‘Another massive slice of luck’; Arsenal have ‘fallen further behind’

Date published: Tuesday 26th September 2017 4:14

Antonio Conte’s statement yesterday has Chelsea fans worried and one says Brendan Rodgers will succeed him at Stamford Bridge and do teams need water carriers?

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Conte hints at departure

If Conte doesn’t commit to a longer contract before next summer sadly I think he may well be gone then it will be difficult to attract players to the club next summer with a Manager in the final year of his contract and look at the distractions that same situation caused at Arsenal last season.

nine nine nine


‘Watch for Brendan Rodgers being the new Chelsea manager’

Well that’s that then, he’s off the end of the season 100%

Shame great manager and brought a lot of the feel good factor to the club, truth is though making a statement like he’s made he may already be planning his quick exit.

Said few weeks ago , watch for Brendan Rodgers being the new Chelsea manager.



What was Conte’s intention?

I’m not sure what the intention of the statement was. who knows if these English media has taken it out of context to just create a story. i don’t think Conte looks unhappy at the moment. and besides that Chelsea will be very much aware the negative impact that will and i’m hopeful that we will come to some sort of agreement with.

I have this gut feeling that Conte will last beyond the predict date. there are not many better jobs than working at Stamford Bridge.in Italy there are not many jobs that may attract a manager of his caliber. by the way didn’t he say he will again manage Italy when he gets more experience?



Public statement to give Chelsea time

I wonder if the public statement was to allow time for Chelsea to go and start looking for a replacement already without being seen to cause a fuss in the press.

As I said above, never have seen any confirmation that his family actually arrived in London and he was very clear how tough that was on him last season. As a family man you can see that it makes sense which is a shame, but these things happen

Not overly worried about attracting players as I feel that we will still have a decent season and the fact that we can start looking now for a replacement manager means we should be in a position to name the new manager quite early after the season ends and before the next window opens

Would not be happy to see Brendan come back as I am far from convinced about his credentials but he does know the Club and exactly what he would be walking into if it did happen..? KTBBFH



Conte interview transcript

Here are some of the direct quotes from his interview:

‘Once I have had some more nice experiences I will return to Italy, for sure. I don’t know when, but the goal is to do that. I have the will to finish a project, and then look for the right continuation of that. ‘The English experience has greatly enriched me, and I’d like to carry on as manager in the future.’

So, not “soon” as featured in some headlines, or at the end of this season, but ” I don’t know when”. Of course, he may well leave at the end of this season, but when you read what he actually said, it is not what he is saying right now.



Arsenal fallen further behind?

New Era – I’m not dismissing the Chelsea result. It was HUGE in the sense that the worst thing we can do (which we continue to do season after season) is gift rivals three points in such “six pointer” games. But the reaction of fans to the performance – which was basically us playing how we should as standard, and nothing more really – is testament to where we are/have been in relation to where we should be.

Also, you say that the fact that Chelsea destroyed Stoke at home (where we have many more bad days than good) is irrelevant because we drew against Chelsea and Man U didn’t beat them? You might have to explain that one.

Lastly, you have to look at our “improvement” in two ways – firstly, compared to last season. Which you have. But ALSO in comparison to our rivals THIS SEASON. We are not competing against ourselves from last season, so that could be argued as being almost irrelevant if, in direct relation to our rivals, we seem to have fallen further behind this season.



‘Another massive slice of luck’

Another game and another massive slice of luck against a side we should be cruising passed. Lady Fate either loves Wenger or hates Arsenal – probably both.

Clearly she was taking a break last season, but is now back with a vengeance. Look forward to another lucky top four finish and then Wenger spending the whole of next season teasing us over whether we’ll be ‘lucky’ or not ourselves.

Al The Gooner


Drop Xhaka for Wilshere

Im not so sure it was lucky. They should of had a pen but in fairness the ref is only doing what he thinks was right. Rodrigues should have scored, it took an unbelievable save to stop him but ultimately he really should be scoring and then Livermore missed an open goal.

