Colombia coach Pekerman makes bitter comments after England defeat

Date published: Wednesday 4th July 2018 9:30

Colombia coach Jose Pekerman accused England’s player of “colliding and falling in the box” after last night’s World Cup last-16 clash.

Harry Kane gave England a 57th-minute lead when he converted a penalty he had earned after he was wrestled to the floor by Colombian midfielder Carlos Sanchez at a corner.

Colombia though equalised in the final minute from a Yerry Mina header from a corner to push the game into extra-time and penalties, which England eventually won 4-3.

American referee Mark Geiger struggled to maintain control during a contest littered with fouls and grappling at set pieces and Pekerman afterwards lamented the current “confusion” about the amount of physical contact allowed

“We’ve been knocked out because we missed a penalty after a draw,” said Pekerman.

“The match was very rough. There were many situations (at set-pieces), as expected, everyone knew it would like this.

“A lot was said about both sides’ set-pieces and we have to defend football. It’s been very uncomfortable playing this match, knowing that feeling was in the air, about refereeing decisions.

“Something is happening in football – there is a lot of confusion.

“What if a player falls because he fakes a fall, because he’s being pushed by an opponent, or they’re trying to get the referee to book another player? There is a lot of confusion on this matter at the moment.”

Pekerman did credit England before continuing the debate about the referee and his gripe about England at set pieces.

“England have a very good team,” added Pekerman.

“I know they weren’t happy before this match because there were lots of remarks – many unfounded comments – so I don’t think this is fair,” he said.

“I don’t think people in England or elsewhere should think about Colombian players like this. These matches are very competitive.

“England have a great aerial threat: they collide and fall in the box, there were penalties against Panama.

“You have to try and stand in the shoes of these players. They are subjected to situations which shouldn’t be present in football.

“These interruptions are bad, of course they are. Sometimes you have to repeat a free-kick or whatever but when there are so many fouls and interruptions that’s no good. We have to find the right balance so that football can happen.

“We shouldn’t only look at Colombian players, people should look at England players. I wish I was wrong, but I think from the next match England will be much more careful Today, it was far too obvious.”


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