‘Liverpool are setting their left-back targets too low’

Date published: Monday 5th June 2017 6:21

Arsenal fans aren’t getting caught in Arsenal’s annual striker bid bluster, while Michael Carrick’s testimonial, Eden Hazard’s injury and Liverpool’s left-back targets are also discussed.

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Arsenal for Mbappe? No chance, it’s the annual Arsenal stunt

Wake up people. No way will Arsenal sign Kylian Mbappe.

Real Madrid, yes the CL Champs again, have already had two higher bids turned down.

Arsene Wenger has pulled this stunt before, he sees higher bids from a club the player is known to want to join and he has offered less. It’s almost becoming an annual stunt…

It’s textbook Wenger, he knows there is no chance of that bid being accepted and he knows the player won’t come anyway, he spoke to him last year. It’s another Wenger scam.

The Oracle


Liverpool setting left-back sights too low with Andrew Robertson

Andrew Robertson seems to be definitely on Liverpool’s radar for the left-back spot.

It’s a massive step down though when we’ve been linked to Benjamin Mendy. Perhaps the Hull man is one of 2 coming in…?

We’re not exactly blessed with cover in that position.

The name Ricardo Pereira seems to be constantly sneaking up too. A right-back who can play left-back just as easily…



Take a bow, Michael Carrick

A feelgood occasion. What was needed after the events of the last two weeks.

Carrick organised a superb testimonial and got his reward with an excellent goal and a great sum of money for his Foundation to help youngsters.

Seedorf, Park Ji Sung and Scholes starred but the overall impression was that age may take away much but class on the ball is never lost.

Big K


…but just how bad was Wayne Rooney?

Wayne Rooney was the youngest on the pitch on Sunday but he was the one out of that lot that looked like he hadn’t played professionally since 2008.



Conte must be trusted. All his signings delivered last summer

Antonio Conte: A summer target for Inter Milan

I think there will be shocks and surprises during the summer.

Remember the reaction on here when Luiz was resigned. How many of us expected that?

How many of us closed our eyes, scratched our heads and winced in frustration? And how many of us were made to look like prize poopalls?

None of Conte’s signings let us down last season. Indeed three of the four excelled whilst the other did ok when called upon.

I expect 5 to 6 new players to come in, whether that included loanees returning remains to be seen. Conte never got all his first choice signings last season and we still excelled.

Yes we will have European football and our task of retaining the PL will be that much more difficult. Our rivals will strengthen. And we now have a target on our back as the defending champions. Exciting times to be a blue eh!!



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Chelsea to benefit from further Tammy Abraham loan

Tammy Abraham: Stock continues to rise

Tammy has to go on loan. For me, he will get few games here and will predominantly be wasting his time on the bench. He needs that extra year of experience and assuming his progress continues as it has to date then I think he will be a valuable member of the squad

Totally agree that Conte (as all Chelsea managers) are under great pressure to deliver so it is a fine balancing act with regard to promoting from within. I would like to think that Chalobah will be included in the squad next season as well as Ake. Other than that it will be difficult for Conte but at least he does seem willing to try which is more than can said for Jose

However, for me personally, winning trophies is far more important than being seen to integrate youth and finish up winning nothing…? KTBFFH



Tammy has 2 years to go on his current contract but I wouldn’t like him to go to Newcastle step up again and then be coming back to us with just one year left and the likes of Liverpool looking to turn his head and looking to buy him on the cheap as they have done with Solanke this summer.

He deserves a new improved contract imo after a great season for Bristol City and we need to make him aware of how highly he is thought of at Chelsea and that he will come back next season to a CL club (hopefully) .

I’ve been fortunate to see quite a bit of Tammy during the last season at Bristol City and although understandably he is a bit raw he looks a real talent to me and definitely imo he truly has the potential to make it at Chelsea and his biggest attribute is his attitude which is great and he’s a fighter.

There are no guarantees of course and being good enough to come through the Academy and play regularly at a club of Chelsea’s magnitude is no easy task but I honestly think this boy has a real chance. Here’s hoping so anyway. ?

nine nine nine


Assessing Palace’s managerial options

Garry Monk: Guided Leeds into play-off spots

Interesting in reading Parish wants a stable long term manager? Isn’t that his call? Pardew would have stayed. Dyche stayed because when Burnley were relegated they didn’t sack him. It’s his call.



