Wenger regret as agent reveals Messi ‘was tempted by Arsenal move’

Lionel Messi’s former agent has revealed how close the Argentine star was to following Cesc Fabregas to Arsenal in 2003.

Arsenal snapped up Fabregas when the two were still in La Masia, Barcelona’s famous academy. Messi’s agent at the time, Fabian Soldini, has now revealed that Arsene Wenger was working on a deal to sign Messi at the same time.

Soldini told Spanish outlet Marca: “[Messi] was tempted to go to Arsenal, but he didn’t go.

“I remember the day that Cesc asked to leave.

“Messi was also asked to go, but he didn’t want to leave.”

Messi stayed at Barcelona, which surely isn’t a decision he will regret. He has gone on to break all kinds of records, and write himself into history as one of the best to ever play the game.

Fabregas did take the plunge and come to England though, not that he will regret his choice either. At just 16, he could learn from Arsenal’s Invincibles, before going on to make over 200 appearances for the Gunners.

The Spaniard then left in 2011 to fulfil his dream of playing for Barcelona. So everyone won really? Except Arsenal, missing out on Messi…


Ronaldo, Messi miss for Arsenal

Messi isn’t the only superstar Arsenal have famously missed out on over the years.

The Gunners were also interested in signing Cristiano Ronaldo the year before he joined Manchester United.

Wenger has admitted his regret on the matter, stating: “Yes, you have to live with regrets in life, you know.

“There’s only unachieved business in life and this is a big part of it.”