Chelsea fans in threat to club over future Loftus-Cheek role

Date published: Friday 22nd June 2018 11:22

Chelsea fans talk about Ruben Loftus-Cheek’s future, Manchester United readers evaluate what will qualify as a good transfer window after Fred’s arrival and Arsenal fans discuss Jack Wilshere’s exit – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Jose needs to think out of the box more

Willian almost 30 yr old 60m? Sigh! woeful fee ; combined £100 million potentially for Matic and Willian not worth it!



Instead of Willian I’d rather we took a punt on Gelson Martins. He’s one of the guys who’s just cancelled his contract with Sporting Lisbon. Assuming he’s free (Sporting Lisbon are seeking legal advice) it’s got to be a better idea than Willian at least he’d have a resale value if he doesn’t make it. He looks strong, pacey, decent on the ball and weighs in with a few goals and assists (8 of each in 30 league matches last season). At 23 there’s time for him to develop further and improve that output.



Fred has finally signed as a red.


Another world class midfielder and a powerhouse left back and I’d say it was a decent window. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll sign either.



We still need a good left back (assuming Dalot plays right back), a top class deep lying playmaker and a top class right winger and we’re set for this Summer – here’s to hoping we get at least two of those next window.

Sympathy for the Devils


I think a centre back is on the cards. Then maybe one other player.



You might be right about the CB Alfie. If so, let’s hope he f**ks off at least three of the ones we’ve already got that clearly aren’t good enough.



Next Chelsea manager please

I think the sad fact is that City have learned from Chelsea’s many mistakes, and since their takeover, you have to admit they have been run much better than we have. From day one, they were looking into various streams of commercial revenue – whether from sponsorships, other clubs within the group, and various other ways they have made money as a company. Whether or not this is all above board, remains to be seen. But as nine states, UEFA seem ok with it for now. Honestly, Chelsea became complacent off the pitch which allowed City to sneak up from behind and have now left us for dead.


Don’t give a flying fig about other clubs and their revenue. If Conte is staying then surely something would have been said. Conte himself has said nothing for weeks. Maybe been muzzled as per his contract. Wish the club would just appoint someone. It’s hurting as big time as no-one will want to join until they know who they are playing for. Another thing…if Ruben Loftus Cheek isn’t part of our starting 11 next season…I will walk away from following this club. That’s how strongly I feel about the club effing up with our academy talent.



Agreed Stuilse, it’s getting ridiculous now we still haven’t had any confirmation. It is without a doubt affecting players wanting to sign for us, let alone our own players who are considering leaving.
Personally, I would give RLC a season in the team, and if he doesn’t make the grade we can sell him on, but we need to give these young players a decent chance. We can’t keep relying on other teams to blood our young players for us.


Can Loftus-Cheek make the breakthrough?

Stuilse: while I think RLC is more than capable of getting into our starting 11, but first thing for sure: he isn’t a better player than Kanté. One place in the central midfield would surely go to Kanté. Assuming everybody stays (which is not certain at the moment): RLC has to compete with Bakayoko and Drinkwater and Barkley and Cesc. He is in their league, but IMO he isn’t much better than the rest neither. Don’t get me wrong, I am aching to see somebody replace Terry, a player from academy to become in our starting 11. But he has to be good, that’s for sure. We should be competing for the top 4, not for mid-table.



RLC is not a holding midfielder so his talents would be wasted alongside Kante even though some coaches have played him there in the past. He would need to play further up the field depending on the formation or tactics of the day.




“Another thing…if Ruben Loftus Cheek isn’t part of our starting 11 next season…I will walk away from following this club.”

What is this? disgraceful statement for someone who supposedly supports the team/club.


Bort.. not so sure it is a disgraceful statement.

We have a player contracted to us, who has had a more than pretty decent season at palace, who is on the verge of breaking into the starting 11 of his national team and he’s not considered part of the set up. There is something terribly wrong with that sentiment imo.

Only Kanté from our midfield has started both games at the World Cup so far. Good on Southgate for continuing rlc’s development and showing faith in him. Mom performance v Germany and a seriously bright prospect on our hands. We miss creative goal scoring midfielders since lamps. Rlc isn’t a Lampard type player yet but my word he developed fast when in the side and given opportunity. Some fans questioned his signing no less…

I reckon he could be the missing link for bakayoko with him and Kanté. I’d have him ahead of Cesc, drinkwater, Barkley at the minute.

I’d also be including Kenedy in the squad. I just like the way he’s always looking to pass forwards and round the back of players… intelligent players the pair of them. Saves the club probably 40 million in replacements. Who is better that the club could sign for similar fees?

As a supporter, you have the right to spend or not spend emotions and money on a club if you think it makes a difference. I for one would give the club a wide birth this season if conte is retained because I simply wouldn’t enjoy a match day watching a side he puts out.

I could enjoy my weeknights and weekends doing something I consider more enjoyable. Anyhow, you enjoying the World Cup?

I’m still trying to get around var and whether I actually like the affect it has on the game.



There will be no player like Lampard. The most efficient player I’ve ever seen. No need to have too much technique. Just good positioning, good shooting, and especially hard work.
We are lucky to have had Lampard in our beloved team.

World Cup, the problem for people living in North America: it’s during working hours. Really disappointed with this. I can only watch on weekends.

Back to the topic: hopefully RLC will make it. But I highly doubt it. He is good but not exceptional. Look at Kanté, Hazard, they are exceptional. And I do expect Baka to improve next season. To show again his level at Monaco before





Lay player development aside because I weren’t even talking about that, Im talking about supporter loyalty.

