Dawn of a new Man Utd Golden Era; forgotten Liverpool man comes good

Date published: Monday 9th December 2019 1:56

Manchester United readers discuss whether a new Golden Era is just around the corner, while Liverpool fans hail the performance of a forgotten man – all in Your Says of the Day.

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I tight slap to the face of those plastic fans demanding Ole out. Ole never complaint about key players’ injury as other managers do. Yet he focused on giving chance to the youth. I sense this is the end of our nightmare.

The team is very young with high potential, it’ll unfold in time. I think the constant arguing about whether he should stay or not is just trash. How can any fan say Ole out? Look at his passion for the club. He was pointing at the badge at the end of the City game. HE IS A TRUE RED. He still cares for the badge.

Give Ole and the lads time. Mark my words, they will grow and rule both Manchester and England. Sometimes it sounds too good even for a dream. This is the Golden Era of Man United.

theMartial Art

I really hope so mate. Fact remains that, up until now, it’s been very underwhelming. We all want him to succeed but he needs to get these results on a much more consistent basis.

It’s been a great week though!


Not even close, long road ahead. He’s bought himself some breathing space but certainly isn’t safe yet. Consistency required for him to have a legacy and two wins in a row isn’t consistency even if they were brilliant wins against Spurs and City. Great results to build on but certainly a lot of work still to be done.


I certainly hope so but only a week before I went to the Villa game where we were crap as we were the week before at Sheffield United.
When we can go on a proper run of wins rather than being up for the big games then we can get excited
We just need to break the rut of poor performances and bad results against crap teams and then I am sure the players confidence will improve as will the image of the club across the league




Absolutely brilliant game by the team – one of those matches where everyone was at least a 7/10. Everyone played really well but think McTominay and Fred – who I didn’t give a chance up against City’s midfield, did particularly well (as did James on the right).

If only we could beat the fodder week in week out like Liverpool or City usually do… think Pogba coming in to the No.10 role instead of Lingard will make a massive difference there. I’d think someone like Giroud (who is strong and good in the air) would also help.

Is Top 4 still a possibility? If we find some sort of consistency I’m very sure it could be as I can see Chelsea slipping down a bit as the players look knackered each match.

Sympathy for the Devils

Saw the game late in the night. Surprised we showed up two games in a row.
Suddenly the players play for the club and the team and their salaries.
Why didnt they do it before? Anyway,two different tactics against Spurs and City and both ended up in wins. A lot easier for our players to sit back and counterattack at least for our defence. Our front four won us the game with their pace,not MacTominay and Fred. Both are sloppy in possession and make silly mistakes but the thing is MacTominay has really helped Fred improving his game.

Little lucky with VAR,another video referee could cost us the three points.


Great result, missed most of the game so can’t wait to watch at 11 tonight. What a week we are having and how things have turned around for Ole!



What was impressive in the performances against Spurs and City is that we created chances. We were full value for the wins. We matched and best teams who we all thought beforehand were better and would give us a thrashing. Last year when we beat Spurs it was like how did we come out of that game with a result? In addition, we are the only team in England to take points off Liverpool this year. Hence the starting team in not as bad as we all think. Yes consistency is an issue for young players but the comments about this squad being the worst group of players in UTD’s history is nonsense. People forget when the class of 92 started they played with Keane, Irvin, Palister, Schmeichel, Kanchelskis…. etc who were already league winners. Ole must be given time with his project. No more the so called ‘superstar’ primadona please. More young and determined players like Dan James and Bisakka and experienced players like Maguire who can put in a shift will do nicely.

theMartial Art



Special mention to Shaw for the job he did on Bernardo Silva. He let him have the outside and never let him cut inside. This took away some level of creativity from City.


Considering how long shaw has been out for that was a remarkable performance from him.




By far our most comfortable win of the season. Total control of the game. Nice to see a clean sheet. Hendo MOTM for me. Naby looking good as well. Good to see Jones get 20mins. As easy a win as we’re going to get this season and we never had to get out of 2nd gear in that 2nd half.


