Bale deal could cause domino effect

Date published: Thursday 8th August 2013 5:07

Hardly a season goes by without Dharmesh Sheth or Jim White getting dangerously close to the point of spontaneous combustion about potential transfers!!

The countdown to the transfer window closing is preceded by second-by-second updates about the whereabouts of Gareth Bale, and the confirmation that Wayne Rooney made it out of bed. But there is one feature which I think may come to fruition this year. The domino-effected merry go round which can so often be triggered by one transfer. So let it commence….

Ronaldo signs five-year deal, claims the Madrid-loving daily Marca. Ronaldo does not sign five-year deal claims the self loving Ronaldo! It’s quite a statement to flatly refuse a contract extension has been agreed and the sentiment in Ronaldo’s recent statements brings back a feeling of deja vu. When Ronaldo left United we had heard many times that Ronaldo was happy… for now. That he was a United player….for now. That only God, and I presume by that he meant Jorge Mendes, knows what the future holds. Of course, this was part of the game footballers seem to play before a transfer. And I hope for the sake of David Moyes, the Glazers and every single United fan that this is the beginning of the end. The end of Ronaldo’s days in Madrid that is. So what sets the deal off? The massively over-priced Gareth Bale.

Real Madrid seem to be paying an astronomical amount for the talented, but by no means extraordinarily talented Gareth Bale in order to convince the fans that they are signing a truly great, ground breaking player. Much in the same way you tell your fiance the ring cost double, if Bale goes for £85million + then he must be the best player on earth. Right? Wrong.

Perhaps a statement of intent is being sent to Barcelona after they captured Neymar. Maybe the transfer smashing Galactico era is under way again. Or perhaps one £85million-rated player can slip out of the revolving Bernabeu doors as Gareth Bale walks in.

It seems to me that the futures of Gareth Bale, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo are interlinked. As Bale flies out, I expect Ronaldo to fly in and give a cheeky wink to Mourinho, who of course will then sign the Scouse one. And with that, Rooney will return to being a blue and Old Trafford will welcome back the greatest player to have played for the club.

There is only one thing which can guarantee Moyes success. CR9 as he is now known. Perhaps the Ronaldo we knew wasn’t the greatest ever United player. But the showpony turned superstar has certainly been transformed in to the greatest player to have ever worn the United shirt. The argument usually follows the path of whether Messi is better than Pele and Maradona. Realistically though, the answer is simple. If he is better than Ronaldo then he is streets ahead of both Maradona and Pele.

The preening, once petulant Portuguese has evolved in to the second best player ever to have played. Arguably the most complete footballer in the world, the return of Ronaldo would ensure Moyes was able to fill his boots, and more importantly, the boots of Sir Alex Ferguson. Surely, unless I am being way too optimistic, should Ronaldo arrive at Manchester airport, the Premier League trophy might as well be waiting at arrivals. The greatest footballer to have ever worn the red shirt would be welcomed back a hero. The messiah to lead the Moyes revolution.

The Premier League title? It’s all in Daniel Levy’s hands.

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