‘Origi should be shown Liverpool exit door before Sturridge’

Date published: Monday 17th July 2017 10:16

Chelsea fans discuss Diego Costa’s antics, Divock Origi and Daniel Sturridge should be sold at Liverpool and Serge Aurier will follow Ivan Perisic in at Man Utd, all in the forum.


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‘Origi just isn’t good enough…’

That’s the thing. When talking about Sturridge’s excellent movement, it isn’t Firmino that I’d be comparing him to in my mind, wishing he were better. . . it would be Origi. Having to suffer through his terrible football all of last season (when used) only highlighted just how good Sturridge’s movement was when he started playing again towards the end. Firmino has so much more going for him that I’m willing to let him off with a lot. I also think that he’s got the brain to learn how to be better striker but Origi just isn’t good enough for us to rely on at all and we did last season.

I don’t think we need to sign a striker unless it’s a replacement of Origi but maybe Ings can replace him, I know if he gets fit that he’ll be better than him. So, hopefully Sturridge will be lucky enough and hungry enough to push Firmino for a place in the team next season, he’ll get enough games because of fixture congestion if he does anyway. I’ll happily have Ings as a 3rd choice then and after that, as you lads said, we have Salah and even Mane TBH as people who can step in there and do a job for us. I guess there is also Solanke, who I forgot about whilst writing this and he may well be good enough to start some PL games. Who knows, he could be a smash hit.


‘Offload Sturridge on a free to get rid of the wage and sell Origi’

MrMak: At this stage, it’s incredible that anyone would want to hang on to Sturridge. I appreciate what you’re saying about Origi and he’s not what we require in the squad. The fact is though that Sturridge will only play a bit part season with us at best next year. Why… because he’ll be injured. Forget the idea that he will miraculously sort his body or head out as it simply won’t happen.

Why do you think Sturridge is still with us? The reality is that no club would be prepared to pay a transfer for him as they know that he won’t play any football. They also won’t pay his wage demands.

So, that leaves us in a situation where have an injury prone striker with talent that won’t play and a player with limited ability that could be sold, probably to another PL team.

Why the hell should we hold on to either? Offload Sturridge on a free to get rid of the wage and sell Origi to the highest bidder and offload his wage. It’s pretty clear that neither will be of use so why not save the money on both and reinvest.

I’d suggest that we chuck the pair of them out and take a chance on another player who at least has a chance of being of use. Why do we need to hold on to either when both will be liabilities. This dreaming of Sturridge coming good is nuts!

As for Ings, he has talent also but the reality is… would we not be better planning without all three and none of them will likely be able to help us?



bofa, a lot of conjecture there but do see where you’re coming from.

No-one knows what impact Origi, Sturridge and Ings will have next season. We’ll be in four competitions with anywhere between 50-60 games so I am hoping that those three can contribute in some way and to be frank, they’ll have too because right now we have Firmino and Salah (likely starters out of those 5 players) who can play through the middle and they won’t be able to play 50-60 games.

Depends also I think on whether we buy a striker. If we do, I can see Jurgen offloading a forward currently on the roster.

Rob Fort Worth TX


‘Keita better than Essien’

Great in-depth assessment of Naby Keitas development and skill set. Learnt a lot about him, full on praise from all the people that followed v good development. One speaker said he is better than the legendary Michael Essien at his peak. That is some praise.

Peak Michael Essein to me was one of the (very) few midfielders that you could say on his day could outshine Gerrard. If Naby Keita is in that bracket then we have to go all out.

Podcast here:




Transfer window woe

I’m afraid I just don’t understand why everyone’s so optimistic about our transfer dealings.

As far as Keita is concerned RBL do not need to sell and will be most reluctant to lose one of their top talents as they embark on their first ever CL campaign. I don’t think the release clause next year will change that. Southampton clearly don’t want to do business with us at all, and there will be other suitors.

I can see VvD going to Chelsea or City on deadline day, but I can’t imagine how we can persuade them to sell to us.




What is happening with the Arsenal deadwood?

A bit rhetorical; but I strangely believe there are areas where we need improvement.

I was happy with our link to Carvalho; but this seems to have fizzled out. Likewise I am underwhelmed that we are not looking to bring in anyone to replace Cozorla. Others have argued that in a 343 system a Cazorla is not needed. Even if this is true, we need someone of similar ilk for tactical flexibility.

I would like to see a good CB signed, if anything to replace Per. And what is happening with the so called deadwoods? Last time I checked, Jenko has attracted no interest, Gibbs likewise. Debuchy is still here even if we will let him leave for free.



