Chelsea likened to Klopp’s first season at Liverpool; major Arsenal concern

Date published: Monday 19th August 2019 1:52

Chelsea TEAMtalk

Frank Lampard’s Chelsea look like Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool in his first season, Dani Ceballos’s debut is hailed, but there is one huge concern raised from Arsenal’s win over Burnley, all in our forum.



Involved in 37 games for Juventus since his Hollywood style arrival in Turin scoring 4 goals and registering just 1 assist. Juventus ‘according to reports’ are already looking to ship him out.

Never in my life have I seen a more square peg/round holes type of player. Klopp couldn’t work out what he was and was quite willing to let his fellow compatriot leave for sod all and it seems that Juventus, now, are in the same boat as Klopp….what is he and what do we do with him?

Not a bad player but an odd one and I think only person on this earth thinks he is better than what he is – Emre Can.

He has time on his side and hope he finds a right fit somewhere but I think he needs to focus on just being a number 6 or 8 and stick with it because his supposed jack of all trades (but master of none) could stick with him until the end of his career.

Rob Forth Worth TX 


Emre Can TEAMtalk

He didn’t want to agree a new deal with us and given our lack of quality in midfield at the time we were willing to let him run down his contract instead of selling him the season earlier for 20-25mil. We would have taken that money if Klopp didn’t want him around.

Besides Juventus are complete idiots when it comes to squad management. It’s not entirely his fault. Their midfield has been overstocked for years and it’s even more so now with Ramsey and Rabiot. Their wage bill is pretty much at its limit with the players they’ve just brought in and Ronaldo.

They’re barely keeping in line with FFP as it is. The way they handled the Dybala situation is nothing short of a farce. For some reason they thought it was a good idea to bring Buffon back on a large wage despite already having a #1. They have to trim their squad right now and he isn’t the only player who’s being transfer listed right now. It’s a bit of a joke how that club is being run right now.

As for thinking he’s better than he really is you should read up on the curious case of Nicklas Bendtner.



Razor: How is it not Can’s fault when he chose to run down his contract and join a club that you say was overstocked with midfielders.



I said it isn’t entirely his fault. I didn’t absolve him of any blame. Besides when you join Juve these days you’re pretty much guaranteed a Serie A winners medal and they were consistently competing at the latter stages of the CL so you can understand the draw.

We on the other hand had just lost a CL final and barely qualified for 4th. No one was expecting us to win it the following year or become genuine title contenders either but that’s what we did and I bet he’s feeling like a knob right now. The exact same argument can be made for Coutinho btw.




Great win. ceballos had the best home debut i’ve probably seen since vieira’s at home to sheff wed.we know going forward we are going to be right up there.the few concerns i have is this passing out from theback policy instead of just pushing up squeezing the play and look to play further up the pitch is a big worry going to anfield.

another concern i have is we up the tempo 2nd half and as soon as we went 2-1 up we backed off again.

being honest i don’t think the starting 11 is good enough to get anything at pool next saturday.emery needs to get our best team out ASAP because thats what we are going to need in the big games.would like to see torreira back in the midfield and it wouldn’t suprise me if emery changed formation and played 3 centre backs.

would rather play these next 2 games in a couple of months time but it is what it is and we have to play these games eventually.i’d take a draw now and our counter attacking must be spot on next week.




Ashley Barnes TEAMtalk

It still worries me that we let Burnley have 10 attempts at goal.It’s basically a carbon copy of what we saw last season.We can’t afford to give them so many shots.They were in the game till the last moment.

I think the midfield and Defense are responsible obviously for that area on the pitch. Ceballos was brilliant but I see him more in an advanced position who has the ability to drop back.So that leaves two midfielders behind him and my choices would be torreira and Xhaka.They’re most balanced,as we saw last season.Torriera and guen can’t play together and although Guendozi does play well I think he’s naive at times in that position I’d rather have an expereinced torreira play there.

As for our attack as much as obvious as our three best attackers are Laca,auba and Pepe they certainly can’t start together.There’s no balance.For me it’d be Auba or Laca(the latter,you just can’t ignore his stats) with pepe on the wing and either of Ozil or miki to get that balance.

the specialone


Yea it’s difficult to say how to play it next week. I would go with 352 but don’t think he will change to a three now. So I think he will stay 4 2 3 1. Same back 4.

