‘Arsenal so far behind Chelsea – but who has better squad?’

Date published: Monday 30th January 2017 12:33

Arsenal “are so far behind Chelsea, we can hardly see them”, Daniel Sturridge needs to be “fed with a golden spoon” and “appreciate your rivals” – all in Your Says of the Day.


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Chelsea have the best squad

Chelsea have the best squad in the prem and I’m the biggest Arsenal fan ever! So I win.

In other news spurs fluked it through Watford seem to only get worse! And it’s alleged allegri has/is being lined up to take over from wenger should he not sign.

Anyone got any thought on that? Personally think it would be a good move. There was a great piece on sky.com about him and what he did for The old lady after conte left, worth a read. Will post up if I can find it.

The Hulk


‘We are so far behind Chelsea, we can hardly see them’

Arsenal need at least 4 points from the next two games, ideally 6 given we are so far behind Chelsea we can hardly see them. Given we have the best squad in the PL (Steve68) and the best squad we have EVER, yes EVER had (Fatmop) beating Watford should not even be in debate, although didn’t we lose to them last year in the FA Cup?

Chelsea on the other hand will be a tougher nut to crack, the 2nd best squad in the PL are 8 points clear at the top, they have one of the best defences, Hazard the best midfielder in the PL and Costa who normally terrorises Koscielny in their ranks.

Two convincing victories will put us in contention with two more tough away games coming up against Liverpool and the Southampton First Team. Our top 4 trophy could well be decided in the next 6 games. No cock ups Wenger, after all you are in charge of the best squad we have ever had and the best squad in the PL so you have no excuses.

The Oracle


‘He can’t score anymore unless he is fed with a golden spoon’

He only thing proven about Sturridge ATM is that he is injury prone, can’t last a full game, can only play half a season or less, that he lost his pace. That he can’t score anymore unless he is fed with a golden spoon.

Yes I would feel comfortable in spending £100million on a player, its going to be common practice in a few years time. Transfer fees are not going to stagnate all of a sudden, you logic is the same that has been used since the game went pro, that its just too much money.

If Can is still a German international in 5 years time his value will be close to 80-100million. A new TV-contract will have been signed and that alone will double player prices

That was the case with the first player that went above 1000 pounds, it was the case when transfer fees hit 10.000 pounds, again when transfer went above 100.000 pounds. Then again when they went above a million and 10 million etc.

My main point though about Can was not that he would fetch a high price in the future, it was that he is a player that actually plays for us, he gets game-time and even when he is out of form he contribute to the team as the manager picks him. Selling him would only weaken the team and it would force us to buy two central midfielders instead of one to actually cope with the extra burden of a top four finish!

For example the vast majority here wanted Lallana gone last summer, because he was out of form, now he is signing a new contract long term contract worth 120k a week and has been touted around Europe to the likes of PSG.

Can is a player that can improve, he is only 23 years old. On the other hand Sturridge has been on a downward spiral for the last 3 years and is showing no signs of improving. He hardly features in the first team and when he gets his chance he blows it. The only reason to sell Can is if the club can not negotiate a new deal for him!



‘I fully expect us to bottle fourth spot…’

Sanj1 , I’m hugely behind Klopp mate. I won’t be calling for him to be sacked when we finish 6th. I’ve never once asked for a manager to be sacked except for Hodgson. Unlike some on here, I support our managers till the day they resign.

I didn’t call for Rodgers head like some on here. When we have a manager in place I fully support them, it doesn’t mean they are immune to criticism.

I fully expect us to bottle 4th and I’ve given good reasons why. Then hopefully next year klopp learns that we need more players to really compete. He learns there is no winter break and the squad needs to be bigger and fresher.

sean the sailor


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‘Appreciate your rivals’

I hate when fans start taunting others. Liverpool have been and will be a great club. and the fact that they lost to Wolves doesn’t make them a bad club. Chelsea lost to Bradford City in 2015 FA cup, United lost to a third tier Leeds in 2010, several teams lost to second or third tier teams.

Personally i’m more worried about facing Liverpool than ever before. they are a wounded animal right now. i remember a time last season when we couldn’t win a game, and suddenly we beat Arsenal 2-0. i don’t think it will be a walk over as some may be suggesting. we should be prepared for the game of our lives.

Klopp is a dream manager for every football fan. look at Guardiola and Mourinho and how many points is he ahead of them while they outspent him? imagine if Klopp had the rescources that Pep and Mourinho has? imagine if Klopp can afford to buy a £89m player? or if he can go and bid for the likes of Griezmann? sometimes you need to appreciate your rivals however way you hate them. the work Klopp has done is commendable.



United trio should keep their places

Bastian Schweinsteiger: Bags for United

First half – a repetition of the crap we’ve been seeing these past few weeks. Another defeat seemed on the cards, possibly through a Smalling penalty. In fact UTD were no better than the Liverpool performance the previous day.

The second half was a vast improvement. Shaw, Martial and Schweinsteiger all got better as the game wore on. All should be in the team to play Hull on Wednesday. However FM is not. and never will be a RB. His position should be in MF.

Rooney was up to his old tricks again – too many passes going astray. I think he needs a two year holiday in China.



‘Miki offers a lot more than Mata’

No Miki is not perfect but he offers a hell of a lot more than Mata does.

They are both intelligent players with sublime technique but Miki has more explosiveness and pace and therefore not as easy to get brushed off the ball.

He also offers something very important to our attacking game, he carries the ball forward through opponents lines which is causing havoc at any defence and makes space for his team-mates. If you cant see this you are deluded.

The two last games against Hull and Wigan, I was more impressed by them than Man United. Their managers did a great job to impose courage to play as a team and passing the ball to each other out of trouble. This with a fraction of a budget compared to United. This is not good enough by Mourinho but the truth is we need a handful of new players. CB and two fullbacks, a cmf and a proper right winger.

We should be playing better football though.



Mata was ‘neat and important’

@zico, To say Mata did NOTHING yesterday is a complete testament simply shows you watch a different game of football. Mata did nothing wrong yesterday and in fact was a neat and important figure in the control of the game.

You may also do well to note that not once have I insulted Miki. I merely questioned whether he really is so much better than Mata. It’s not even a criticism.

@hatters, I appreciate your posts mate. I do disagree with two points you made though. Yes, Miki has a lot of pace, much more than Mata, but that alone in my opinion does not qualify him to be considered a much better player.

Miki was nowhere yesterday until Wigan opened up. His pace meant nothing against a team who sat back. It’s happened a few times this season, teams have sat back and Miki has been anonymous. His pace is a great asset, but I don’t think that’s a sole reason to rate him above Mata.

I also agree Miki has good technique and is a neat player. I do disagree that his technique is better than Mata’s though. I think Mata is a better passer and has neater technique than Miki. Miki can run at and beat a man if he is afforded the time and space, while Mata can turn and beat a man under pressure much better in my opinion. I also don’t think Miki is any stronger than Mata. He’s been muscled off it numerous times this season, at least once or twice a game. Mata is similar in this regard, but only he ever gets criticised for it while Miki is the still the darling in the eyes of some posters. I just view it as hypocritical.

Do you not agree that Miki will be praised (rightly so) for his goals and contributions lately and that will be used to justify what a great player he is- yet at the beginning of the season Mata was scoring and assisting almost every time he walked on the park, yet still blatantly called not good enough, and that to me is double standards.



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