‘Unless we move players on we wont see any new signings’

Our so called Deadwood has such a high salary that nobody wants to take them on board because no body besides us are that stupid. Regarding Carvalho sorry dont see what he is needed for to he just as bad as what we already have. Besides the fee for him would be high so its no point. Unless we move players on we wont see any new signings.

I dont see anything to suggest that we would be better team come next season anyway so Im really not to bothered. It will the same old same old meaning our best players leave and we keep the bad. Why should we expect anything else because the management is the same. So dont get your hopes up I will just wait two years for a change


‘Chelsea dodged a bullet’ missing Lukaku

Can you imagine the main reason as to why Mourinho signed Lukaku was not to strengthen his United side, but more like trying to stop Chelsea strengthening and replacing Costa. Well thank you very much in that sense. I feel we have dodged a bullet there.

Secondly if we have any slight intention of selling him to Matic we have to shelve it and should deny him. I would rather see us sell him to Inter for £10m than sell him to United for £40m. There is no way we can strengthen a rival. And more importantly this is a team managed by Mourinho. It feels sweet.????


Why all the angst over one player?

Why all this angst over one player, who really knows he was offered a five year contract, and if indeed he was, what was the financial package of such a contract, may well of been pittance to what Watford offered, considering the transfer fee was so low.

For weeks the theme was that in Conte we must trust, now certain players are gone in particular the youth, it’s disastrous that it has happened, come on, chalobah was hardly messi in the making now was he, anyone watching the u21s would realise that, and indeed Watford could well be his level.

he club needs top players, this obsession with youth and the academy has been flogged to death, shall we move on.




‘Disappointing to see young players leave Chelsea’

Very disappointing to see young players just leave Chelsea. Chalobah IMO looked decent. He joined Watford, I think it’s a wrong decision. He will struggle there. Kenedy did not have opportunity there. And Watford would fight against relegation. IMO he should have been more patient, at least 1 more year, as Matic seems wanting to leave. Bakayoko is carrying injury.

At least RLC only goes on-loan. Aina too.

My biggest worry now is Conte, will he sign? Seems that he is not satisfied with our transfer window, but he must be reminded that he made mistake too by texting Conte. Now we have difficulty to sell him and also to get a replacement for him. We may start the season with only Batshuayi as striker. Hazard is injured, Bakayoko won’t be ready.

Looks a bit hopeless TBH. I just hope I am wrong and we’ll have a good season again.



1. No-one said Chalobah was a world-beater.
2. Gareth Southgate allegedly asked Chelsea to give him more games.
3. The England manager wondered if he could be a WC possible. So did I.
4. If “mtal61” was wrong to mention JT, he wasn’t the poster who first included him
5. That said, much of what “mtal61” said is, imo, absolutely correct.
6. Both the club and our fans are, imo, too quick to dismiss the claims of youth.
7. We too readily dismiss their successes against their continental peers.
8. This results in our electing to spend millions of pounds on imported youth.
9. Ten minutes at the end of a dead game does not represent “opportunity”.

Apart from this, your post is fine. As with my note to another poster I am having to repeat myself to simply make a fairly straightforward concept. I do not propose doing so again.



‘I’d quite like to just let him rot until his contract runs out’

Not sure about Aguero, could be a Torres all over again. Plus, he’s a pretty unlikeable little sh1t. The fact that Pep is (allegedly) not remotely bothered about selling him to a direct rival tells me something.

Regarding Costa, I’d quite like to just let him rot until his contract runs out. By which time he will be so fat and unfit that his beloved Atletico won’t want him.



Good luck to Lucas

Good luck to him, it’s strange seeing him hold up Lazio colors, part of LFC and our lives for the past decade… he may not have been a superstar but he had a fantastic attitude and he performed admirably whenever he was called upon in recent years and never complained or sulked… he deserves his move and a few years in Rome is not too shabby




‘Aurier next at United’

Serge Aurier: A reported target for both Manchester clubs

Perisic deal done,Aurier next apparently!.Can see Mata or/and Martial leaving tbh myself,especially Mata!


Martial needs to play up front

Think Martial showed enough the other night to suggest he’d be a real threat up front with Lukaku redblood. But he’s got to be up front, not down the flank.

You’re right about Mata though, and one or two others, if Perisic and Matic come in there’ll be a few who’ll be consigned to the League Cup team.




‘Why is nobody else in for Keita?’

Who knows anything about this Red Bull player, Keita, the mickeys are after? It is a massive transfer fee being talked about and I’ve heard a whole load of third rate ex-footballers saying how amazing he is….but the only team seemingly interested in him is Klopp. W

With midfielders at a premium this summer, what’s that all about?

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