They had 2 clear chances to score and failed. you can then pull it back again for a 3rd attempt, thats lunacy.
Further more Rambo could easily have gone done under foster from sanchez pass, but didnt he then messed his cross up. where was the advantage there? there is no complaints for that one though. Probably because we won. Sanchez was also dragged to floor which was clear as day for the lino but nothing was given. Lady luck, if anything was against us last night.

First half was a shocking performance. Xhaka was back to his worst, trying his hardest to give teh opposition chance after chance with his god awful passing. He might be able to ping a 50 yard pass to an unmarked man but he cant make any other pass!

If wet brom could finish we would of been in trouble.
2nd half though was very very assured performance we controlled the game and defended much better. For me it was a shame that Wilshere didnt get any time, personally i would have hauled

Xhaka off at half time and pu Wilshere on . I’d drop xhaka for him against Brighton.


Lacazette breaking records

Just a word on this guy – one of the few things there is to smile about at the moment. Apparently the first Arsenal player to score this many times, this quickly, since Brian Brian Marwood (on the wing, on the wing).

Imagine if we had a competent manager who could actually get the Ozil of two seasons ago to repeat the same supply rate, with Alexandre there to convert the chances.

Al The Gooner


Lacazette – he’s a fox in the box

I wanted to wait atleast half a season until giving out a proper and fair judgement on him.

But anyhow, the first glances I’ve gotten from him is to describe him in one simple phrase he’s a fox in the box.He’s very alert to opportunities that should fall to a striker in the box.Saying that,I will not judge him against lower opposition.

I remember debating on him when we signed him and I even said and quote “that he will score goals here and there,but it’s his performances against bigger teams in much decisive moments that will matter the most and prove if he’s worth the money we paid for him”.

Up until now he’s done well against lower opposition, but he didn’t get much playing time against Liverpool and against chelsea he missed an open goal.

I personally would’ve chosen Lukaku or morata.Not because I don’t think lacazette is not quality or dosen’t have the potential,But I feels he lacks the desire and aggression to become the PL’s best.Some of that is down to him of course,but a better manager would be able to bring out much more from the player no doubt.

the specialone


Klopp cannot be absolved of any blame…

Songman so what we just absolve Klopp of any blame. You say give him time to sort the defence, it’s not like our problems at the back are a new thing, we’ve known they are our weak link for a few seasons now.

As Mikus said if we are so reliant on 1 player for a system to work well is that not something the manager should address, probably with an alternate plan of attack (and defence :>)).
How can you simply say if we had Mane we would’ve beat Burnley, we’ve lost or drawn games v so called lesser teams with Mane in the team.

I also think man c$ty looked well up for our game & whilst I can’t say for sure they would’ve won, they were ahead & looking the better team before the sending off.

Look I agree those calling for Klopp to be sacked are crazy & it’s certainly not what I want to see happen but like Mikus I think he is struggling somewhat with how tough & unforgiving the EPL really is. I do believe he can get there but I also believe he will have to change things to do it.



It’s not Klopp’s fault

aussie, i think songman has a point. Klopp has said he has gone through the way they play at the back a 1000 times. Gomez didnt push up againest leicetser last week. He was at fault for their goal in the carling cup. I dont undertand how that is klopps fault if players are not following his orders. The 1st goal on sat was a foul. The 2nd was mignolets fault as he was to slow to react.

Burnley the two centre backs dont communicate. Its basic defending. Indivdual mistakes are killing us. The probelm is the personnel aswell and thats klopps fault. The constant switcing of full backs and centre backs is klopps fault but the players have to stand up and stop the mistakes.

I dont have ahuge problem with mignolet but it seems every few games we are talking about him.

Sean the Sailor


‘Does a team need water carriers?’

Sorry for the essay but its a complex subject …

But you also need those unheralded players who do the quiet work that keeps both a team and a squad ticking over.
To me an “unheralded player” is somebody like a Denis Irwin. Not in the world class star category (should be) but he could be relied on week in week out to deliver a 8/10 performance. He is hardly a water carrier.

My issue is with the “every team NEEDS water carriers” concept. No argument that every team HAS water carriers but that’s not to say they are needed in order to be successful.