Pardew would have stayed, and we’d be gearing up for a local derby against Millwall while Brighton would be laughing at us…

Pardew was such a poor manager, he brought in good players and they played below average…. AS for managers… I can’t help thinking Monk would be a bad move, I certainly don’t want Woy or Moyes, I can’t help thinking we have been linked with so many poor or past their sell by date managers… we are in our 5th season in the prem, surely something half decent should not be beyond us…

I don’t care if they have prem or not have prem experience, a good manager is a good manager… picking useless prem managers because of prem experience is not a great recipe… Dyche would be ok, and probably the only one of those mentioned worth a look… I just read Louis Van Gaal, that’s probably beyond us but I reckon a good shout, his style of play would suit us…. Not sure about Ranieri, that to me sounds hit or miss.. could be either… I’d like a half decent manager who may actually stick around to develop something



Should Prem introduce salary caps to prevent fans being priced out?

Salary caps is a good idea, but I don’t see how that will force the price down of a fans day out.

I see that if the wages were lower, a good chairman would hand this reduction to the price of a ticket…but a bad chairman could pocket the money.

The club’s will still demand crazy money for a player as I’d guess the players agents (grrrrrrr) will have a massive signing on fee inserted in contracts.

I’d like to see the fan starting to benefit from this extra money in the game, not us having to spend £50 on a shirt, £100 a month on tv channels etc etc


Football was a game rooted in the community. Obviously as the world has become globalised, this has changed. However, the balance has clearly gone too far the other way. Clubs are no longer really clubs, they are now more like franchises looking to become the richest and biggest; we may just have to accept that. (Indeed the premier league has followed the recipe of the American Soccer League & the New York Cosmos in the 1970s. If you have time, watch the film documentary “Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary story of the New York Cosmos”).

With the TV money and commercial revenues now making up a bigger part of a club’s revenue, the match day revenue is becoming less significant, hence there should be fewer excuses not to reduce costs here. However, for people not able to get to games, the TV subscriptions are now vast, and contrary to competition law supposedly making things fairer, one now has to fork out for both Sky & BT packages, which is a hell of a lot, assuming you don’t go looking for streams, which are now apparently being further cracked down on.

There is obviously a socialist/capitalist argument in this. Some will argue the game is our game and should be free to air for all. Others will say the game is now an entertainment commodity, but that by being so, it attracts the best players and hence is a price worth paying. Now for me, the reality should be somewhere in between these two, and as I say, in my opinion the balance has gone too far the other way.

It’ll be interesting to see how things develop in China, now that the state is cracking down on some of the big money because it’s priority is to ensure the Chinese people are getting the best opportunities to develop their football careers. I suspect there will be a significant migration of coaches from Europe over coming years as the Chinese will be paying good money to bring such people in.

This has to happen here too. We have to start putting more money into our own cities and communities with more facilities and coaches thus creating more opportunities. In the longer term, that should work as more of a natural measure to ease back the huge amounts of money being spent in our game, and thus make it somewhat cheaper again. Any other measure, whilst having the noblest aims, I fear may, in reality, do more harm than good and in any case, clubs will most likely find a way to circumvent them as has happened with FFP.



Hazard injury a blessing in disguise for Chelsea?

His ankle could be a blessing in disguise short term.

Ultimately, Hazard would replace Ronaldo imo at Real Madrid and he’s got a couple more seasons in him I reckon at Madrid. Would they sign a player with an ankle issue? Who knows but I think it depends on how we do in the champions league and perhaps hazard is after an improved deal with us?

Ultimately, Real would have to pay more for Hazard than they did with Bale… as you often say time will tell.

It will take a massive offer… I reckon the player will see how we perform in the champions league… but very few of the top players in the game refuse a chance to move to Madrid.



Must admit I would be reluctant to see Hazard go, however, when I look at the FAC he went missing…?

If it was a massive offer with possibly someone like Bale, Morata or Verane included plus some cash then at least that would be more palatable…? KTBFFH



Just a thought over Southampton being Liverpool’s ‘feeder club’….

With Liverpool remaining hopeful of a £50million deal for Virgil van Dijk, why don’t the Reds just offer Southampton a one-off payment of £500m to be their Feeder Club/Youth Development Department?!!

Pretty sure that over the last 5 years Saints have contributed more to the Liverpool first team than their Youth Dev set up has.


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