Champ clubs would reject two Man Utd stars; growing Liverpool concern

Date published: Monday 2nd December 2019 2:26

Manchester United readers hit out at the club’s central midfield options, while Liverpool fans are getting worried about the lack of cleansheets – all in Your Says of the Day.


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That’s two promoted teams we’ve been unable to beat in consecutive weeks now, during which we’ve shipped 5 goals and could have shipped at least 4 more. So much for spending 130m to strengthen the defence, it’s as s*** as it ever was.
Considering the relatively kind fixtures we have had to play so far this season the position in the league and the points won is an abject embarrassment. Everyone at the club should be ashamed to pick up their completely undeserved extravagant wages for underperforming so badly, not that it will bother any of them I’m sure.

There is absolutely zero chance of any tangible improvement in the foreseeable future with this clueless management regime and this totally hopeless group of players, it’s as plain as the nose on Pinocchio’s face I’m afraid.


Embarrassing, again. Ole just doesn’t learn. Why doesn’t he play a third midfielder, he knows Fred and Pereira need an extra man in there.


@alfie. It seems to me that Ole doesn’t know we need another midfielder in there. It seems that Ole doesn’t know much of anything in a tactical sense. If any manager with experience was in charge he would have surely experimented with Tuanzebe or Lindelof as a defensive midfield option during training sessions. He also wouldn’t blindly play Pereira in every minute of every game despite his consistently rubbish performances.

I have not seen him do anything to change a football game thus far. He’s not skilled enough for the requirement. I find myself missing Jose’s tactical acumen so much lately and believe you me, Spurs are going to hammer us at Old Trafford in our next game. Jose is a master at his craft and Ole is an absolute amateur.



We have spent 130M on defence this summer and people said we are sorted at the back hahaha. Midfield with Pereira-Mata-Fred is what a championship side would have rejected.


I think it was quite ironic to listen to a recent interview with Ole where he stated that substitutes needed at least 20 minutes- preferably 30 – to influence a match as he usually waits until to the final 10 to shake things up. Of course, he lacks quality from the bench – just as he lacks quality on the pitch. Mata, Fred and Pereira in midfield? Lindelof and Maguire at the back? That’s not even Championship level. More like league 17 if there was such a thing.

What Ole lacks even more than quality on the pitch is the ability to manage this club. People say we’ll be back at square on if we sack him but I’d say that square one is better than where we were. He was a good short time fix to lift the mood post-Mourinho but since being made permanent manager he’s only taken us backwards. We’re a mid-table team at beat with a relegation scrap a more realistic scenario than a fight for top 4.


Since Ole was appointed full time manager he’s won 6 out of 22 premier league games. Regardless of the rebuild process I’m not sure that kind of form is acceptable.

Is he out of his depth…?




I dont think anyone one would deny that winning is more important then a clean sheet but at some point we wont be able to score 2 or 3 goals in a game at that point our teams confidence in keeping a clean sheet would be low simply becus they haven’t managed to do that in the last dozen games.
Let me paint a scenario on Wednesday we are 1-0 up with 10 mins to go how confident will the fans & players be that we can see the game out? Nerves will defo kick in.


I was nervous after 65 mins on Saturday AK as Brighton we’re having far to much of the ball and we weren’t creating much. Last ten mins was horrendous

We need to start keeping clean sheets and quickly. The last 5 mins of games recently have been very nerve racking 😂

Sean the sailor


What matters more, clean sheets or 3 points?

While it would be good to keep clean sheets, or secure the game earlier, as long as we keep winning, that is what matters most.

Now let’s beat Everton on Wednesday, clean sheet or not


It’s easier to get 3 points with clean sheets.




That was an Even worse performance possibly than we had when Emery was in charge.
We played like a team that were fighting in the relegation zone.No authority,played on the backfoot towards the end of the game.Never really looked like scoring.Auba looks lost,laca was poor.Guendozi needs to be dropped but ozil yet again.The guy is so so frustrating.Everytime there was pressure on him he lost the ball.He can’t even take on players.Dosen’t mean he’s a bad player,but it just isn’t enough.But more than anything,it’s just the defense.I not only think they’re just poor defenders,but I think they’re too afraid.

