Bewilderment at Ed Woodward comments; potential Liverpool deal rated

Date published: Friday 18th October 2019 2:27

Ed Woodward: Gives thoughts on bomb scare at Old Trafford

Manchester United fans are surprised by Ed Woodward’s latest comments and Liverpool readers weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of potential deals for two superstars – all in Your Says of the Day.


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How do we play this game guys, go for the juggluar or play a little cagey? I say play smart, we dont need to be wasteful in possession as I have witnessed us at points this season. Midfield is going to be a key area and keeping the ball away from James, Martial and Rashford. Mctominiy is probably their best player at the moment so winning the midfield is going to be key. If we can do what we normally do and slot those balls into our front three consistenly then we win, no question. But as I said earlier our Achilles heel at times this season has been more than usual sloppy passing this season, I never noticed it that badly last season. This is part of the reason why everyone is commmentating that we havent really been at our brillaint best so far even though we have won every game, if we can cut that out then, then United dont stand a chance, maybe Allison and Matip being back will defintely help that. Adrian has been awesome but Allisons distribution and sweeper keeper is no match.



mwake, we went cagey last season and came away with a very uninspiring point (they were there for the taking). Folks have pointed out (and I agree) that the reason City won it last season is they were a little more brave in certain games that were close. This fixture last season was a prime example. A little more adventure and tempo could have resulted in, what would eventually prove to be, a vital three points. I think we should really test them early on as they will likely instantly sit back. Grab an early goal and then play keep ball until the opportunity arises to snatch a second.

Rob Fort Worth TX



Well Bingo it seems there is a #Mbappe2020 campaign by some Liverpool fans so who knows? Especially if we seal the Nike deal im sure those rumours will only get more intense even if nothing ever happens of it. But I say carry on as we are, buying potential and then developing them. Looking at VVD and Allison I think the high price we paid for them was because 1. there is a lack of cheap talent in CB and GK areas and 2. because VVD and Allison fit a specific way Klopp wanted players to play, ie highly efficient ball-carrying defending players.

I don’t think the like of Mbappe or even Sancho as much as I would like it to because I think there are actually lots of cheaper attacking talent than at CB and GK positions.

For example, the two Asian forwards who play for RB Salzburg could be got for less than Mbappe and overtime under Klopp would provide excellent value just as Klopp did with Ballon dor nominee Mane has provided. Strange as it seems I remeber when we bought Mane some fans were grumbling about Mane, he only plays for half of the season, things like that and now look at him. Its a tough one sometimes I think yeah go out and spend the big bucks but sometimes I also think only do it if we really need to like with VVD and Alisson. Klopp is such a good coach that buying Marquee players doesn’t matter as much as it used to.



Its not just about Klopp being a good coach that gets the best out of his players, its about the mentality of our targets as well, take for example the Fekir deal… Now its coming out what actually happened with the player behaving very weirdly before the deal was signed, demanding more money for his brother or agent. Refusing to talk to the squad…

Sancho would fit right in, I reckon Mbappe would to the same, the lesser players like Traore do not have the mentality we are looking for. They don’t have the mentality any of the big clubs are looking for. Thats why they are a dime a dozen and much cheaper than what we are aiming for.



Sancho was a real diva when he left City. Given how we dealt with Bobby Duncan I can’t see him fitting in as you’ve suggested. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love him as a signing, but I can’t see it happening. Mbappe said no to us when we were in for him and reportedly willing to pay in excess of 100mil for him. Klopp has stated before that he only wants players that are committed to the project from the start to the end. As nice a man as Klopp may seem he can be really ruthless when it comes down to it. I don’t know too much about the Coutinho situation but from the reports I’ve seen, it was Klopp that said no to the deal.

I don’t know if Traore’s mentality would factor in but I wouldn’t want him for other reasons and I agree we need to look higher than that at this stage. We have Shaq who is a far superior player and can’t get a game and a really promising youngster in Elliot. Div also looks like he’s improving despite not being as prolific yet this time out. Not to mention, RB Salzburg are a f*cking goal machine and the 2 boys we’ve been touting on here are a big reason for that. Klopp did wonders with Kagawa so who knows what he could do with these boys. Both are of similar age to Traore and are superior players in my opinion.





I think it was fairly obvious tbh. Problem with today’s society is that people believe what they read. Very few question what they are told. For example, I am doing it now! However, it does make sense.

What I would question though is the story is in two parts. Football people making football decisions, and then the January transfer window being used to sign long term signings rather than short term fixes. Because I believe one I will automatically believe the other, but I’m not sure that is necessarily the case. Ed has said the football bit, but the transfer window bit hasn’t come from him.



well if the football bit is true then what does this say about the club for the last few years with all the shocking footballing decisions, it helped when it was thought to come from non football people but if it is then it actually makes things far worse, no?



The thing is though, were the decisions ‘shocking’?

All were bad to shocking in hindsight, but that’s a wonderful thing. People quickly forget the good decisions that were made.



