Why do Arsenal ‘undervalue’ their players?

Date published: Wednesday 19th July 2017 1:10

Antonio Conte’s new Chelsea deal has been met with scepticism, is Jurgen Klopp building up to another transfer excuse? And a claim that Man Utd’s defensive stats skewed last season, all in our forum.


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Why do Arsenal ‘undervalue’ their players?

No it’s not a shock.I’ve been coming on here since forever saying how poor we are at selling players, probably the most poor in the whole league. We undervalue our own players!Which is a bit of a disgrace.

Let’s just for a second evaluate how much other players are moving for.Walker for over £50m,yeah let that sink in.
Pickford moved for £30m?de get is valued at £65m?Yet we sold schezny for MERE £8M!!!Absolutely disgraceful.I mean I’d rather not sell him at that price after the stellar season he had.

then there’s chambers, we bought him for £16m?And palace are willing to pay that much for him.Not bad, but not good either.English players valuations are inflated.Again how can we sell chambers for just £16m when walker went for over £50m.Poor business by us.

Calum Chambers: Spending the season at Boro

As for gibbs and jack.No we should not let them go.Gibbs is a very useful player.I though kolisiniac was signed to play as a left centre back in our back three.That means gibbs should have stayed as cover to nacho monreal.A very underrated and useful player.

Wilshere?Although had an injury prone career there’s still hope for him and we can’t let him go simply because of how talented he is.He should be in for low wages.nO WAYS i WOULD SELL HIM ESPESCIALLY FOR 15-20M.We get a £60m offer and we might consider.Rememeber,I only say this because of how talented he is and obviously how much english players are going for these days.

the specialone


Conte’s new deal baffling

Conte signed a new contract which includes a pay increase but it’s not an agreement to prolong his stay at the club!.I don’t understand.

I’m sure the recent stand-off and uncertainty of Conte’s future at the club wasn’t about a pay hike was it?…maybe one of you erudites offay with the club’s thinking can shed some light.

As far as I understand it his tenure here is still 2 years!



‘Another joke in our transfer window’

Agree its a worry. Apparently a pay rise and improved terms (transfers) i presume. Like i say. I dont think hes completely happy at all. What manager doesnt sign an extension? Iv never seen that before. Just another joke in our transfer window. What is going on

Also bort

‘I know Chelsea wanted me in January, i spoke to antonio’ he says. ‘I said straight away that I wanted to stay here. We were fighting relegation, there was a cause. I could not go. If a big club comes in for me in the future who knows because every player wants to play for a big club. But I am very, very happy here.



‘Contract gives Conte a deserved pay rise’

This new contract gives Conte a deserved pay rise, maybe assurances over purchasing players.

Maybe Conte only wants 2 years to see if his family settle in London? If they don’t then i’d imagine he’d want to go back to Italy with them? Hopefully they love it here!

Managerial contracts means nothing in this day and age.



Striker search ‘worrying’

No news about our search of striker. Worrying. I reckon we may start the season with Batshuayi only. Belotti seems to go to Milan while Auba stays at Dortmund. I don’t think City will sell Aguero to us.

But Conte signs. 2 years, I think we cannot commit too long these days. I think every Chelsea fan should be happy, at least he signed. It shows his intention for us.



Kenedy set for a chance?

What are people’s thoughts on Kenedy? Not been much said about him in terms of the coming season, but what with the relative lack of signings and the players we have sold or loaned, I have a feeling we might see a bit more of him this year



Klopp building up to more excuses?

I read something from the Echo from yesterday from Klopp that seems to suggest that he thinks that the squad we have now is good enough to compete across all competitions.

I said it on here just recently that if we added Van Dijk and Keita that we’d be able to do that but as things are now, no. I don’t agree that we can and it’s worrying to hear that kind of thing from the manager.

Is this building towards a case of “players weren’t available” again? If so, I find that to be totally unacceptable. So far all FSG have done is buy 1 expensive player and bid for 2 seemingly genuinely unavailable players.

I really hope that they are lining up other targets but Klopp’s last comment was about how the squad we have now may be the same size come the end of August, or we might sell one or 2 before then, or some remark like that.

Well, they would really want to have a bit more ambition than that.

Mr Makaveli


Klopp’s attitude to cost Reds?

If they reject 66 million for Keita I can’t imagine them accepting 70. I just hope we have some serious alternatives lined up, especially for cb. We struggled with squad depth last season without European involvement so reinforcements are essential.

Hopefully Klopp’s laid back attitude is a tactic, although it’s looking a bit casual right now.



Deadwood should be an issue to the Glazers’

@hatters – Deadwood should be an issue to the Glazers in that they want to keep the payroll to turnover ratio under control. The deadwood are on relatively high wages with little to no prospect of their value appreciating, be it in terms of team contribution or resale value.

I would much prefer we had a fast turnover policy where players either shape up or be shipped out. I’d much rather have a mediocre young player than old player. Not only are his wages far less but there is chance he will get better whereas the older players will only get worse.

PS – I’ve got more chance of winning the Pullit Prize than Pulitzer.



‘No urgent need to sell Jones and Smalling’

@manthistle. We had the best defence in the league last season besides that of Spurs despite Jones playing for an extended period when he was partnered with Rojo.

Jones and Smalling are bad footballers but they are definitely good enough as defenders (albeit with the odd clownish moments), they aren’t bad at all as back up options plus they are filling homegrown quota positions. There is no urgent need to sell these players although I would prefer we did.

Our problems in the league last season were in other areas of the pitch – failing to take chances, and failing to dominate midfield areas.



Smalling and Jones debate…

Lads,I really can’t be arsed debating the ‘merits’ of Smalling and Jones ad infinitum with you because neither one is worth the effort to be honest.

Suffice to say,I hope to f**k that one goes this summer (preferably Jones) and the other one goes next year and we replace them with players who can stay fit for more than 5 minutes,can actually trap a bag of cement,find a teammate without the aid of a satnav,has a head that doesn’t resemble a 50 pence piece,has a turn of pace that my granny wouldn’t be ashamed of and is not a mental pygmy and as soft as a bucket full of wet sh**e.

Simple as that!.



United stats ‘skewed’

@hatters – It’s simplistic to simply look at goals conceded whilst ignoring goals scored and infer from that how good or bad the defence is. If the team is set up not to lose ie priority being not conceding rather than scoring then the stats are skewed. An extreme example being Liverpool away where we went not to lose and ended up with a 0-0 result.

It would be interesting to compare stats with the glory days in SAF era. It would not surprise me if we conceded less but I would not infer Jones Smalling were better than Rio Vidic or Stamm Johnsen.

Perhaps a better indication of a players ability is his market value. 60m+ for DDG suggests he is a top class goalie. How much would we have got for the likes of Rio Evra Vidic Neville in their prime. How much do you think Smalling Jones Rojo Darmian are worth. And even if we are talking about squad players how does Smalling compare to the likes of Wes Brown.


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