‘Chelsea shouldn’t go near Grealish, he’s the modern day Barton’

jack grealish aston villa 2

Chelsea fans talk about Jack Grealish links, plus their next manager, Liverpool supporters discuss the Nabil Fekir saga and transfers, Arsenal fans are excited about Lucas Torreira, and readers make their World Cup predictions – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Chelsea Summer Transfer Window 2018

What do people think of the latest talk linking us with Grealish from Villa…?

Seems that Villa are looking for circa 40m for him but the general feeling is that due to their financial difficulties they will be lucky to get that. However, it seems that we have come up with an innovative package to buy him for circa 30m and then loan him back for the whole of next season…?

I would assume that the Club has had some feedback from JT about Grealish as that just makes sense and at 22 it is felt he has time to develop further into a player that will make an impact at Chelsea

Obviously no idea how true the story is but if it is anywhere close to the truth then hats off to someone at the Club for investigating the options and coming up with something that they believe would enable us to get a player they feel with benefit the Club long term…? KTBFFH



I seen him play often and think he would be a good acquisition but I wouldn’t lend him back. Grealish needs to play with better players.


jack grealish aston villa 2

I wouldn’t go near Grealish.

1. We have a bunch of youth midfielders younger and better than him.

2. He is the modern day Joey Barton



Morata for Donnarumma, I think it should be a yes. We need a new GK as Courtois still hasn’t signed yet. Last week seemed that we were close to get Seri but now still nothing concrete.




Yep he was a waste of money that is made from balsa wood. He is taking up resources and taking up a squad slot that Batshuayi or even a youth player deserves



Bort agree about Morata but we need English players and there are not that many much better than Grealish-its only cause his with Villa that his progress has been stunted. Moratas game and style did not suit the EPL except for the headers. He will probably do well on the continent. Saying that we do need much better quality in a few positions. I would say only Hazard, Kante, Azpliqueta and Rudiger can be confident about their future with the club. Courtious will probably be leaving also.



Seems as though Chelsea prefer to sell Kenedy rather than loan him again. Looks as though Fulham are finally going to buy Kalas and Piazon rather than keep on loaning them so if these doi go through extra revenue generated

Also looks as though Jay DaSilva will be stepping up a league and joining Frank at Derby which I presume is only good and natural progression for him as well. KTBFFH



Not sure about Kalas but I don’t think either Kennedy or Piazon would have made an impact at Chelsea. We have better youth players available.



Lucas Torreira-Arsenal

Looks to be some legs in this rumour. He certainly seems to be on the move and Napoli have been ruled out this week.
In all honesty, I had never heard of the lad. Had to resort to the usual youtube tactic – something I always try to avoid using to judge a player. However, watching videos of him, it’s hard not to be excited by the idea of signing him. He is a straight up defensive midfielder. Apparently he started off his career in a more attacking role but was converted to a DM in Italy. Watching him, you get the impression, he loves his role.

Only a tiny bloke but he can clearly mix it just fine. He also looks quick across the ground and that is something we miss in our current midfield options.
Discussing his new deal today, AMN talked about how he feels he has the qualities to fit into a high pressing system. Obviously Unai is changing the overall tactical approach and needs to bring in the right kind of player to allow that.

As far as Torreira goes…I have never seen the guy play live but if we want him, I hope we get this done before the WC because he might just have a few more sniffing around in a few weeks



Have to say the same,and infact i’d be very surprised if anyone has wached him play regularly on here.i’ve also had to resort to the youtube tactic.Well,if clubs like dortmund and Napoli were in for him then certainly he was in demand.
From what I’ve seen of him,I can only be excited.He seems a very Santi type player,yes more defensive minded than santi but nonethless his obvious qualities seem to be quick feet and quick thinking.He is a very good interceptor and tackler of the ball as well.So I’d be glad if we signed him.

Saying that,I still think we need another holding midfielder and if it means someone else go so very well be it.It’s about time we start having more solid players in the centre of the park than people who lack discipline.If we signed torriera,he’s the only one who is probably experienced enough and naturally is a DM.We need one more,and if it means letting someone else go so be it.I think william carvalho is a very good shout,from what I hear he’s terminated his contract and that would be a bargain since we’d only have to pay his wages.
Thing is I don’t trust this club to make that extra signing.They’d probably promote maitland niles and as talented as he is it is simple the wrong decision as he lacks expereince.if he’s talented,send him out on loan for atleast one year and let’s see how he proves himself.Because we’ve done this all along give young players a chance and been rewarded with nothing.

Right now our job is not to convince which players would get a starting place,it is to gather a squad strong enough to challenge for the title.As simple as that.

the specialone


Next Chelsea manager please

Just got an update claiming crunch talks are being held today to resolve the issues surrounding Sarri. It claims that some kind of resolution is expected and that there is also a deal on the cards for Luiz plus cash for their RB Elseid Hysaj (never heard of him myself)

Obviously no idea how accurate this is as this saga has rolled for a while now but it does seem in line with a couple of other reports indicating we should get something resolved by the end of the week

Will be interesting to see how well Sarri adapts to the EPL (assuming he joins) and gets across his style of play to the squad but based on the positive comments from Pep, it sounds very likely to me that he is a manager who would use Hazard in a positive way which means he may be more likely to stay…? KTBFFH


Laurent Blanc: Commiserates Guus Hiddink

I really hope that we can have a new manager ASAP. We need to prepare for our new season. Whether it’s Sarri, Blanc, ZZ or anyone else: we need to appoint someone. Not sure about Hysaj, we have Moses and Zappa as RB. It’s not a sector that needs priority IMO.



