Chelsea fans want Conte back as Sarri branded wrong person for job

Date published: Monday 11th February 2019 1:39

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, ENGLAND - AUGUST 26: Maurizio Sarri, Manager of Chelsea gives his team instructions during the Premier League match between Newcastle United and Chelsea FC at St. James Park on August 26, 2018 in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Chelsea fans debate what went wrong in Sunday’s mauling, while our Man Utd readers are feeling confident ahead of the PSG clash in Your Says of the Day.

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Is it too late now to say Sarri?

Off with his head, off with his head… who’s the next manager to put his head on the block… Cutting heads off is fine but who is the replacement?

Cant help think what would have happened had we signed Aguero back in the day, we landed Torres I believe… City another level, we gifted them the victory. Take the hit and move on. I am hoping we get to see RLC/ Kante/ Kovacic/ Barkley feature as a midfield three at some point.


Here’s my take on where we are at lads.

I’m supporting Sarri to continue, but not because I’m super sure he’s going to be successful overall, but rather because I think the usual Chelsea ejector seat option followed by Uncle Gus or similar playing out a lost season doesn’t serve anyone.

As a club we opted for Sarri, and brought him in with no pre-season, so to think we’d breeze into a top four finish with no bumps in the road is just unrealistic.

Pep struggled in his first season, and just scraped a top four finish despite a huge amount more preparation and signings than Sarri has had.

If Pep was having his first season this year I don’t think he’d make top four. The league has got tougher. Liverpool are now a force. Utd appear to be back. Tottenham are strong.

If we give up on Sarri because of a few bad results then imho we are lost as a club. Rudderless and without direction. To me that’s worse than missing out on CL football next season.


during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Chelsea FC at Etihad Stadium on February 10, 2019 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Anyway let me not post what i have in my mind. My temperature is refusing to cool until now. But it’s good that Conte was appreciated finally. After he was crucified for months this time last season. People have finally seen what a great coach he was. Sarri needs to be backed as long as he is the Chelsea boss simple as that. No need to say “i told you so”. We support the club and not the person or style. We have enjoyed 15 years of success. Let us bear the pain now please. Life has double sides. If you laugh today, tomorrow you may cry. So it’s up to us to handle the tough times. When things are smooth it’s easy to be loyal.😊

RDP, all I personally want is a manager who can play to the strengths of the players he has and adapt to opposion when necessary.

Sarri is showing himself to be completely incompetent in these two key abilities, They are the most important abilities for a chelsea manager to possess imo so I have no option but wish for a change unless sarri changes.

You ask who can replace him? How bout Rafa, he is highly competent in terms of the abilities I desire in our next boss anyway.


I tend to side with Ash on this one, I’d rather we tried to go toe to toe with City as opposed to rolling over for them like we did under Conte.

I don’t want Sarri sacked. He is attempting a complete overhaul of our tactics and style of play, and that is going to take time. However, he does need to accept mistakes and change a few things. Most importantly, the whole world and their mother can see that Jorginho can’t hold the midfield on his own. Just a simple tweak of the tactics to move Kante deeper to sit alongside him would make a massive change. Secondly, substitutions – he needs to change things up a bit. Was anyone remotely surprised when we subbed Barkley of Kovacic? What an uninspiring, but totally predictable substitution that was. In fact the only surprise of the game was that he didn’t swap Pedro for Willian at any point. The fact that CHO wasn’t even on the bench is just laughable, the boy has no future under Sarri and he knows it.

Honestly, we weren’t actually that bad today and the scoreline in no way reflects the performance, imo. We were guilty of some horrendous mistakes, and City were on top of their game. It was just one of those days. The problem for Sarri to sort out is we seem to be having too many of those days lately. Its incomparable to the complete and total meltdown we had under Jose though, or Conte for that matter. We need to stick by a manager and give them a chance to rectify their problems.

Sorry for the long post. One last thing: I like Barkley, but that header back into his own box for City’s third goal was one of the most unbelievably stupid things I have ever seen in football. What the hell was he thinking?? If I was Sarri I would have hauled his arse off right there and then.

One other thing – I thought it was pretty classless of City to play One Step Beyond over the PA at the final whistle. How you behave in victory says as much about you as in defeat, and I thought that was not only completely uncalled for but also irresponsible. It could have pushed some of the fans less well-endowed in the braincell department over the edge.


LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 25: Maurizio Sarri, Manager of Chelsea reacts during the UEFA Europa League Group L match between Chelsea and FC BATE Borisov at Stamford Bridge on October 25, 2018 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

I’m psychologically scarred for the Cup final now after that. Knowing stubborn Sarri he will send them out tactically for a replay of yesterday’s events coz he knows little else, or so it appears. How the heck did we beat them 2-0 at home? Who’s going to Wembley now after that? The most painful thing about losses such as this one is that it feeds the appetite of some on here. Prepare for a week of I told you so if not longer, well at least until our next win. The fixture list ahead does not augur well sadly.

