Chelsea urged not to get dragged into £100m striker saga

Date published: Monday 22nd May 2017 9:18

Chelsea fans don’t want the club to get tangled in a transfer battle for Romelu Lukaku, while Man Utd fans are dreaming of a team bursting with home grown talent next season.

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Arsenal – review of the season

Seems like a season isn’t complete until a million season reviews have been done. So here’s mine……

High point of the season:

Has to be the 3-0 against Chelski. Ok, the Chavs weren’t in their best form yet but the way we came out the blocks that day, we would have beaten them however well they played. It also demonstrated just how good this team can be – our front four were unplayable. Just shows where we could be with the right man in charge – someone who doesn’t just get those performances once a season, but consistently.

Low point of the season:

Just too many to mention. Losing 3-0 to Palace, 2-1 to Watford at home, getting spanked 10-1 by Bayern? Take your pick.

Player of the season:

I don’t think I really need to say – shame he won’t be here next year.

Rob Holding: Tipped for long and successful career

Player I can’t wait to see more of:

Rob Holding. Has any player ever worked their way into our hearts so quickly? He’s already got his own song – it was nearly two seasons before Sanchez had one. Very early days but for a player his age, coming into a side in disarray, he’s shown great maturity. Looks more experienced already than half the players around him. Good timing too as Kos seems to have peaked.

Also just reading that Chambers has been doing really well at ‘Boro and is definitely coming back to us next season.

Most disappointing player:

Bar a handful of exceptions, they’ve all been disappointing but there’s three that stand out for me. Theo is the first. Always been a massive fan of his and have argued his corner many, many times but he’s had an injury free season and more than enough chances to prove himself. Hasn’t helped him that Ozil has been so shit and he is my second one.

I would love having Oz at Arsenal if the rest of the team were performing. He is, unquestionably, a luxury player and when the team are playing poorly, he might as well not be on the pitch but, when everyone else is firing, he’s the one that makes it all tick.

Finally, Giroud. He’s never been a top striker but his work-rate used to make up for it. He’s still a great option to have on the bench but in virtually every game he’s started this season, he’s been completely anonymous and there’s been far too many times I’ve genuinely forgotten he’s even playing.

One thing to smile about:

The Spuds. In their best season, in at least a quarter of a century, they still failed to win a single piece of silverware. They’ve even had to knock down the Shithole, just to get to play at Wembley!

Sign of the times though, ain’t it? Remember the good old days when it was Arsenal that made us smile and the Chickens were just an amusing sideshow? Cheers for that Arsene.

Al the Gooner


Koscienly ‘mindset’ lets him down

I’ve never been a big critic of him apart from this season.That’s because even though he’s always had a poor mentality, been a pathetic captain/leader he’s always been technically brilliant in the football aspect still probably is.But because of his poor .mindset he’ll never be regarded world class IMO.

As for today, what an absolutely poor contribution to possibly his last game under wenger.
He goes in reckless.But funnies part is it was not even a clear red but still he didn’t even appeal to stay on the pitch.He was more worried about valencia,someone who has a history of faking injury.I could never imagine pique and ramos to be so friendly.That’s why he’s not on the same level as them,never will be not under wenger atleast.

Now he’s out for the Fa Cup final.We’ll probably see that cretin mertesacker who is yet another pretentious leader earning free wages all season.Fa cup also gone from our hands.

This last game wenger will need a lot of luck.If he wins, it would be a fitting description to his career someone good enough(As a whole) to win the Fa Cup and not the PL(Like SAF).
If he loses, it says about the disappointment he’s provided us in the past decade.I really hope for the sake of him the latter dosen’t happen because even I want to see him go out on a high.

The specialone


He is a ‘typical Wenger defender’

It wasn’t a clear red but he didn’t appeal to stay on???? What difference would that make apart from leading to a ban.

You can’t say it wasn’t a red and then critics him for the tackle and the way he played. he has done this on 5 previous occasions, he has given away numerous penalties over the years.

He is a typical Wenger defender, poorly organised, poor discipline and poo decision making, hence his poor disciplinary record. Now he will miss the Cup Final and he only has himself to blame.

The Oracle


Criticism of JT send off ‘pathetic’

How utterly predictable that some pathetic papers and so called pundits criticised the JT send off.

How envious are these people and what a complete lack of class and compassion -i had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes during the speech and fair play to the Sunderland fans that were still there at the end giving a round of applause to our Champions and to JT.

Now let’s go and stuff the gooners and do it with 3 break away goals and listen to that tw*t Wenger go on about playing proper football – which for him is a game of failure. Come on Chelsea!!!



Big summer of spending for Chelsea

All of the signs point to a big transfer​ window for Chelsea this summer from the circa £70m already in the Bank from the Oscar/Bamford sales to what Conte has said about needing to strengthen the squad.