I would play xhaka, willock and ceb miki and nelson behind aube. Nelson I am not 100% as I feel he needs to be more of a threat in games but I would keep him as he does work hard and we have to keep eye on full backs. Same thoughts with miki.



Sorry but Miki should be nowhere near the starting eleven as he has been completly useless in all of his latest games. A few seconds of good play is not enough to warrant a starting spot.



It’s the work Miki puts in defensively I know he is inconsistent and it’s a crap reason to play him as it should be a given but I don’t see anyone else who could do a job there. Maybe play hulk on the left nelson on the right. It’s negative but don’t think we are good enough to go toe to toe with them yet.



2 games, 2 wins, joint top of the PL 😉

ok ok lets not get carried away but the first time in 10 years, luiz had a good game i thought, we were better defensivly without being brilliant still and have to many errors in us, but we are getting there and more to come when other players come back…





Frank Lampard Chelsea

Indeed we have to be patient. Surprisingly I am not too disappointed with the draw against Pool (that one I was delighted even to see how we played) and today against Leicester. We are rebuilding our team. Azpi is still our starting RB and Zappa is not a better player than him. He has shown consistently how good he is and hopefully this is just an adjustment period for him to adapt to FL’s attacking style. I still have trust in him, he will come good under FL.

It’s early but I don’t think Jorg is a Premier League quality. He was good at Serie A but not here. Can pass, but too slow and cannot win the ball. I think Kovacic should start the next game against Norwich, for me he is a more complete player than Jorg. At least he can win the ball.

Willian, Pedro, we need them this season but we will need to flush them at the end of the season. They’ve been here for years and I think they are past their prime already. I cannot wait for CHO and Rudiger to return. We also still have Reece James. Where was Barkley? Really disappointed he did not play part at all. I think he was our best performer in the pre-season




Jorginho was fantastic the issue is that we ran out of energy when Leicester up the tempo, Had we got good strikers like Liverpool we would have won. Southampton also out played Liverpool but they were saved by poor finishing from Southampton’s strikers and their amazing strike force.
This team will get better.
Barkley May have to leave because once loftuscheek comes back his game time will diminish by the day.

The way we play reminds me a lot of Klopp first season in Liverpool, they always start fast and ran out of energy but over the next few seasons they bought their amazing strike force and start punishing teams during their early dominance in games.
We need time and better fitness level to play the way Frank wants us to play.



Let us not ignore the facts here, you would say the players were lacking energy in the second half. however, a top-six club like us should be able to keep the ball and not give away, I wouldn’t say that is down to fatigue as some are attributing to it. my worst fears are becoming a reality. apart from the first 20 minutes, we had been poor. and our only bright spark was Mount and Emerson.

I think if we are to win more games here, we need to keep the ball better. also if we want Abraham to score, we should put the ball of the shoulder of the defence and not cross.

we had Giroud in the first half, and once Abraham came, there was no change in approach. we still kept on sending crosses into the box.



Shedend, good point re the comparison to Klopp’s early days at Liverpool.

More work is obviously required but a tired mind and a tired body doesn’t help and I think Istanbul played it’s part today with the baulk of that team playing 120 minutes on Wednesday night plus all the travel and the time differences.

We still look short of a goalscorer and eventually getting that right internally or externally would make a big difference as will getting some of the currently injured players back.

The first 20/25 minutes were the best we’ve seen in a while imo making that last for the circa 90 minutes It’s a tough ask of everybody though.Cheers 9’s

nine nine nine



Frank Lampard TEAMtalk

The 2 major criticisms I have is:

1. Lampard should have ditched the press at HT and asked the team to be more compact without possession or…

2. If that didn’t work Bring in kovacic for pulisic or Pedro to fill up our porous midfield and try to nullify what Leicester were doing.



Time and patience is required plus the return of some very good players from injury. I am sure that Frank would love to have more options of who to play. Apparently 97% of the team that played in Istanbul backed up after 120 minutes mid week which was not ideal. Note that Liverpool struggled against Southampton also 🙂



For me only Kante, Emerson and Mount had decent games the rest were average and in some cases poor especially Willian when he came on however it was his first run in quite a while so he can be given another chance or 2. 7 goals in 3 games indicates we have a problem at the back so a change there may help.

I also think this team as it is now will play great against skilful teams but batlle against the more physical teams like Leicester. Not sure how that can be remedied.



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