Saw the replay and Alonso had a shocker, really gone backwards and Emerson had to start the match purely on form. First goal lucky deflection right into Sterling’s path. Second goal an Aguero worldy, 3rd goal a ridiculous header by Barkley gifted Aguero, 4th goal Barkley needed to get in front of the Gundogan shot (Luiz, JT when he was playing or Cahill would have been alert and made sure they got their body in front of it from where Barkley was standing when the shot flashed past him and then Kepa, into the net) 5th goal fair enough Dave fouled Sterling and the last one by Sterling very poor defensive play by Luiz. At least I avoided the 3am live nightmare curse.


I get the need to try and have some continuity and that managers need time. But to have this there is a need to ensure you have the right manager! Sarri is showing with every poor decision, rigid tactics and favourtism in selection that he is the wrong person for the job. It is completely foolish not to play to the players strengths. If he insists on only playing his way then why not go the whole hog and pick our top youngsters who are more likely to take on board what he wants to do rather than the seasoned pro’s who clearly dont believe in what he is trying to do!
I also get trying to go toe to toe with City -when you are at the top of your game and full of confidence -not when you havent even scored a goal away this year!!
If he will not change for the sake of the bigger picture which is to get in the CL to maintain our status as a club and help out financially then he has to go. I want pragmatism and winning football not some cinderella fantasy make believe football!!


Oh God! I haven’t felt being this low since 2015/16 season. How i miss you Mr. Antonio Conte. Why on earth have we agreed to sign Jorginho if it will impact Kante? That is a good rant there! Seriously i couldn’t brighten my mood until now. We need to prioritize the Europa now. Can’t see us finishing in top 4 with that kind of performance. Our defence needs total overhaul. Our midfield needs reorganising. Bring Loftus Cheek and Hudson Odoi. They couldn’t do worse than Barkley and Pedro have done. And they will learn from. In the meantime i will play 4-2-3-1. Kepa, Azpi,christensen,Luiz,Emerson,
Hudson Odoi – RLC – Hazard,



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Back on form

We need to maintain that way of playing. We need to press the hell out of teams and just relentless running

We need to go to old tarford with the sane attitude. Far to many times we have gone there and just not been up for the fight. We need to go there and get in their faces and be well yo for it.

They be badly looking to do us over. We need to defend and take our chances. We can’t be timid going there. Show some balls and this game will really show us if we champions material

Sean the Sailor

Don’t see why we cannot beat United at OT. As long as we don’t get any more injuries or sickness.

Same team as yesterday, except TAA and Henderson in for Milner and Keita


Song, I’d be absolutely amazed (and obviously over the moon) if we won at United. I echo Sean’s comments completely; it’s rare we turn up there with sleeves rolled up.

Two very predictable home wins today highlighting further how we MUST take care of our own business until May without looking at those around us. Just think insular and each game as a separate project. We have too. As bad as Chelsea were today City are an animal at the moment.


We have to win everybody because City has been very strong and has very easy program until May!! We had 2 chances against Leicester and West Ham but we threw them into the garbage.


The Vardy missed penalty was a big moment, and had that gone in, I’m not convinced Spurs would have won.

City were fired up today and did look good. But they’re still less consistent compared to last season. And their fixtures will start piling up.



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Mutton dressed as lamb

Big game and one I’m looking forward to after a long time ;I hear Cavani got injured today thigh,along with neymar that leaves Mbappe as the main man. I feel We won’t get a better opportunity to win this over two legs.


Cavani taken off at half time, Tuchel didn’t seem optimistic but he wasn’t too sure either way at the same time so who knows.
Our cause is certainly helped with the lack of Neymar and Cavani. Mbappe on his own is still a worry. They don’t need to include Neymar in the build up now, just over the top or clever through balls to him now and boom, he’s away. They could be even more direct with Mbappe on his own than with the other two.
We should be targeting Thiago Silva on their side. He’s 34 now and he’s no Maldini to keep going to 40.
It’s still an iffy tie imho


Edinson Cavani; Kylian Mbappe TEAMtalk

Luke Shaw had a very good game yesterday, admittedly against sh*t opposition – let’s hope he can keep Mbappe quiet!
Similarly their defence won’t be looking forward to Rashford, Martial, Pogba and JLingz running at them.
Fancy us for a 2-1 win in Paris and a 2-0 win at OT.
I’m in Abu Dhabi so will have to stay up till midnight to watch it!


Would have preferred Neymar to play, in huge games for PSG he tries being the big fish and acts like a show pony, as seen during the world cup. It often has an adverse affect on the team, am glad Cavanin isn’t playing. He just f**king runs like a madman, never lets your defense rest, I reckon we will do it.



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