Chicharito the best finisher United had – De Gea

Javier Hernandez: No 1 finisher, claims David de Gea

Javier Hernandez: No 1 finisher, claims David de Gea

David De Gea has named rejected striker Javier Hernandez as the best finisher he has ever played alongside at Manchester United.

Hernandez was sold to Bayer Leverkusen in the summer after failing to convince Louis van Gaal with his all-round game, but he still has one fan at Old Trafford in goalkeeper De Gea.

The Mexican has scored just once in the Bundesliga since his permanent exit in the summer.

In the Q&A session with Manchester United’s official website, De Gea also highlighted Rafael, who joined Lyon in the transfer window, for his fitness.

Complete De Gea picks:

Fastest player played with: “Antonio Valencia.”

Fastest player played against:  “That’s a tough one, but I think it’s Gareth Bale.”

Fittest player  played with: “Rafa is the fittest because he has the most stamina.”

Fittest player played against: “Cesar Azpilicueta.”

Toughest tackler played with? “It’d be Scholes or Giggs. Both went in hard!”

Toughest tackler played against? “I don’t know… keepers don’t often get tackled!”

Best passer played with? “Paul Scholes.”

Best passer played against? “Xabi Alonso.”

Best finisher played with: “My great friend Chicharito.”

Best finisher played against: “It’s hard, there are so many…I’ll say Samuel Eto’o.”

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