Corney ‘blown away’ by Kelly

Date published: Thursday 7th May 2015 12:47

In a surprising move earlier this week, Latics announced that 35-year-old Kelly, an ex-youth coach with Sunderland and Oldham, was to be the new man at the Park helm.

Kelly’s hiring came out of the blue but Corney, who has never been afraid to hand hopeful bosses their first step on the ladder, is confident he can be a success.

“We interviewed a lot of people and he just blew us away,” the Latics chairman said.

“He came in and presented very well; he’s highly qualified, highly motivated, young and been getting himself ready for this stage of his life for a long time.

“I think we’re fortunate to have him. He’s fortunate to be at a club like Oldham and we complement each other very well.”

Kelly follows the likes of John Sheridan, Paul Dickov and Lee Johnson in landing their first managerial gigs at Oldham.

However, Corney has denied he has a penchant for selecting rookies to the role, adding:

“A few people have said that and I would say, ‘Not really’.

“I go with with who impresses us the most and who I think can bring the most to the party.

“It does look like I only want young, first-time managers but it’s not the case. If an experienced guy came along, of course I’d take him.

“But there’s no guarantees in football – you can get an experienced guy who loses the first 10 games and you can have a rookie and win the first 10 games. I don’t know which way it will go but I’ve got a good feeling about (Kelly).

“It’s people that know their football, know the club, have qualifications, are motivated and prepared to work hard. If you’ve got most of those qualities, and certainly Darren has, we’ll give it a shot. Why not?”

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