But it won’t be easy firstly to get the players Conte really wants and secondly to compete with the likes of United and City for some of those players with both those clubs looking to spend really big this summer.

Also we have to comply with FFP which requires our losses over the three seasons to be a combined 30m Euros up to and including the 2017/18 season and remembering we made a net loss last season of £70.6m albeit after exceptionals.

It’s going to be a very interesting summer window because both Arsenal and Liverpool are likely to look to spend big too all almost certainly culminating in the PL’s biggest spend ever

nine nine nine

Conte staying?

There was nothing yesterday to suggest Conte might be off, the complete opposite.

It may well get messy for him personally if if he cannot persuade them to move over here, but surely all that would of been discussed previously before joining, even the fact that he was learning English was a clue, but eh it can be difficult with a young child on the schooling side of things in particular.

Please Conte and the board, do NOT get caught up in another saga with Everton over a transfer, see already Koeman has quoted it will take a 100mill to get Lukaku, football season done, so let the silly season commence.

Serioulsy not for anything over 50mill should we bring him back.

Costa was he waving goodbye yesterday, the way Batsi finished the season, would stick with him over Lukaku personally.



Liverpool awards

Now that the league is done and dusted, who has been your player of the season, most improved player, signing of the season, young player of the season.

Then to the important bit, best poster of the year and moment of the year?

My vote goes to Coutinho, it was he who got us over the threshold, Mane eclipses Gini to the signing of the season, Can is my young player and Lallana the most improved one.

As for the poster this season, I have enjoyed the opinions of mwake and hightown after the games. Usually they spot something I have not. Then finally the moment is when the spammer got banned. We finally started discussing football again after a very long break.



Liverpool poster of the season is…

Player : Mane
Signing : Mane
Young player : Can (no real competition but he’s earned it with his drastic improvement towards the end, it really helped us over the line.)

Poster of the season : Ian and then Sean, with some others quite close too. I think with Ian, we tend to think a-like on a lot of things, so reading his posts is like looking an agreeable scenario but with more information. Then there is Sean who often has a very different take on things but he’ll often make points that will make me reconsider my position on some matters.

Favourite moment was when our awesome early season football and me hyping it up all over the place nearly turned Aussie into title believer ?



Liverpool moment of the season…

Player of the season – Coutinho ( I voted for Mane earlier but like Bingo says he got us over the line and has often been our game changer)
Signing – Mane, but credit to gini for 9 Assits, 6 goals and being our best midfielder despite the dip in form at the tail end

Poster Of the Season – timetogobr For his well thought out balanced views?

Moment of the Season – Klopp yelling ‘Nobody Can Beat Us’ at a time everyone were beating us?



Harder to win La Liga than the Prem


According to Jose it was harder to win la liga than any other. Reason being because the prem and Italy when he was there were so competive, by that he meant if you had a bad week you could always recover but when your opponents are winning every week ie Barca it can be demoralising because you can never close the gap even after winning 10 games in a row.

Also why do think English Teams are so far behind the big countries teams you mention in Europe I mean it’s weird because the Juve team for inistance man for man is not better than most prem teams on paper but in reality they’re miles ahead.



‘Harrop will become a world-class player’

Great performance by the kids. That lad Harrop will become a world class player. No wonder he is another product of the best academy in the world.

Hopefully next season Andreas Pereira & Adnan Januzaj become an integral part of the team. CL football will require us to use a large number of players. #GGMU



Let’s ‘play down the pressure’

Jesus, just let the lads develop for **** sake. He’s had one good game, okay the goal was a belter but two swallows doesn’t make a summer, or mean she’ll marry you for that matter.

One good game doesn’t make him world class.
@jm, he may be later developer, he may be turning 22 but Drogba was hitting 22/23 or past it before Marseille bought him, I think he was 26 signing for Chelsea. There are late bloomers, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that he will go on to be world class, he may just be a good squad player.

Either way, lets play down the pressure and see what happens.

@ika, Jose was still pretty much guaranteed second, and Champions League, which he is a far cry from at the moment, League-wise at least. This has to be the toughest league for any manager.



Palace ‘already booking holidays’

I don’t really get the negativity towards those young players that played yesterday.
They all performed really well and it wasn’t their fault the Palace players were already booking holidays.

Mitchell and Harrop impressed me most and considering our left back problems this season, I’m a little surprised Mitchell hasn’t been called upon earlier.

Can’t really judge Gomes, but he’s just a 16 year old kid and obviously hasn’t developed physically. Perreira was also solid in goal except when he let a Palace player pin him to the line in one Palace corner kick only for Benteke to narrowly miss a sitter.

Big credit to those young lads. They showed good mental strength to play in front of a full OT crowd and won the match and kept a clean sheet. Couldn’t ask for more from them.


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