Unpopular opinion – I think the fans have gotten into their head.They’re too scared to tackle,they stand their ground,but at what point do they put a challenge in.they’re too scared to tackle because they’ll get lambasted should they make a mistake.It’s happened far too many times this season.In the first 75 minutes we didn’t give norwich too many chances but the ones they had they scored form.Every time we were exposed in midfield.

the specialone

Willock was poor. Thought Mustafi was ok not sure what else he could have done for the goal. Tried the block and the ball hits his hand he is not reason we drew. Thought willock was poor why Saka instead of Pepe ? Thought Gwen was ok first half and we looked like the old arsenal controlled the ball but still lack of clear cut chances. Though Laca was poor, chambers was just exposed as had no protection. No real great new manager bang still feel numb !



Steve2bath1, not sure what game you were watching if you think Mustafi was OK, he was awful. Falling over trying to rugby tackle Norwich players, standing off players in the area, on one occasion he stood still in the area and let forwards run past him, he was turned inside out by a nobody Norwich player. He really was awful. Yes Willock didn’t play well but why play him in that role, strange decision, Xhaka did nothing and neither did Ozil. Interesting that Freddie sent on Saka as opposed to Pepe. Like the rest of us he obviously doesn’t rate the flop. We are crying out for defenders and the powers that be waste £72m on Gervinho MkII

The Oracle

I don’t actually thinks it’s as bad as most of you are making out. The starting line up didn’t fill me with confidence at all but I understood why mustafi and luiz started. Freddie can’t change too much too quick. that would have been suicide and for anyone that knows anything at all luiz and mustafi whilst not the best defenders are the only 2 footballing defenders who can play out from the back. Notice we didn’t actually get caught playing out from back today like with sok.
Who ever he starts at the back it won’t please anyone as we are strapped with bang average defenders.
Willock in midfield was actually playing well until around 60th minute he tired and should have come off earlier. Lacazette had a quiet one and cavey you talk utter nonsense if you think he isn’t any good.
Ozil, I was surprised to see but Freddie went for experience in his first game, personally I believe it was the right decision. Not what I’d have done but he needs to get belief back, that doesn’t happen over night and he will need those more senior players on side to make anything work for him and the team. Like that or not it’s how it is.
I was surprised to see Pepe not playing or even come on, I was surprise ozil got as much time as he did as like willock he tired at 60 and should have come off then.
Give Freddie a couple weeks to get his own message across to players.
Freddie our was already trending – Some of our ‘fans’ are quite frankly a joke I’m talking about here, Twitter all the social media bs, absolute keyboard jockeys.
Time to start supporting and stop being spoilt brats.

Andy C



Not good enough today but injuries and a CL hangover probably played it’s part too. Easy to be wise after the event but perhaps Frank should have played Michy rather than Giroud although neither he or Giroud for different reasons are probably good enough for a Club with top 4 ambitions.

19 shots but only 6 on target versus West Ham’s 5 shots with 4 on target tells its own story this is not new and it pre dates Frank and is something Chelsea have to sort out if we are really going to progress.

Sweating on the Tammy injury now we could be in trouble if he’s out for a while.

nine nine nine


I think this is our worst performance by far this season. Pedro was simply awful, Giroud offered nothing. We were rotating, which was a must do, but the team today was simply lacking cohesion and lacking energy. I think Azpi is still needed. His influence is vital for us. Really a sorry performance from us without Tammy. Everybody else beat West Ham home or away and we simply did not do that. I think we must be looking for a striker either this window (if transfer ban is lifted) or in the summer otherwise. I am wrong to have suggested to bench Kante. Unfortunately we lost a winnable match today but it can happen.



The full Frank quote on the West Ham game is worth reading.

It’s not down to one player,” Lampard said. “We didn’t have enough quality in the final third. My gripe this season is that we are not converting enough chances.

“Generally, collectively we could have handled that game better. This isn’t the worst thing for us as long as we react in the right way.”

Giroud’s inclusion was one of five changes to the side that had drawn 2-2 in the Mestalla on Wednesday night, but while several fringe players missed out on the chance to impress, Lampard defended his decision to rotate.

“Tammy was enforced,” he added. “At the same time I have to think about the squad and when we have a taxing game, I have to think about how fresh we are right now. When we had a really taxing game where we give everything physically and arrive back late, I have to think about how fresh we can be.

“We’re not going to get through this season with the same 10 or 11 players.”

nine nine nine


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