Regarding the ‘shocking ‘ football decisions. Jose makes short term decisons, he has done so whereever he went, so if people thought he’d give that up entirely at Utd then they are probably in for a shock. He signed Matic, and ex player who was very good. Hardly shocking. Sanchez was a free transfer, hardly shocking. Fred is poor, but a shock? Why is it shocking that we signed him, but not long ago poeoplpe were saying we only signed him as City wanted him? Are City’s football people shocking too? Or are we judging one club by different standards again?

Most of the individual decisions are understandable. The problem is we made too many poor ones over too long a period. But that in itself is understandable as we chopped and chnaged manager too often.



Post Fergie Utd have tried to replicate the Fergie Gill model and it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that the managers have had the biggest say in football decisions. Bottom line is LvG and Mourinho are two of the biggest egos ever in the game and will never accept they failed. There is a narrative in the media it’s the boards fault and they will hide behind that to save their own bollix.

Where the board fucked up was appoint managers who were not the proper fit and then continue to fire them without any long term recruitment strategy. That’s why we ended up with a lucky bag of shite as a squad after Mourinho got himself fired. How was LvG ever going to build a long term squad when he was clearly past his sell by date even when he was at Munich 4 years before. And how many teams has Mourinho ever built?

The simple reason we are where we are is because we haven’t appointed a top manager who fits the Utd mould. Someone who can identify and build a team around young players. The board are largely responsible for the simple reason they have failed to implement the correct long term vision for the football side of the club.




Kieran Tierney TEAMtalk

Based on the highly successful Liverpool model I’m suggesting the following line-up

Bellerin Holding Luiz or Sokratis Tierney
Guen Ceballos
Pepe Laca Auba

Torreira is the only real CDM that we have and is disciplined and aware enough to cover for the FBs when they bomb forward. Guen and Ceballos alwaays put in a shift and technically they are better than the two who do the same job for Liverpool. Laca can and does play the Bobby F role, his work rate, hold up play and distribution are exceptional and he will get his share of goals. This system will allow on Pepe and Auba to play higher up the field and help excert a high press in the opposition’s defensive third which is where you want to win the ball back.



i like the way you think OttawaGunner….as much as i really like playin our kids and some have done very well id like to see a settled starting 11 knowing we can make changes when we need ofr injury or tiredness or to freshen things up…too muuch chnageing isnt helping




Nemanja Matic TEAMtalk

I’d be happy to sign either Manduzkic or Edinson Cavani (will be in final 6 months of his contract when the Jan transfer window opens) on an 18 month contract. Either could come in and have an immediate impact while Martial, Rashford and Greenwood develop.

Just as importantly though is a CM as Matic’s legs have gone and Fred hasn’t shown any hint of being United standard yet. Emre Can? Would be a controversial signing being a former Liverpool player. Maybe a loan deal till the end of the season



Midfield is more important to me. When we have 2 of Perreira, Lingard, Matic and Fred starting every game we’re in trouble. You could have Ronaldo up front, but without anyone decent behind he’ll never get a chance other than the ones he creates himself.



The problem in signing these old players is that we then have a problem getting rid of them. Basically this season is written off isn’t it? We just need to stay mid(ish) table and see where we get to in the Europa League. So why would we buy these old players in January who A) will probably not get us into the top 4 and B) then be not part of next seasons plans come summer.

We just need to suck it up this season I think, avoid relegation!!!
Buying players in January, who will not be part of the future plans of the club, regardless of how successful they are between February and May is already a doomed plan!
Simple as that!



If i were Ole and wanted to survive after x-mas i would buy Mandzukic.
He is an high energetic player who plays for the shirt. He is also one of the best defensive strikers in the world he nullifies deep lying playmakers.
A good target player also with his height and physique.
A one year contract wouldnt be bad bussiness when you consider Phil Jones got a 5-year contract.



Mandzukic was a top player in his day Zico, no doubt, but we should have bought him years ago mate. Not now, not for me anyway, just not mobile enough.





We played 3-4-3 against Lille and we were pretty poor in attack.

Playing 3-4-3 means that we have 3 CBs sitting when we have the ball and only 2 central midfielders. It’s not in Jorginho’s instinct to get forward either so we would lose his ability on the ball.

We need more players involved in the offensive side, with attacking fullbacks (unfortunately Azpi isn’t that).



I would like to see us playing 3-5-2. Kepa – Dave, Tomori, Zouma – james, Kovacic/Willian, jorginho, Mount, Alonso – Batshuayi, Abraham. Newcastle wouldn’t expect this, and we could really rattle them.



Indeed we rarely try 2 strikers. During pre-season, FL tried 4-4-2 diamond. But I can see that young_blue’s formation is interesting too, 4-2-3-1. Hopefully we will play well and win the game whatever formation FL chooses. We need these 3 points. I also am hoping a clean sheet as we rarely have one this season so far.



3-4-3 would work nicely against City. Let them have the ball out in the wings and cover the central areas and play on the counter attack. But that would mean dropping Jorginho and Mount, playing Kante and Kovacic as the 2 CMs who would just sit in that central area and rarely get forward. This would be leaving a front three of CHO Tammy and WIllian. Very pacey front three, perfect for the counter. We have City in just over a month.

But for Newcastle we definitely need creative players like Mount and Jorg to control the tempo and switch of play to open up Newcastle


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