Carragher refuses to apologise as he clarifies criticism of Liverpool excuses

Jamie Carragher Sky Sports pundit during Premier League match at Goodison Park

Jamie Carragher has insisted that Liverpool cannot use too many excuses about their poor form.

Liverpool are struggling to defend their title after racing away with the Premier League trophy last year. This season, it seems their hopes of retaining it are already over.

Currently 19 points behind leaders Manchester City, Liverpool are 33 points worse off compared to the same stage last season.

The ACL injury Virgil van Dijk suffered in October has not helped, but Carragher recently claimed he was “sick” of hearing people use that as an excuse.

His comments prompted some anger from fans of his former club, but the ex-defender has now clarified his views.

He told Sky Sports: “I was very critical on commentary of Liverpool in the derby game and it seems to have upset a section of the Liverpool supporters, shall we say, that I wasn’t more supportive.

“What I would say is I have analysed this Liverpool team for three years now, when it’s been at its best under Jurgen Klopp.

“I come off shows like this or commentating on Liverpool and if you’re an Everton supporter, a Manchester City supporter, a Manchester United supporter, you say: ‘Carragher – biased for Liverpool, all he says are positive things’.

Jamie Carragher accepting no excuses for Liverpool's poor form

Jamie Carragher says that this Liverpool side has been so good that they should not be losing home matches to Brighton and Burnley, even if they have midfielders plugging their centre-back positions.

“Premier League champions, European Cup winners, best team in the world – there was not a negative to say. Right now there is.

“If that upsets some Liverpool fans, I don’t apologise for it because what this team has done is amazing. We love them, but it doesn’t mean they’re exempt from criticism.

“And I said on the TV, ‘I’m sick of talking about Virgil van Dijk’. What I mean by that is we’ve highlighted that on this show, the bigger picture.”

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No excuse for poor home form

“Liverpool can’t win the league. I said that after the last derby game (in October). They can’t win the league with Van Dijk being out for the whole season, I didn’t feel.

“So that’s the big picture, but the problems Liverpool have – the defenders are out, midfield players are at centre-back – does not mean they can’t win home against Everton, Brighton, Burnley, West Brom, Manchester United maybe, Manchester City – real quality.

“But it’s not an excuse for individual games. No matter what problem you have as a Liverpool player, you can’t not win at home for six games. That’s not acceptable.”

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