Carneiro: FA have ignored the evidence

Date published: Friday 2nd October 2015 2:46

Eva Carneiro has revealed the Football Association have “chosen to ignore some of the evidence” in its investigation into alleged remarks made to her by Jose Mourinho.

Former Chelsea doctor Carneiro revealed the FA did not ask her for a statement after being the victim of sexist abuse at West Ham last season and criticised the lack of support from the football authorities.

Carneiro was dropped from first-team duties after Mourinho criticised her for going onto the pitch to treat Eden Hazard during the opening match of the season against Swansea.

She has since parted company with the club.

Mourinho was cleared by the FA of making discriminatory remarks but independent board member Heather Rabbatts criticised the FA and expressed her “sadness and anger”.

“I was surprised to learn that the FA was allegedly investigating the incident of 8th of August via the press,” read Carneiro’s statement.

“I was at no stage requested by the FA to make a statement. I wonder whether this might be the only formal investigation in this country where the evidence of the individuals involved in the incident was not considered relevant.

“Choosing to ignore some of the evidence will surely influence the outcome of the findings.

“Last season I had a similar experience at a game at West Ham FC, where I was subject to verbal abuse.

“Following complaints by the public, the FA produced a communication to the press saying there had been no sexist chanting during this game. At no time was I approached for a statement despite the fact that vile unacceptable, sexually explicit abuse was clearly heard.

“It is incidents such as these and the lack of support from the football authorities that make it so difficult for women in the game.

“I admire what Heather Rabbatts has done and thank her and friends and colleagues who have supported me at this very difficult time.”

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