Excellent performance. Keita had a very good game. Hendo mom
For me.

Good to see jones get a run. 3 goals, clean sheet and on we go.

Perfect day for us apart from Lovren injury

Sean the sailor

A much needed routine and comfortable win with a clean sheet to boot.
Fringe players really showing their worth; everyone unselfishly pulling in the right direction.
Unfortunate about Lovren but it was only a matter of time.
On to the next game.


The easiest win of the season albeit against a very weakened Bournemouth.
All played well, nice to see Salah doing better, Keita did well but is not up to speed as he gets caught with the ball too many times.
Here again I must say that Firmino should be getting more goals, no excuse re., his false No 9, lots of midfielders have a much better scoring rate.





This should have been another rotation game (well, it is in a way) but from a resting standpoint. Napoli, tho, are no mugs so here we are needing not to get to beat to advance.

Salzburg are a good side and are top of the league in the Austrian Bundesliga. They are currently on their winter break at the moment having drawn their last two league games. Salzburg are a free scoring team with everyone contributing. We are gonna have to be really on our game Tuesday as they will desperately want to qualify too.

Napoli won at their place (their only defeat at home this season) 3-2 in the middle of October and won with a 442 formation. Salzburg usually deploy a 4231 so I think Klopp will match that. 433 will be too risky with these guys.

Players to watch out for are obviously Haaland (their lone 9), Hwang on the left (Trent will need to defend well against this lad) and Junojovic, a great number 8 who likes to get forward.

We have to get our mid right. Can see Gini back (the report was a knock for him yesterday but I think he was precautionarily rested) alongside Henderson with maybe Ox or Naby as the 10. Mane, Mo as the 7 and 11 and Bobby up top.

Massively tempted for a draw (too nervy to play for that) but something tells me that not only will we not get beat but win this. I think they will score but going for a 3-1 away win.

Rob Fort Worth Tx


Normally I’m a bit worried when we rotate but right now with the games coming so fast I dont think it matters much, with a game every three days it’s likely that the whole squad will be 100% match fit and with everyone knowing their roles I just cant be bothered to be worried about rotation.


This will not be a straightforward game.
These have been scoring for fun particularly at home so we need to be very careful here.
I suspect we’ll see a more “usual” line up with a few changes due to injury.
I can see a team along the lines of…
TAA, Gomez, VVD, Robbo
Milner, Hendo, Gini
Salah, Firmino, Mané

Possibly a difference in midfield with maybe Ox starting instead of Milner but I can’t see it being much different from this team.





Unfortunately Zouma and Christensen are not the answer. Zouma is a mid table center back at best or a sub to bring on when trying to hold onto point. Christensen unfortunately is not cut out for English league, too nice and lightweight.
It’s becoming obvious where we need strengthening.
The rest of the team look very good just experience and ruthlessness in front of goal lacking.

Watching us today, we are like Liverpool 2 seasons ago just needed some fine tuning and finishing touch in few areas.


Agree 100% on Zouma and Christensen. We need to let them both go. Christensen too lightweight, and a Zouma often brainless. Dave needs to go too. All he does is give the ball away with the worst crossing you see in the league. We offer no threat whatsoever from corners and ours general crossing is woeful.



Agree Chris and Shedend. We will never win anything with Zouma and Christensen, and the head has to rule the heart, these guys are just not good enough.

Dave, first thing I would do with him is take the armband off him. On the pitch he has zero leadership qualities, nice guy and a good PR man but not a leader and ironically as a player he is a shadow of his former self since been given the armband!!


Bounced 🙁

Architects of our own downfall. We need Rudiger back and the defence needs attention.

Poor performance v a team we knew would be up for it given the management change.

nine nine nine

I still think Azpi is our captain. Nobody has better quality to captain our team. However we know that he is not the best attacking RB. Let alone LB. We still need some reinforcement. Kovacic was our best player today. Kante ok. Willian ok. Abraham ok. Others were poor. Pulisic was really poor



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