Caldwell: Youth can bring success

Date published: Wednesday 8th April 2015 11:09

Caldwell, 32, became the Football League’s youngest boss when he replaced fellow Scotsman Malky Mackay at the DW Stadium, having been hired by Sharpe, who, at 23, is also the most junior chairman in the country.

However, Caldwell believes the duo’s tender years can work to their advantage as they look to inject new life into a club that has been in decline since their famous FA Cup triumph in 2013.

“When you’re young you have enthusiasm and energy and that hopefully brings success,” said Caldwell, who has been handed a permanent deal beyond this season.

“The only way to get experience is learning through mistakes, I’m sure we’ll make some but I’m sure we’ll get a lot right as well.”

Eyebrows were raised in March when then chairman Dave Whelan handed the reins over to a grandson who was younger than most of the Wigan players.

And although ex-club captain Caldwell was one of those in the squad born before Sharpe, the new Latics boss believes his chairman’s familiarity with Wigan can help return them to recent glories.

“He is a young man obviously to have such a big responsibility, but he is very football-minded and he knows a lot when you speak to him,” Caldwell said.

“He has been brought up with football and with Wigan Athletic running through his veins.

“He has been to so many games over the years and he knows what good football is and what isn’t.

“He has also worked within the club in the recruitment department and seen various aspects of the club so he knows how it works.     

“He knows what he is doing and for someone so young he will have a lot more experience than other chairmen at other clubs around the country.”

The youthful duo may be new to their respective roles but they have worked together behind the scenes for the past 18 months having both gradually stepped up their responsibilities at the DW Stadium.

Caldwell, who had been managing Latics’ youth teams, therefore sees no reason why their partnership cannot flourish.

He said: “I feel the relationship is there already; we have known each other since I have been at the club, but closely for the last year and a half, and if that relationship is important then I think we are starting on a good footing.

“We know each other well, we get on well, we believe and want the same things for the football club.”

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