‘It’s a massive surprise no one has signed Aubameyang yet’

Date published: Thursday 13th July 2017 12:31

Why is nobody snatching Borussia Dortmund’s hand off for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang? And a Chelsea fan thinks “it could be Arsenal’s year”, all in our forum.


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‘Ox hasn’t kicked on much from when he joined’

The ox situation is a funny men because unless he hadn’t excelled in the right wing back position I think most wouldn’t of been too bothered with us moving him on. Our players too often get into the last year of their contracts where they have far too much power over the club and im not sure who to blame.

On ox himself he hasn’t kicked on much from when he first joined us,and I’m not convinced he can play his so called preferred choice of centre mid, but I think he can possibly suit and make the wing back position his own with another season under his belt but the only hurdle is having arguably the best right back in the league infront of him.

He can use his pace and power from deeper positions without having do too much in the final third with a small space where he tends to run the ball out of play or just mess up the situation. He needs a season with a good run in the team to learn the defensive side and the positional side more but considering the amount of time he hasn’t played there he surely does look impressive.

That said I can’t see him having that playing no time therefore I think he has made his mind up and we would Be lucky to get 20 million for him in his last year considering we could of probably demanded closer to 40 million. Let’s see how the season plays out.



Why has nobody signed Aubameyang?

Having observed the scene for many years now, few things in football surprise me any more. Contrary to legend, history DOES repeat itself and not much is new in the known world. So, why is it that this time last year, (and for two years prior) Aubameyang was feted as one of the world’s top strikers with excellent performances backing-up the opinions whereas, now, Dortmund are OFFERING a player one would have thought was gold dust and no-one appears to over-extending themselves to buy him?

I find that odd. Of course, Dortmund may need the money but that still doesn’t explain why no-one is grabbing their hand off. Except possibly Chelsea…..who are in desperate need of a top striker. Is the requires fee too high? Well, £70M is a lot of money but in a market where an average player is moving to Manchester United for c£100M the Aubameyang fee might be seen as a snip. Maybe I have been right all along and player fees are meaningless but very few subscribe to that view so it can’t be that. “It’s just football” probably is as good an explanation as I shall get.

As for the rest of the “news”: at long last my February hope for Bellotti seems to have had takers even to the point where I see Gianfranco Zola endorses that view. Even Homer nods! Of the options now on the table he is, in my view, immeasurably the best of the lot……and always was. I do accept that, in taking such a trenchant view, I am making myself a hostage to fortune….but Franco and I have broad (well, broadish) shoulders! But we still have to get him. Still, we avoided the Lukaku bullet so that worked well in the end. Those with memories will recall that I was equally concerned about our buying Babayoko; good league player seeming to be out-of-his-depth in CL games….surely why we want both him and Lukaku? I felt that there were better midfield options around….maybe some in-house!

As for our spending power. I feel it is as good as it needs to be in most cases but something that fellow fans may have forgotten is that next year we have World Cup…..and it is in Russia. Have we really forgotten that day when Blatter pulled that country name out of a hat and the cameras turned to a group of spectators wreathed in smiles and the centre of which was Mr Abramovich? Russian oligarchs may feel that their acquired billions belong to them; most days of the week, maybe so. But Russia has a president who actually feels that money belongs to the mother country and, if he thinks that, I reckon he is right!

Thus, any day now (or maybe already) “requests” for donations will be being made. Of course, much of what makes up a club’s spending power comes from revenue streams and, in that regard, we are very comfortable. But Mr Abramovich’s wealth does under pin it and he will be anxious, I am sure, to all his ducks in a row. Mr Abramovich has a high regard for ducks, as I an sure you will recall.



Bakayoko injury holding up Chelsea deal

Bakayoko would not be available until September if he signs. I don’t know, this just raises a question mark. Why would we buy a player who’s injured? Who does not pass medical?

And now Matic seems wanting to leave.

Anyway our main concern is a striker. If Conte wants Belotti, hopefully he’ll get him. If Conte wants Auba, hopefully he’ll get him. But get a striker, we can’t have a season without main striker. And I still hope too to us to bring a creative talent in the midfield to help Hazard.



Aindro, Bakayoko is according to reports recovering from a minor knee operation which is seemingly what has held up this transfer.

Not being available until September is as you have indicated not ideal but if Conte really wants him and seemingly he does having watched him personally it shouldn’t be a deal breaker either suggestions are that he will take a medical and sign on Friday? Cheers 999

nine nine nine


‘I won’t be sorry to see Matic leave’

It seems pretty obvious that Matic is on his way out. Can’t say I will be sorry if he does, however I hope that there is no deal done with United.

Sell him on outside of the Prem and for once put down a marker about refusing to strengthen direct competitors as well as sending out a message about player power!



Happy with Liverpool transfer policy

I have to say i am pleased with our transfer policy this summer. We have our ‘A’ targets and are going for them. We have identified a number of 1st 11 transfers and are going about our business.

