Chelsea fans worried as Lampard answers Abramovich question

Date published: Monday 17th February 2020 2:24


Mikel Arteta’s XI was questioned ahead of the 4-0 win over Newcastle, while Frank Lampard’s answer to a question about Roman Abramovich has Chelsea fans worried, all in our forum.


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Arsenal line-up questioned


WTF is this lineup? Looks like Arteta was on the sauce in Dubai then phoned emery and asked him for advice !!!! No torr or martinez and Nketia to start down the middle and leave Auba on the wing?

Then Ceb and Ozil both starting! I don’t even think emery would go this far. If he pulls this off he is a mad genius but if this goes pear shaped he will be slaughtered!



Well he must be a mad genius! I don’t think we were great but for once we were not great but still won. I still don’t think we have it right up front which seems ridiculous as we scored 4 but I will take that !



I think having ceballos in midfield made a difference but Ozil played well and when he does we win. Saka again looked superb, let’s hope we can sort his contract out. Martinelli is an amazing talent but he is too young to play every game, I liked the line and pleased that Arteta gives the youngsters a chance. 4-0 great result COYG!





Can Chelsea capitalise?

Now that City is being banned from playing the CL, I hope we grab this opportunity and not finish anywhere near 5th to guarantee ourselves in CL next season. because that will be one of the reasons why would attract those players we would want to sign.



I was really happy to see Villa – Spurs 2-2 but then a mistake from Villa’s defender gave Son his 2nd goal today and Spurs are now only 1 point behind us. And looking at our record against Man Utd, I can’t say I am optimist of winning tomorrow. Saw some highlights when we were so good before beating Man Utd 5-0 (Poyet 2 goals, Jody Morris 1 etc) and then when Eto’o smashed 3 times against de Gea, also when we won big (4 or 5 -0 ) with Conte with Pedro scoring a quick goal: would we be able to repeat such exploits? Or would we just play bad, waste chance and draw or even lose the match? We shall see. Unfortunately I may not be able to see the match, it’s a working hours where I live.

City will surely appeal. So let’s not be depending on them and let’s try our best to finish where we are now: 4th! So whatever the outcome of the appeal will be: we are qualified for the UCL.



Cannot compare what Chelsea did in the past against United to what it achieves or may achieve this season for obvious reasons. Lets just wait and see. I think the fortnight’s break could well give the boys the impetus to put in a big one though. Here’s hoping.


Alarming statement from Lampard

Recently watched Lampard being interviewed by Lineker where Lampard came off with a very disturbing quote which only served to confirm my worst fears.

When asked about contact/input from Abramovich Lampard responded by saying he had little contact with him but spoke to Granovskaia, and called her his (Frank’s) boss !!!

How the does that work out. Frank’s boss should be Abramovich and nobody else. Granovskaia should be AT BEST a co-worker/colleague. How can her role be deemed more important than the first team coach!!!

Ferguson would never have referred to Kenyon or Gill as his boss(es).

Our success is fully reliant on the footballing side.

You win jack sh*t for having the best shirt sponsorship deal or the biggest stadium or TV Deal, you win on the pitch.

Winning on the pitch ensures capacity crowds, winning on the pitch ensures more matches, winning on the pitch attracts more supporters all of which generates a substantial income!

Winning on the pitch makes you a more appealing financial proposition to the outside commercial world …. so how does Lampard end up reporting into that useless ……….!!

If you dont win on the pitch then you are not as appealing and in a weaker position to negotiate decent sponsorship, TV deals or stadium rebuilds!! You will always need a first team coach no matter how far down the leagues you drop. However the CEO’s job is a lot more diluted the less successful you are!!

The balance of power at Chelsea under Granovskaia has always been wrong. She was in charge of the transfers during the period that caused the transfer ban!!! During that time Jose delivered a league and cup double but still ended up getting the sack!! Yet she still holds on to her job… amazing!!

So regardless of what so called budget we have I have no confidence in this individual landing all of Frank’s key targets.

I genuinely want Frank to succeed at the club, but the problem he faces is this season is a “Gimme” to him. Transfer ban, lack of experience bla bla bla, but unless we are sitting top of the league this time next year Frank will be another managerial statistic, because the first team coach is not deemed the most important role in the club!!



He is right! she is his boss, the fact that Roman is the owner doesn’t mean he should be talking to Roman. Just seeing City banned for lying about their fianances makes me appreciate the work she is doing for Chelsea.


I think Granovskaia has done a pretty good job at Chelsea. We have an agreement with Ajax for Ziyech, less than 2 weeks after January’s market was closed. And agree with we have to be careful of FFP. City have just been banned 2 seasons of UCL. Should their appeal not successful, I think we would see a big exodus. Starting from Pep Guardiola, then Sterling, de Bruyne, Jesus who are in their prime. And Aguero who may want to end his career with a club playing in Champions League. So Sancho for 105m, how good he is, I don’t think we should throw our money just like that.

If we can wrap Ziyech’s signature, we could go for Jeremie Boga who will surely cost less than Sancho. We would also gain some salary space as big earners Willian, Pedro and Giroud should leave. All gain more than 100k per week. And if Kepa does not perform well, I would say sell him in the summer. He seems to be our highest earner with Kante with 150k per week. I would like to see tall GK like Onana to replace him. Where we should spend big, I think it’s on a striker. We really need a world class striker who is at least as good as Tammy and also who can be paired with Tammy.



Marina is in place because Roman put her there and he trusts her to run Chelsea FC for him in the way he wants it to be run that’s his decision and we have to respect that decision imo as fans plus Roman can’t be hands on even more so now with his Visa issues. Roman will always have the final say on the biggest decisions though.

Personally I think Marina has got more right than wrong at Chelsea. The transfer ban and how those mistakes occurred are a concern but I think that probably had more to do with Michael Emenalo than anyone else but it shouldn’t have happened wherever the responsibilities lay.

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