worlds most terrible manager surely that is an over achievement?

How this terrible manager ever assembled even the forth best team I don’t know. How do you explain it?

Everyone else is failing? I think we have the best squad, Wenger is as passionate as ever and we have a great chance to win the league.



Is Ivanovic a Chelsea legend?

BP – I can actually see both sides of the argument in terms of legend and Ivanovic.

Personally, I think he has been a loyal player and a great servant to the Club. Once established in the team in an unusual role for him, no one came close to replacing him and he scored a number of great and important goals for us. After 9 years I think he is close to being recognised as a legend

However, I fully take your point that when you mention the likes of Osgood, Zola, Frank, Drogs JT then it begs the question is he really up there with them…?

Tough call but as far as I am concerned a great player for Chelsea FC and well deserving of any praise and respect that he gets. KTBFFH



Crossing deficiency in Ivanovic’s game

1905… It’s swings and roundabouts I think when it comes to dave. One of the reasons I think Jose stuck him on the left was cause he was outstanding, but it also meant he didnt have to cross that much.

One of my long standing criticisms of dave… It’s his crosses. A mate pointed it out to me, he often fails to beat the first man.

Not taking anything away from him, but I guess you’d set the team up as to how you want to play. Play Dave when you need more defensive side to the game.

If you need more width further up the pitch and a much better end product. Moses is the answer. Funny really. It’s the sort of position I’m sure Ivanovic would have occupied a few seasons ago and would have excelled at but for the raveges of time. Great player.

How much has JT influenced the careers of those defenders around him down the years?


The Liverpool way is ‘trying to go for every trophy’

That’s exactly what supporters at the very least want: to be able to at least ‘dream’ or believe we have the opportunity to challenge for the title.

Some out there don’t at all appreciate we hold 18 League Titles and only 2 behind Man United in spite of them eclipsing us.

The philosophy is about trying to go for every trophy. 4th spot on the other hand isn’t a trophy but a qualification to play in a European Competition that brings in a lot of revenue. True, but the purpose I see is it serving the men in suits and those footballers who are on inflated salaries.

What do the fans ever get? We want glory the measurement of that is not 4th spot, but silverware. We want to be able to look back and see history books with our name titled on it – as Winners. That’s why we’re still one of the if not the most successful clubs in English football.

We have to get it right and I still feel JK needs 2-3 good summer windows to be allowed to bring in his own targets and build a winning formula. People forget, he has had to inherit a squad that needed big improvements, not to mention deadwood needing to be sold.

Patience is needed, but when there is progress being made, there’s absolutely no harm to show some excitement and joy.


Sensible S7


Here’s why Liverpool struggled in January…

Looking at the circumstances in November I always found that January would be a month where we would struggle and here’s why…

At the Time – Coutiniho, Lallana, Henderson and Matip Picked up Injuries and were ruled out of December and not expected to be back for Mid Jan – (only Lallana returned before mid jan), then Mane would be off to the AFCON in January.

Now everyone has stated that Liverpool/Klopp has been found out and that all you have to do is sit back against them. however for me that is total and utter Hog wash. Our starting Midfield 3 was Henderson Wijnaldum Lallana… Our starting front 3 Was Coutiniho Firmino Mane… this combination with Matip at CB in the system that is set up is designed to break down teams that park the bus as the player movement, interplay and quick passing opens gaps in tight spaces.

This team has not played since mid-November and if Mane does not play tonight it means we would have been unable to start our first 11 for nearly 2 and half months. Could you Imagine Chelsea without Luiz, Moses, Kante, Hazard, and Pedro out at the same time for 2 and half months.. exactly..

Throughout December with the loss of Lallana, Henderson and coutiniho, Klopps approach to games was more defensive and in some cases direct…. the Middleborough is a great example whereby the strengths of Mane and Origi as a combination worked to a tee in getting beyond a stubborn back 7 or Boro… Origi also benefits in playing with Mane as they have a genuine understanding.

So what has gone wrong in January ?

the 2-2 draw with Sunderland was a result of the ridiculous game scheduling with the man city game… and ridiculous penalty decisions.

Man Utd 1-1 (18th Jan) – an excellent team performance where we had Matip, Clyne, Coutiniho and mane out of the starting lineup, lallana out of position and TAA making his EPL debut. Henderson returned from Injury and showed a lack of match fitness after the 60min mark

Swansea loss – 2 of the 3 goals were individual errors from Lovren, Momentum was lost when coutiniho was substituted for origi where we had just equalized. Henderson looked knackered after 60 mins (lack of Match fitness), Lallana not effective in manes Position. on another day we could have been 3-0 up in the first half if Frimino and lallana were clinical with the opportunities they had. – This game has to be put down as a bad day at the office…

Southampton 0-1 … you have to take your hat of and say they defended well and had a bit of luck on their side with the Forster spill… the sturridge of old would have buried the 3 chances he got.

Wolves – the wolves loss was down to team selection — first of all it was a team that has never played together. Picking a team that would never be considered as he picked players who are clearly not part of his Plans I.e Randal, Moreno, Sturridge, Lucas

So will it get better – of course it will… not only will Mane be back but Matip, Clyne and Henderson will be back with Coutiniho returning to match fitness and Lallana back in his position.

Context has to be given… experts can criticize squad depth all they want but it is statistically proven that teams with 2 world class players in each position struggle when 3 core members of the teams spine preferred starting team are missing.

If you look at Fergie, Jose, Houllier and Rafa the core spine of the team never changed during rotation, as weather it was Plan A, B or C the core players always play a significant part in its execution..


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