Real announce their new manager so another door shuts for Conte. Looks like he is going to rely on the pay out from Chelsea to subsidise him for a few months anyway…!! KTBFFH



I think in a way this is a good news. Chelsea board do not need now to wait for Real. They appointed their new manager already. So Chelsea have to pay Conte 9m if we want to terminate his contract. With this Real Madrid new manager, the ppointment of our new manager is imminent. Let’s see who will get the job.



I dont think its good news at all we going to lose 9m



Real Madrid Win the CL celebrate that victory over a few days and then Zidane announced he is leaving completely out of left field and Real Madrid find and appoint a replacement.

All of this has been done whilst Chelsea have done nothing.


Conte was seemingly never interested in going to Real as he allegedly saw it as jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

Conte doesn’t have to make any quick decions as Chelsea are contractually obliged to pay him every month until the end of his contract in 2019 or until he takes a job whichever comes sooner.

You would hope above hope that we make an appointment of our own sooner rather than later.

We need to stop prevaricating and either strike a deal with Napoli or pay the compensation demanded or if necessary move on and appoint someone else!

nine nine nine


Do not think it is fair to say Chelsea have done nothing as basically we have no idea what is going on behind the scenes and what with the Roman saga we do not know if thoughts had to focus on that for a while. However, point taken that Real have moved and Chelsea (or at least the fans) are none the wiser

As for the compensation, Chelsea will have known and taken into account from the day that Conte fired Costa by text that to get rid of him would have cost the Club money and obviously they would have preferred him to take on another role but I think it is clear that the majority of people would hold on for a 9m pay out than just walk away from that kind of money. So, bite the bullet, make the payment and get in a new manager – PLEASE…!! KTBFFH



Liverpool Fekir alternatives

Fekir is a massive lost oppertunity, so much denial still on here. He’s been playing injury free for two years FFS and would have added real potency to our attack and lots of goals. We still havent replaced Coutinho and probably won’t and a new goalie clearly isnt coming so sadly its the same again next season: pretty football, but no silverware because our thin squad can’t cope with the long season and is still full of too many no marks and cheapo potential



We’re not exactly desperate for another midfielder to be honest.
Keita is a decent replacement for Coutinho. We’ve got Keita, Ox, Hendo, Fabinho, Milner, Gini and Lallana all fighting for 3 places.

Maybe Fekir was an opportunistic move, rather than something we’re missing in the squad.

j c 


I think it was Fekirs versatility that is the appeal. He could have been genuine cover for Bobby Firmino in the front 3 when needed.



This is unlikely but in the hypothetical situation, what if we’re on the verge of signing Griezmann?



Whilst lemar is a decent player, he wouldnt have improved us as much as fekir can. I still got a sneaky feeling we will get fekir on the cheap. Griezmann would be a dream come true mrmak! Then bobby could easily play the number 10 role. But i think if he is gonna move anywhere its gonna be barca. If he does, i would like us to try for us to bring suarez back home. Now that would be immense


Luis Suarez: Still a firm favourite at Liverpool

Getting Suarez back home would be an anxious dream. There’s always that irrational side of you that thinks it’ll go bad. I don’t think it would be fair to expect him to be as good as he was, he’s peaked now and will be on the way down over the next few seasons but ya, he’s got all the quality in the world and honestly, no signing would make me happier.

You never know.



Agree Fekir’s beauty was his ability to play in a multitude of positions, or that’s the way klopp was looking at it.

I did like the look of Lemar but his stats have been down but think you’d be paying for all the potential he has. Alas A Madrid look like they’ll get him.

There are other options and I’m not conpletely worried as long as we get someone who can play along the entire frontline / another forward to compete and share the load with Firmino.



Not bothered about Lemar. Would much rather Fekir

Jc, midfield will well covered but we need a replacement for couthino and that was Fekir. We need good cover for our front 3 and for rotating and Fekir was ideal. He can play number ten or anywhere in the front 3.

I like your shout about Felipe Anderson the more I think about it

Sean the sailor


I’ve not seen anything from Lemar that makes me think that we’re missing out on anything, particularly with his price tag. However, it’s a different situation with Fekir….but I don’t think that this chapter has closed and the deal will get resurrected after the World Cup.

Red Herring


2018 World Cup Thread

Would like to see a new country win it like Belgium or even England who only won it once in 1966, maybe Argentina who also have not won it for some time.



How about some predictions?

Winner: Germany

Runner up: Brazil

England: Quarter finals with dignity and pride intact

English scapegoat: Phil Jones

Top Scorer: Timo Werner

Player of the tournament: Neymar

Wonderfuel Gas


Winner – Spain

Runner up – England

England – finalists

English scapegoat – The keeper so the media can keep saying he should have taken Hart

Top scorer – Jesus

Player of the tournament – Was decided after the final last year, will be Messi, even so he should have been no where the award last world cup – Realistically this could be Hazards stage to go for it.



Phil Jones wont be made a scapegoat, because that would imply he is being treated unfairly. I see him as a bull in china shop, an accident waiting to happen, a liability. Just getting this in now, so that when the inevitable does happen, I can say I told you so.