‘Keeping Sturridge a better option than signing Ox’

Date published: Wednesday 28th June 2017 12:10

Arsenal fans want the club to spend £10m more and sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, not Alexandre Lacazette, while Liverpool’s Oxlade-Chamberlain move and why Man Utd should target talented youngsters is also debated.


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The number of players available to the top clubs isn’t massive

We all need to come to terms with the fact that we are fishing in a very small pool with many of our competitors fishing in the same pool and even if we successfully get a bite unfortunately all three parties still have to agree which is never easy.

Also top club like Juventus for instance won’t give up their best players without a fight in the same way Chelsea wouldn’t let Hazard go to Madrid without a fight.

Unfortunately there are very few players who can improve our team and if you want the best they are always the most difficult to acquire.

Given who we are linked with the club are seemingly doing their best to buy the best available, better to try and fail than not to try at all.

nine nine nine


Arsenal are missing out on ‘Kante like signing’

Do Arsenal really need another midfielder? No we don’t need one. But I’m always of the opinion that if there is someone arguably better than our current midfielders and will certainly improve us then go for him.We missed out on Kante, and he was named Premier League player of the season.

If we miss out on Tiemoue Bakayoko, it will be the same situation. He’s a brilliant midfielder, is the closest thing I’ve seen to Patrick Viera. I don’t know if he’s got as much credit as Kante got when he won the Premier League with Leicester but if he didn’t then he has to be the unsung hero for Monaco.

All in all, he’s too good a player to miss out on. Why would he join us rather than Chelsea or Manchester United. Well, I’m not going to deny that Champions League is not a factor, but these days if you’re willing to offer a player high wages he joins.

And most importantly, Arsene Wenger has a connection with French players, he could convince just about anyone to join. So yes, I’m surprised we aren’t in for him. He would be perfect in that midfield for the system we played towards the end of the season.



Mourinho wants Matic and that’s all that matters

Seeing as though Jose Mourinho made a point of re-signing Nemanja Matic and then won the league with him as an important player I don’t think it really matters whether Chelsea want him or not.

The point is Mourinho does and he’ll be a massive upgrade on Marouane Fellaini. As for his age, I’m not bothered. The position he plays and the fact he doesn’t rely on pace means he’ll be good to play at the top level for at least 5 more years.

Also we have Timothy Fosu-Mensah coming through.



West Brom fan incensed with a lack of signings

Tony Pulis: Wants reinforcements for squad

So, pre-season starts next week and we are yet to sign a single player, having already lost 1. So that means we have a 14 man squad (Senior Pro’s) I believe?

Charlie Taylor looks like he’s gone to Burnley – so much for chasing the kid for 18 months. Leeds allegedly wanted £5m for him and we said no. I’d like to see who we could get for less money?? Surely not another repeat of the last 3 summers diabolical player recruitment.

There’s only 1 common denominator in all those summers – Tony Pulis! Is there a more stubborn, pig headed, short sighted, egotistical manager out there?? Will this be the 3rd season running without a recognised left back.

There is something seriously wrong with our planning, as we’ve known we were safe since April. And guess who won’t accept responsibility for this mess we are in?? There’s no point me saying he needs to take a look in the mirror, as he clearly will never change. He is incapable of change. He is a dinosaur in the world of football.

He must have missed the school lecture on Darwin’s theory of evolution. We will still be playing the backs to the wall, give it 100% and hope for the best football we have had to suffer the last 3 years. It will never change as long as Tony Pulis is at the club. His ego won’t allow him to change, because he then won’t be able to take any credit, because everyone will say he was forced into change.

The more we moan about him, the more he digs his heels in. But hey, we must be grateful that he keeps us in the Premiership. How dare we moan at him.

I’d still rather watch us play exciting attractive football in the Championship, than the cr*p we play in The Premiership, just trying to avoid relegation every year. The Premiership belongs to the rich and famous, and we are only the hangers on.



England fans reflect a year after THAT defeat to Iceland

Roy Hodgson: Manager unhappy to explain defeat

England are rubbish at international level these days – for them to only beat Malta 2-0 at home with a mostly full team is extremely poor given their world ranking, which is a farce too by the way.

The truth is that England can’t and never could handle the pressure; I don’t put England in the Top 20 countries in world football at the moment when it comes to playing in a competitive tournament.

Sympathy for the Devils


Chelsea do have talented youngsters – but attitude is key

Nathaniel Chalobah: Midfielder impressing fans

Personally I think you only have to look at the likes of Solanke and Bamford to see that we have an extremely long conveyor belt of “potential” talent and those that are deemed unlikely to make it will be sold. And the money on these sales is increasing every season.

Those that the club feel warrant a chance are given a small window for them to make an impact. I only need to compare Chalobah and Ruben Loftus-Cheek to see the difference in approach between these young players.

I think RLC will be loaned out next season so that someone like Lewis Baker can come in and be given an opportunity.