Football is basically religion, people will bleed for it and in my eyes if you can say “I will walk away from following this club” you are pushing plastic fan territory. How privileged can you be to even say that?! With all the trophies we have won! Support the club to glory and till death. So the club isn’t being run how you would like it to be run! This is all part of the story. If you can’t handle it you are not a supporter. There are people out supporting Accrington & Stanley who will never see the days that we Chelsea supporters have.

I find those words unbelievably offensive and they are a major red flag



One of the major reasons they want Sarri is to make use of the best academy players something which apparently he excels in and maybe also the reason why he has not won much. However I am sure with the power of a club like Chelsea coupled with the world’s most successful youth teams he can win something and at the same time introduce from inside the club on a larger scale. Probably will still bring in 3-4 players depending on who and how many leave.



You can change your wife , your friends and your job but never your football team that’s for life. Good or bad for better or worse.😊

I get the frustration that Stuilse was highlighting but when push comes to shove I doubt he would stop following his team and hopefully it won’t come to that with RLC anyway.

As for RLC he’s looked a prospect for a while but he failed to take his chances at Chelsea and had a run in with Jose on tour in Oz he has had a good season at Palace and a fine game v Germany it’s time imo to give him a full season at Chelsea and a proper run in the first team to see what he can do but at the end of the day it will be down to him to prove his value to the team.

nine nine nine



The majority of the names that the club are being linked with re incoming players have Sarri’s stamp all over them perhaps our hierarchy have learned something?

We still need to announce the departure of Conte and get the Sarri deal wrapped up and officially announced and then get on with strengthening where we need to be strengthened and sooner rather than later!

nine nine nine


This really is just taking the p*ss now. Lineker thanked Cesc for being part of the panel and wished him all the best as he was heading back for pre season.

Pre season starts in just over a week and we are no further on.

Roman do us all a favour, sell the club to someone who cares before you totally f**k it up and we become another mediocre team or worse!



Crystal Palace transfers

As per usual the main transfer talk is about those players who are possibly going ie Townsend, PVA, Zaha rather than any players that are likely to sign for us. Clearly we haven’t learned a jot from previous failures !!! We cant afford a start like last season !!!



Talks with Antonio and Wilshere. 2 players who suffer with injuries. Judging by our injury record last year they would fit in nicely. Just hope we are saving all our money for Cheek.

Punch Metz

Punch – I hear what you are saying… Though Wiltshire played 38 games last season, sadly injuries are part of a footballers career. We had a bucket of them last season, these were not injuries from being injury prone, our players were hurt by the opposition in almost every case.

I see speculation on Townsend, I’m on the fence on this one.. on one hand he had a good season, played every game and worked hard, on the other hand, he’s slow and can be picked off when defenders know how to stop him cutting in… So, if he stays I’m happy, if he’s sold for 20m plus to acquire speed on the flanks I will totally understand…

I am also so so on Benteke, because I know he’s better than what we saw last season and I’d so love him to turn it around, but also equally ware that 20-30 mil can fund new striking options…




Wilshere had no right to demand starting spot

Muffler – Are you sure you’re meaning what you’re righting?Because it certainly dosen’t seem to make sense to me.”Had Jack had 3 years left he could have waited. Could he have allowed Jack to sign sure he could but again if he already decided that he is not first choice what would be the point.”I repeat,Considering Jack agreed to a financially reduced contract,it is all the more reason to keep him.If jack had three years left on his contract,then no jack would still move on.This has more to do with how Emery planned to use him than anything else.But like I said if jack still had a long contract,and he still wanted to leave then we would just have found suitors for him and actually got money in return for his sale rather than letting him go on a free.If you analyse everything,this is the worst possible handling of the situation,where this club has kept years of faith in such a talented player,and finally when he has proved his fitness we’re indirectly pushing him out of the club.

Andy – Jack dosen’t have any right to demand a first team place,but he’s certainly proved his fitness over the past few years.When he went on loan to Bournemouth,he was fit for atleast 75% of the season as I can remember.And last season as well,he played a lot of games.This injury excuse is getting thin,simple conclusion I can come to is Emery thought he was a league cup player at best which is baffling.

the specialone

You dont get it why would you allow a player you dont want to sign a new deal.

He had to make is mind up now because Jack was out of contract. If he had 3 years left he could given Jack a chance and then decide to sell if need be.

Again it was Wenger that wanted him to prove his fitness not Emery. Emery is not bound by what Wenger said.

Does it make sense finacially for the club maybe not but for Jack this is better.

Jack would only sign if he was given reassurences of a bigger role in the team. So Emery should have lied and then sold him?? Is that how we treat Arsenal players that have come through the ranks? You would have probably hanged Emery if he did that as well.



What you said is Emery would have though about keeping wilshere if he had 3 years left on his contract,and now that he’s going to be a free agent it’s going to be easier to push him out.You do realise that this club offered wilshere a “new contract”,which means “the club”(Not necessarily Emery),wanted him to stay but Emery decided against it and couldn’t even convince wilshere to fight for his place,which suggests that he dosen’t rate wilshere.And if you’re saying that Emery would have found a place for him to stay because he had 3 years left on his contract,and is pushing him out because his contract is over,you’re basically suggesting that Wilshere dosen’t have enough suitors that would take him,or that he’s some sort of rebel that would stay at the club and happily earn his money from the bench rather than move on.

And what lies are you talking about,do you know how top clubs are run?Do you think Zidane said to bale or Isco before last season that “one of you is definitely going to sit on the bench” or “you are both important and will get your chance”.It’s the latter.That’s how you establish and sustain strong squads.Where you can convince players who should be playing in the first team but are on the bench that they will get thier chance.

Simple suggestion is Emery dosen’t rate Wislhere at all.And he’s created a problem for himself because if he dosen’t fill those spots with adequate talent or make up for it,he’s putting even more culpability on himself.

the specialone




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