‘Costa a changed man and does well not to rise to the bait’

Date published: Monday 20th March 2017 11:57

Arsenal readers react to the news that Arsene Wenger might be staying, Man United fans discuss their top-four hopes and the classic clash between Man City and Liverpool are all discussed.

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Wenger tipped to extend Arsenal stay

It’s actually tough to put into words, just how depressing it is, to be hearing that it is now more than likely that Wenger will be staying for another couple of years. The fact that there is even an option for him, proves that the hierarchy of this club have absolutely zero ambition. Apparently the pro Wenger banner at the weekend was funded by the brother of Chips Keswick. Speculation at present but if true, shows the lengths the club will go to in order to protect their man, regardless of his levels of performance.

It has never been more evident that the players have stopped playing for him. Any other club would sack the manager because it’s the only logical course of action. What’s the alternative? Sack 20 players? It wouldn’t surprise me if the club took that option as long as it protected Arsene.

That performance on Saturday was disgusting. It was the very definition of a well drilled, organised team, focusing on another sides weakness and exploiting it. Had we even prepared for this game? Probably the same way we always do because Wenger is arrogant and stubborn enough to think that his players are always superior and in the end we will have enough to beat most teams. The problem is, we have a team full of absolute quitters. Players who think they are better than they are because he blows smoke up their backsides all day and in turn, they accept his mediocre standards.

Management, board, coaching staff, players……the club is totally rotten to the core with garbage. If he stays beyond this season, I am not putting a single penny more into this club. Before anyone says, I know they won’t care, but its the least I can do. Hopefully everyone that wants him out will do the same. I am staggered that it has come to this state.


You shouldn’t be surprised I have been predicting this for some time but the apologists (where are they now?) kept claiming Arsene Knows Best. The only thing Arsene knows is how to look after himself and blow everyone else. The BofD handed him the club years ago and they cant get it back, they are effectively impotent and must shoulder there share of the blame for abrogating their responsibility. The main culprit though is Clouseau, the man thinks he is the club, he has an ego bigger than Australia and he thinks he’s untouchable. Sadly he is right in that respect, the BofD and the pathetic apologists who aren’t real fans and don’t understand the game or the club are to blame. The club are in the worse state it’s been in since the 1960’s.

The Oracle

Are you surprised? I´m not to be honest and the reason for that is simple. Wenger is known for being stubborn and is alwasy out to prove everybody wrong. In this case he wants to show that he can still cut it and win the league next season. So yes I think he will sign a new contract and the board will be happy with that. What we fans think doesn´t bother either of them. They have lost touch with the fans a long time ago and now they go about their business like we don´t exist. Until we start hiting them were it hurts it won´t matter how much protests, signs and stick we give them because they will never ever listen to that. That should be clear to everybody.

What I see happening is that Wenger signs a new deal and the atmosphere among fans will become even more toxic. What the players do well if you look how they play now it seems to me that they have no faith in Wenger any more and they will be looking to leave as soon as they can. Will we manage top 4 who cares to be honest. 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th doesn´t matter I aint going to watch any games until Wenger leaves. So yes I was lucky not to see the game against Brom but I can´t say I´m surprised about the result.


What a game, but which fans are happier Liverpool’s or Man City’s?

What a game, nothing much to say except that I expected Liverpool to win and we almost did.

One observation is the improvement of Can, who was MOTM for me, plus the dominance of Wijnaldum in midfield, very impressed yesterday by his neat passing and surging runs.

It makes me wonder who Henderson will replace when he comes back, and whether it may be an option (in some games) to play a midfield of Henderson, Wijnaldum and Can, and sacrifice either Lallana or Coutinho. Hendo to play holding midfielder with the other two providing the energy, problem is that Can wants to play as holding midfielder, according to reports about his contract dispute.

Anyway time for a break until the next game which is a must win, let’s get this Top 4 spot done


Entertaining to say the least a game of what if`s

Some cracking performances Milner, Can, Wijni & Lalana TBF all the players had a good game except Continuo who wasn’t bad.

A valuable point slightly disappointed we didn’t get three.