For me, Chalobah has done enough to stay within the first team squad. Christensen is another kettle of fish as he has had a successful 2 year loan and played in the Champions League so I think we would expect first team football if he came back to the Bridge.

Not convinced that would be immediately available so in his case I think if he chose to leave rather than bide his time then the Club may cash in on him and after rejecting 18m last year I think we could achieve closer to 25m for him – so not a bad return.

My feeling with youth is that few will make it so the rest are simply a money earner and people will pay for anyone associated with Chelsea who has come through the ranks as at that level they are so successful…



The club might be interested – the player might not be!

Dani Alves is 34 I believe, so he will only last in the Premier League for about a year. Ousmane Dembele is like Kylian Mbappe, very young, talented and talked about by everybody it seems!

But these players might NOT WANT to play for Man United. Just because a team is GOING AFTER a certain player it does not mean they will get every player they want/talk to!

How much did we waste on Memphis Depay, plus the jury is out still on Anthony Martial too!.What if Jose decides Martial is not his type of player and wants him sold?! Anyway, we all know that Jose is a short-term manager,he wants to win the title and probably leave after well, usually 3 years!



Pay £10m more and get Aubameyang instead of Lacazette

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: Borussia Dortmund striker linked with move

Al- I take your point about the crazy money these days but the original point I made was that for another £10m surely Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a better investment than Lacazette?

I understand that no Champions League football and Jurgen Klopp could be major draws for the Gabon player but what about the “legendary” persuasive charms of Arsene Wenger?! He could reasonably suggest our year out of Champions League football is a blip just as the Scousers making it is.

Then he could come up with stories about how he would mould the team round him and Ozil, how our end-of -season run showed how good we really were and how London is one of the greatest cities in the world, compared to living in the damp north west of England etc etc!

I know I’m dreaming and another £10m for Aubameyang is too much for our skinflint manager.



I’d rather keep Sturridge than sign Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

The price of Ox and Sturridge will probably be about the same. What is better for the team? Keeping Sturridge or signing Ox?

Maybe I am one of the minority who think that keeping Sturridge is better than signing Ox. Of course, Ox is younger and more pacy and physically stronger. However, he is also injury prone, although not as much as Sturridge.

The most important thing is, Ox lacks the quality to change a game even on his day. On the other hand, Sturridge is able to win us a game on his day. We already have a strong squad, what we are lack of is the cutting edge when facing those parked buses.

We already have 2 pacy wingers but we still lack a goal machine. So, keeping Sturridge can offer more to the team than signing Ox.

I will support selling Sturridge unless we can sign a top class striker, say Diego Costa or Aubameyang etc (unlikely). I am NOT excited by the news of Ox because he CANNOT improve the team, he is only a decent squad player. I’d rather give the chance to our youngsters instead of spending 25m + pounds.

Football Scouser

Oxlade-Chamberlain is one of Arsenal’s best player’s, I remember the 4-3 when we beat them Ox’s goal was quality. Ox to me is like a more skillful younger version of James Milner. Able to play in a range of positions, but unlike Milner, he is able to beat his man with pace and some trickery.

Ox could even be used as a left back, but I’m not sure he’d appreciate that! However, I’m not sure if he is the ultimate replacement for Naby Keita, but if we can’t get Keita this season then lets get Ox at a cut price and give him the season to see whether he could play that role.



Man United need to take a punt on talented youngsters

If Manchester City get Ousmane Dembele to add to what they’ve already got, we’re f****d. Funny how we (Man United) ignored just about every young up and coming youngster that’s been available.

Bruma to RB Leipzig for 8 million quid, surely worth a punt for that money. Why weren’t we in for Julian Draxler, and what about the young lad Leon Goretzka at Schalke? I see Everton look like they’re picking up Onyekuru and the young lad Ramirez from Malaga for chump change.

You never know how these lads are going to turn out but if you don’t buy a ticket…


Naby Keita is top quality – we shouldn’t settle for anything less

Keïta is a fairly unique player who will improve Liverpool’s first team thanks to a near-freakish all round ability in both attack and defence.

Able to press, pass, and create well; he can play the much sought after role of box to box playmaker, which is the reason he’ll fetch a sum over over £50 million should the stubborn RB Leipzig decide to sell.

If he’s not available, then why settle for less? Why settle for someone who can’t quite do all these things to the same level and won’t improve on the players already at the club?

Emre Can or Jordan Henderson can play the deep lying role, moving forward into one of the more advanced slots in the midfield three if required. Adam Lallana and Georginio Wijnaldum provide the options in those advanced positions, while there’s now the added bonus of Philippe Coutinho: midfielder.

All of this without mentioning the burgeoning talents of Ovie Ejaria and Marko Grujić who would be wasted if not given game time soon.

It’s for these reasons that the best alternative to Keïta, could be no alternative.


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