Klopp posed question that usually makes him leave press room

Date published: Tuesday 13th February 2018 7:18

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp reacted in a curt manner after being posed a question in Tuesday’s press conference he loathes.

Klopp’s Reds face Porto in the Champions League last-16 tomorrow night and the German was asked about the threat the hosts pose on home soil.

Klopp said: “I respect Porto a lot, a mix of football and fight, experience and youth.

“I know a bit about this country and there’s a big passion for football. Portugal has a lot of good coaches, good managers who are working all over the world.”

But when asked by a foreign journalist if he felt Liverpool could win the competition, a curt Klopp said: “It’s such a long way and only good football teams.

“I hate to talk about the round after the actual round. Only because I am a friendly person I answered the question, because we are in public. Usually if somebody asks me about the next round I leave the room immediately.”

Somwhat bizarrely Klopp was then asked whether Liverpool could win the tie in the first leg.

“Does that happen a lot in the Champions League? That one game decides it?” said Klopp

“I’ve not thought about it. But we believe in Anfield. We know it’s a place where the crowd can make a difference.

“But to use that in the second game we need to do the job in the first game.

“We are looking to get a result to give us a chance in the second game. But it will be hard, we know that. ”

The Liverpool boss was also asked about his formation, but he was not in any mood to give anything away.

“That’s football,” said Klopp. “The system will never win the game. It’s about the players and their decision making and doing the right thing in the right moment. Throwing your heart on the pitch giving everything you have.

“Systems are very important but only to bring players in their best positions.

“I respect Porto a lot. They are a mixture of football and fight, experience and youth, well organised and fluent. I like it.

“But to be honest, they’ve not played 20 times against a team like us. We are not too bad and we know that as well.

“We want to show it and use it, and we will see tomorrow night and in two weeks. I know it’s a close race, no problem with that.”

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