I don’t for a second blame our guys for VDV…that is down to panic from Soton. too often in the past we had a scatter gun approach or ‘ones for the future’ etc. This is about strengthening the first 11…i can’t see Naby and VDV being on the bench. Only slight concern is LB….but i think Moreno has to go although we missed the boat re napoli bid. S

till, a lot of trust in the club and klopp…really need a chant for klopp though…

number 10


Keita and Ox deals ‘not reliant’ on each other

The Keita and Ox deals aren’t reliant upon the other failing. Both could very well come in.

We are going after Kieta because he’s a special player. A players who’s different to what’s out there. He’s almost like 2 players rolled into one, equally as good at defending as attacking.
The Ox provides speed and tactical flexibility.

It’s not like Klopp has decided we need a midfielder and they’re his 2 options.

We could very well sell both Stewart and Lucas.

Can has yet to sign a new deal with less than a year left on his existing one.



Grujic will come good

The way i see it is that Keita and Ox would get more gametime than both Lucas and Stewart combined.

They would increase competition so much that Stewart would be obsolete at the club. Then with only one or two spot available at the bench there is not the required gametime to play all our midfielders. Two players will always lose out on a starting position with only one of them comig in unless we play with 5 midfielders.

Then we still dont know if a leftback is joining, if he arrives then Milner is back in midfield. We also got Grujic who I highly rate. I think he will come good if he manages to get a few starts, he is certain ti start in the cups but he might push for the first eleven if given the opportunity.



‘They obviously don’t test for lazyitis in medicals’

Adnan Januzaj: Wants to remain in England

They obviously don’t test for lazyitis in medicals then if Januzaj passed his. I know he was lacking that yard of pace for a winger, but he really did have so much talent just a shame he had the mind of a spoiled child. Can’t see anything but down for him from here on in but he’ll already have earned enough to be made for life. The fee from Sociedad might nearly cover the wages he’s thieved during his time at United but I doubt it.

Wonderfuel gas


I thought you’d be angry about Januzaj, Tommy. I remember a post you put up about him a couple of years back, “allows us to dream does this kid” or something like that. It’s incredibly sad that his attitude didn’t match his talent.

I can’t imagine it myself, imagine being that good at football but just not being bothered to try your hardest? Weird.



Gibson in at Spurs?

Walker for anything over 40 mil, I’m not going to lose too much sleep, good luck to the fella. And if Walker stays, wouldn’t be that upset with Dier going for 50 plus either, but only if Walker stays (and we get Gibson in). But don’t want to lose both, that’s for sure!



Mawson over Gibson?

Banjo are you mad? Gibson? Would rather have Mawson, he has improved each season and now is adding goals to his game. Gibson looks a bit leggy to me, would be good to have both but Mawson over Gibson any day.

Walker for 20 mil and Iheanacho sound likes a great deal, apparently we want to add a guy called Jaden to the deal but they aren’t having that. But the first deal sound perfect. Would be able to get a decent replacement for 20 mil too, the Portuguese guy we are constantly linked with or even Soares for a bit more.



Retaining the Premier League title is hard

Winning a league is difficult however retaining it is even more difficult – all of Chelsea’s players had something to prove last year, will Hazard and co be up for it again next year? The last time they won the league they finished in 10th the following year, will something similar happen again? I don’t think so however I do think they will struggle immensely to retain the title.

Man City have an excellent attack, the best all-rounded in England in my opinion. They are lacking a bit at the back however, if they get those sorted I’m sure they’ll be right up there.

United & liverpool both have issues in their squad which haven’t and will not be solved in this window – there is still more that both Mourinho and Klopp still need to keep working on their squads and this year will probably be too early for both.

Spurs & Arsenal won’t win the league in my opinion because, despite having good squads and hungry players, don’t have the bottle for it – Arsenal have been also-rans up until February for too many years in a row for the mentality to just magically change; only a major shift in the clubs mentality will shift it. Spurs on the other hand had to win the league the year Leicester won it, coming 2nd that year when they had the chance and bottling it last year too when chasing Chelsea will start to build the same negative attitude in them that Arsenal currently have, and I don’t see that going away this year.

In my opinion the league will go to either Chelsea or Man City, with United or Liverpool possibly springing in a surprise if they sign right this summer.

Sympathy for the Devils

No Euro football was key for Leicester, Chelsea

Sympathy, Leicester and Chelsea all had one thing in common en route to the title, no European football.

I think it could be arsenals year tbh, they’ve got a very good striker and if they keep Sanchez and ozil then then those players will win games.

If spurs can keep the squad together, add a striker to mix they could be banging on the door.

City with Jesus up top will probably do the job. Just don’t see it from Liverpool, I think they need a couple of hard men as I think they’ve got a soft underbelly.

Cfc.. as you say very difficult to retain the title and conte will probably focus on champions league and a good showing in the competition. But we will need a striker.

Top four I reckon Everton could sneak if the players all gel and settle, got some very promising talent in their ranks.

Having said that, the side who can put together a run of wins in this league, being as competitive as it is, take your pick… and good luck –

Romansdirty pants



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