Songman we are going to need much more in attack for the rest of the season than that trio you mentioned can offer. Maybe if we were playing city or spurs but we’ve seen previously we need creativity when playing the so called lesser teams as they will give us no space like the more attack minded teams do. We will see if the team has made any improvement against the 2 banks of 4 scenario as we will see plenty of it from now till seasons end.
We are already relying on manu slipping up as they will be ahead of us if we both win all remaining games so we can’t afford to drop many points. The reason I’m tipping them to pip us & not drop as many points is they have that X factor striker that can win a game on his own & we don’t.


Great game, great entertainment, no need to say anything as it has all been said, but I couldn’t sleep last night as I kept missing an open goal.


Poor but once again cheated by the so called referee. There was no way that was a penalty and he knew it.
Again we missed too many.

Caballero shows what our season might have been like even if he had been in goal.


Well I thought it was an exceptional game of football – similar to Monaco (home) but not as many chances converted.

I think Pep has a point if we take our chances then these games are long gone and what the ref or defence do is incidental (Chelsea was similar). I have no ideas how we improve the side to be more clinical

Credit to both teams for a hugely entertaining game


Top four still possible for Mourinho’s men?

A top 4 spot?

With away games at City, Arsenal, and Spurs it won’t be easy.

But it’s possible. All three teams have a tendency to crack under pressure.


Liverpool don’t have any matches against Top 6 teams anymore this season, whilst we still have to play away to Man City, Arsenal & Spurs as well as home matches against Chelsea & Everton. Our run-in is definitely more difficult and it doesn’t help that we have a poor record against the big teams this year and we still have that tendency to drop points in home matches we really should win.

Will Arsenal and Liverpool drop enough points over the rest of the season to match the drop in points we will inevitably have? It’s possible; we need to start getting results in every game, no more time for nice football with bad results.

Sympathy for the Devils

I can’t see this team winning any of the top 4 games. Maybe a point against Chelski and Arsenic which won’t be anywhere near enough. Europa is the only chance for CL next season imo.


Did Dele take a dive in Tottenham win?

Cheating again, are seperate threads about cheating and goal line technology, only created when United are involved.


It was a foul, not a sliding bone cruncher of a foul but it was still a clear foul, now lets move on.

There has also been a thread a while back when he dangled his leg and got a penalty. The majority of the worlds best players do it and get away with it far more often. Personally I think it should be clamped down on but it would be so difficult to referee and would rarely be black and white decision.


How penalties to Spurs this season?

Wonderfuel Gas

Joint 1st – Spurs 7. 5 scored, 1 missed 1 saved. 11% of our total goals scored have been penalties with 71% from open play.

Joint 1st – City 7. 5 scored, 2 saved.

52% of our shots are in the 18 yards box which would lead to increased chanced of being fouled.

Liverpool, Bournemouth and Sunderland have had better success from the spots with 100% success rate being awarded, 6, 6, and 5 respectively.


‘Calm’ Costa earns praise after Stoke kicking

Everything I have read about Costa implies he was targeted from the first minute and that he did exceptionally well not to rise to the bait and stay on the pitch

I have no idea if he will be here or not next season but at least give the guy some credit rather than look for the negatives simply because people feel he may leave. His presence on the pitch is enough to warrant close marking and even if he is not as involved as we would want/expect he creates space and opportunities for others. KTBFFH


Costa did very well on Saturday. OK, he didn’t score but if you look at a lot of our games, he has given space to our wide men. Pedro being the main beneficiary.


Jury out for me on whether he stays… But he took some roughing up and ultimately had a hand in a team victory by occupying the back line and taking a kicking… another massive three points. City are out of the race for me. Tottenham are still in it but might suffer without Kane up top for them.

Looks like 90 points is the target Mr Conte has given the side. I reckon it could be less TBH but we keep grinding out results and remain ten points clear.

Lets give Costa some space, he’s carried the side through the first half of the season and I would actually be thinking that his downturn in form is actually more about fitness and fatigue. He really does need help with Bats coming on for more minutes or resting the big man for 60 minutes to get his very best out of him. Either way, he wears the blue shirt and will do till the end of the season.


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