John Barnes reveals fittest and best player from Harry’s Heroes

Date published: Friday 22nd May 2020 7:55

John Barnes has revealed the fittest and best player on the recent television show Harry’s Heroes.

The veteran England team, managed by Harry Redknapp, with Barnes as his assistant, managed a 1-0 victory over old foes Germany courtesy of a late Lee Hendrie goal.

It was their second win over their international rivals after they defeated Germany 4-2 at Brisbane Road in 2019.

After that defeat though Germany wanted a rematch on their own turf and ITV followed their journey through Europe in a three-part Harry’s Heroes: Euro Having a Laugh, which aired in the UK this week.

It starred the likes of Michael Owen, David Seaman, Paul Merson, Lee Sharpe, Mark Wright, Teddy Sheringham and a guest appearance from ex-Wales international Vinnie Jones.

John Barnes was speaking exclusively to BonusCodeBets: “It was just like being on holiday with all the lads and wasn’t really much to do with football!

“The first series was about losing weight and getting fit. But because of the popularity of the show with people really falling in love with the characters and seeing that they’re normal human beings, like Paul Merson, and Neil Ruddock had some real empathy with the most people, not, not necessarily just footballers.

“The second show was more about the showing the characters, so yes, we’re trying to lose weight and get fit. But you can see, we didn’t do much of that!

“Whereas the first one with Luke Worthington, (Personal Trainer), he was really a big part of the first series in terms of everyday when we were losing weight, eating properly, looking out for ourselves etc. This series was just more exciting and entertaining, looking at things that we’re doing.

“This series we all spent more time together because we were in France, Germany and Italy, whereas before when we were in England doing the first show and came home after you know filming for a few hours, whereas this one we’re just together all the time.

“The first series we filmed all over all over the UK, in Harlow and up north and all-round London, playing at Brisbane Road for the game.”




Barnes reveals his admiration for Merson, who he says has overcome so much and who was the team’s best player.

“Paul Merson was the fittest one, particularly in the second series. Matt (Le Tissier) did well in the first series, and he lost the most weight.

“Paul Merson losing weight was a lot to do with his lifestyle change, and he continues that. Therefore, by the time the second series came out when everyone else had put weight on, Merse was the one who was physically the best, because he’s not drinking anymore and has been looking after himself, he was the fittest.

“That has it that has a lot to do with what he’d been through in his life anyway, rather than just wanted to be fit for the show,” added Barnes.

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