Liverpool to Paris Saint-Germain a ‘backwards step’ for Coutinho

Date published: Thursday 20th July 2017 1:24

Lucas Leiva will be a tough player for Liverpool to replace, Chelsea should keep Diego Costa, and is Ivan Perisic another Man Utd smoke screen? All in our forum.


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Man City the team to beat?

Pep is building a shit hot team, upon arrival his squad wasn’t very good. In 12 months by next summer, I believe he will have put togeather the best team in the country.


Chelsea should keep ‘world class’ Costa

While Costa has shown disrespect towards Conte, I don’t think we should sell him cheaper than we bought him. We cannot forget that the first text came from Conte. There’s world cup in the horizon, and Costa wants to play for Spain. I believe if he stays, and he’s given opportunity: he would show what he can do. Costa is a world class striker, there were suitors from China too. If Atletico want to pay cheap to get him: for me we should not bow to them


Blues wing back solution at Dortmund?

I hope we get 2 more wing backs.

Passlack from Dortmund is a very promising player, would be good competition for Moses


Anyone else remember Hector?

Michael Hector: Set to join Chelsea from Reading

Assuming we secure Morata I don’t think we’ve stopped buying quite yet and one or two more are still likely to come in over the next 41 days.

We are definitely heading in the right direction now though and only City have done as well so far and importantly it’s a long way from the predictions of a Djolbodji/Hector type of summer. ?

nine nine nine

Bournemouth fleeced for ‘average’ Ake?

Do you know while Aka played for Bournemouth they actually conceded far more goals then when he did not play so I don’t really know why he is rated highly even the few games he had at Chelsea he looked average


Price crazy for ‘bench player’ Morata 

The TV revenue is going straight into the pockets of agents or across the borders to Spain, Germany, Portugal etc. UEFA needs to step in here because the Premier League transfer fee bubble has gone completely out of control. Lukaku goes for 75 million. Morata, as good as he is, is still a bench player but he fetches 70 million. Naby Keita is a largely untested player and yet RB Liepzig have the gall to reject 66 million pounds from Liverpool. Eric Dier for 60 million??!

I understand inflation but the transfer fees have increased exponentially for too long now. This market cannot continue under normal supply/demand conditions, it needs outside intervention. Something must be done before a player goes for a billion pounds and his agent pockets a couple of hundred million quid.

As for our current situation. I think we are best off if we just bite the bullet for Perisic and Matic and then suspend all transfers for the near future until something is done about this ridiculous bubble.


Perisic another Man Utd smoke screen?

Perisic – unlike previous summers chasing unattainable stars like Bale, Ronaldo, etc. The guy seems to want the move. The problem is the fee. Either Ed pays the £48 million Inter are asking and gets accused of having his pants pulled down in the deal or he negotiates and gets accused of dithering. Talk about dividing opinion! I think the worst scenario here is that we pay the full asking price after all these weeks of ‘negotiating’

My alternative thought is that I’ve still yet to hear of any left wing alternatives to Perisic. The entire list for the DM position plus a few extra seems to have been discussed at length both on here and in the press and yet there’s not a peep about winger alternatives. I’m starting to wonder whether Perisic is a smoke screen for another deal. If we really wanted him, I think the deal would be done by now perhaps he’s second choice…


Belgian Man Utd’s ‘worst ever business’?

Marouane Fellaini: Confident United can beat Chelsea

Every player out there bar Messi is overpriced @jm1502 mate.Lukaku, even by today prices is worth no more than £30m,so is Morata!.Dier valued @ £60m,Sigurdsson £50m,Barkley @ £55m.Everybody is being screwed these days,left,right,and centre!.Nowhere more so than the £27.5 on Fellaini,the worst piece of business, certainly in those 275 years of my life!


PSG a ‘step back’ from Liverpool…

Some players take a step backwards in their career for money, that’s a fair point. But I don’t think Coutinho is that sort of player.

Post whatever you like, just don’t expect everybody to see it the same way you do.

j c

Leiva a tough player for Liverpool to replace

It will be a long time until we find another player that has as much influence in the locker room, great servant to the club, wish him all the best and I hope to see him back at the club in one way or the other


Liverpool midfield is stacked

Just because we’ve sold Lucas and Stewart doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be buying another midfielder (although I do believe we are defo interested in Kieta and Ox)

Without Lucas and Stewart we still have loads of options for midfield.
Hendo, Can, Grujic, Wij, Lallana, Coutinho, Milner and that’s before encorporating any youngsters.

I think Kieta is a special case in that he’s a one of a kind player who may be available and suit our style tremendously well and that’s why we’re interested.
We’re not in the market for a midfielder as such but we are interested in special players that will defo improve us.


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