Burnley boss warns Man Utd, Liverpool over £25m Keane

Burnley boss Sean Dyche has told Michael Keane’s suitors that the Clarets are in “unbelievably good shape” and don’t have any obligations to sell their star defender.

The recently-capped England defender has been linked with Liverpool and Manchester United following an impressive season with Tuesday’s Paper Talk unable to decide which club he’s sign for.

And while Dyche understands Burnley can’t retain their brightest stars forever, he does insist the club will only part with their key assets on terms that suit the football club.

“We are a club that is in unbelievably good shape. There is no pressure to do anything,” Dyche told talkSPORT.

“It is more of case of doing what is right in any situation. If all parties agree, that might be something the club have to look at just by the realities of what it is in the Premier League but we are certainly in very healthy shape so we don’t have to make any decisions for any other reason than we think it is appropriate

“It is the balance of what you are doing at a club like this.

“You want your players to be successful, which is good for them, good for the team, good for the club. On the other hand, that does bring interest.

“It is something we have become used to. We have been fortunate in the sense that for four years now we have had something to play for.

“We have had people been talking about our players every year. It is a challenge for a club like this because we are not a superpower of the division and players will eventually outgrow us or move on or be hunted and that is just the way it goes.”