Some here seem to suggest that players can make a United career out of being average, being a second stringer earning 100k until they’re 30. They see “water carrier” as if it’s a job position or criteria. It’s as if when Fletcher left the manager should put “experienced water carrier happy to sit on the bench” on his summer shopping list.

For me, second stringers should be either:

(a) Veteran stars who can’t be expected to play regularly (Carrick). These are on the exit list ie need replacing.

(b) Young “prospect” who has the potential to be a star (Rashford). These are given time to develop. If they do not make progress they go on the exit list (Januzaj). They cannot stay in this category forever. By a certain age if they have not become a star (should be obvious if they have) they go on the exit list.

(c) New signing needing time to adjust (Lindelof). These are given a settling in period of grace and then either go on the star list or exit list based on their performance (Schneiderlin).

In an ideal world those on the exit would be sold immediately. But in reality the manager is restricted by funds and availability of potential signings. This doesn’t mean they are not on the exit list.

It’s then a case of how high or low the players name appears on the exit list. His exit then depends on factors eg

– how much we can get for the player (Depay, Schneiderlin)
– is he multifunctional able to provide cover for many positions (Blind, JOS)
– does he have a situation specific use (Fellaini)
– is he earmarked for a club role (Giggs, Carrick)
– what is his salary (Rooney)
– is he sellable ie has the club received offers for the player (Anderson)

I’m sure many players discussed on the forum ARE on the managers exit list. Its a case of the practicalities of moving them on.

In my view we have to make do with what we’ve got but there are a lot of players who need to be moved on sooner rather than later.

In the past we often bought many “one for the future” players and moved them on once it became clear they would not make it (sadly not soon enough in many cases) eg Djemba, Bellion, Zaha. But once in a while there is a bargain (Ronaldo, Ole). I’d like to see us buying 3 of this type of player every season and moving them out within 2 years if they dont make the grade. These together with youth should be the second stringers other than a couple of decent multifunctional players for cover.



‘The issue with many of these players seems to be that they’re overpaid’

It’s a complex subject alright Mac and to be honest you probably won’t find a common consensus on this one.

There are merits to your argument but there are exceptions, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer being a case in point, rarely deemed to be good enough to be a starter for United yet he fulfilled a vital role in squad as an impact sub and I don’t think anyone could ever say he stole a living from United.

There will always be players who aren’t necessarily deemed good enough to be in the starting XI, either because they’re not good enough to start but are good players or the club bought a better option in the transfer window and they sit on the bench or are used in ‘lesser’ games/competitions.

The crux of this matter then is not the necessity of these players, rather how much they’re paid. The issue with many of these players seems to be that they’re overpaid, especially at United. They are in many cases, decent players and support the starting XI, but as they’re not starters they are deemed to be overpaid.

Am I wrong or am I misreading the gist of the post? Many posters gripes with a lot of our second string players, whether old, Young, or otherwise, is their perceived ability relative to their wage packet. If we were paying Lingard £50k less per week, many posters would be a lot happier to have him in the squad.



Every team needs a Nicky Butt

Nicky Butt: Former player appointed head of academy

In my opinion; yes a team needs water carriers. Every team has injuries, all star players have dips in form, all first XI need to be rested, that’s where these players come in.

I think all of United’s successful phases in recent history had players who were not considered first XI players nor new signings or upcoming players nor were too old that they needed to be phased out and couldn’t really consider them to be top class week in week out but still played a vital role in us winning trophies.

Nicky Butt and Phil Neville weren’t too young or too old from 1999 to 2003 yet played their parts in us winning trophies in that period; they weren’t on the level of Keane and Scholes and had their stinkers too in matches but for the most part just replaced the main players when the moment required it and did what they needed to do for the good of the team. Park and O’Shea are another two players who fall into that category.

One can say that we may have won trophies without them, but in reality it’s the small little details that matter: if Phil Neville didn’t have a masterclass against Arsenal in 2004 would we have ended their unbeaten streak and bring them back down to earth? If Park didn’t score all those goals in the big games, would we have won the league titles we did from 2007 to 2011? A lot of small items that add up make up a title winning club and, in my opinion, water carriers, whilst not providing the majority of them, do contribute enough to make them relevant.

Sympathy for the Devils

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