‘With Kante out, Drinkwater’s time for Chelsea is NOW’

Date published: Thursday 12th October 2017 1:45

Danny Drinkwater: Signs new five-year deal

Manchester United readers discuss the best way to win at Anfield, while Liverpool fans continue to reflect on the potential takeover of the club.

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Counter-attack the way to win at Anfield

The best weapon against Klopp is to sit back. Teams in Bundesliga did it against Dortmund successfully. Sit back and counter with Miki,Lukaku,Rashford and Martial against Matip and Louvren sounds like a wet dream. The high press a la Klopp should be taking care of with long balls to Lukaku,a perfect target player who can hold up the ball and start counterattacks.


I agree with Zico sit back stifle them and hit them on the break. It’s inevitable we need to adopt counter attacking play ;we have the pace.

Force their full backs into defensive mode. I hate Liverpool games with them brings it all back.

I studied their worked there for ten years but never stepped foot inside anfield. I can’t stand them. To emphasize my personal experience with the rivalry I turned up at the gym in Liverpool once wearing my united top I thought Sod it got a few stares mind you but carried on.

It was about 20 mins in this instructor working there tattooed with all sorts of Liverpool crap comes upto me “if it wasn’t for the fact I’m working right now and the gym being full I’d smash you”

I guessed he was a staunch Liverpool fan in his hand he had a book ” bill shankly autobiography” and out he came with quote after quote ” bastion of invincibility ” there’s two teams in Liverpool only Liverpool and Liverpool reserves”. I kindly responded with “well your s*** now” Thankfully he had the humour to laugh it off. Funnily enough I remained in contact with him and had some good laughs.

But lets hope come Saturday we can get one over them!


Time for Drinkwater to step up

Reading today that the fears are that Kante will be out for all of October with a hamstring injury

On the assumption that Drinkwater returns to fitness soon (not sure on that one either) then I would still say we are ably covered.

What it does allow is for Bakayoko to get an extended run in both the EPL and CL games so he can adapt to the EPL and get used to what is expected of him by Conte and his teammates.

For me that can only be a good thing as we obviously spent a lot of money on him with the expectations that he could deliver in times like this

Just hope that Fabregas gets his passing boots on so that he can start to open some of these defences starting with Palace this weekend. KTBFFH


Kante will be a massive loss, and agree Baka is going to have to step in and provide that cover, as for Drinkwater, thus far a disaster of a signing, who knows when fit, but for sure he is going to be way behind fitness wise.

And we have to accept that fabregas best days are behind him, you could probably count on one hand players slower than fabregas in the top flight, so unless we dominate the ball, the game will just pass him by, would be interesting to see his tackle stats and how many actually end up free kicks.

Gonna be a struggle chaps, but should still have enough for palace.

But after that, who knows.


bp – I hate to be accused of being in the happy clappy brigade, but to suggest Drinkwater is a “disaster of a signing” when he hasn’t kicked a ball for us yet, is the sort of pessimism that personally I find depressing to read from a Chelsea supporter. Just a ridiculous statement.

It is unfortunate he injured himself in training, but lets just give him a chance eh?



Major problems if Klopp can’t get the players he wants

I don’t buy into the whole results are bad there for we are talking about a takeover.

The reason why IMO is because there is a interested party and under FSG the club seems unable to acquire their first choice targets.

Every time we gain a bit of momentum the club fails in the market, our current team in charge of recruitment might be new but it’s the third team under FSG.

I consider it a major problem when we can’t recruit the players the manager wants. The jury will be out in January, cause if the club fails in the market once again the fans will start to turn on them.

Not just the oddballs that need a blameguy for everything but the more pragmatic fans, that will have learned from 7 years of wasted opportunities that we can do better under better leadership from the top.


There are several reasons why we havnt been able to sign our first choice targets.

The club who has the player doesn’t want to sell i.e. Southampton

We havnt been that attractive a destination due to no CL.

Players choose the clubs that pay the massive wages.

Players choose the high profile managers to work with.

And yes our own f*** ups play a part.

But to simply lay the entire blame at FSGs door does not reflect what’s really going on.

Once again, context and perspective is needed.


IMO Klopps as much if not more to blame than FSG for not strengthening.

I get he wouldn’t come out & say they didn’t back him but I don’t think that’s the case.

I believe Klopp thought he could work with what we wave until his 1st choice became available. As we know that has failed miserably & like many of us predicted we needed at least 1 CB in the summer window but got none.

The scouting department at Liverpool are not doing a very good job if they couldn’t find an improvement on Lovern & Klavan so they can take some of the blame also.


Fearing the worst at Anfield

My heart is hoping for at least a draw but im prepared for a thrashing from them, 1-3. Sadly there is nothing fans can do given the situation that we are in but only to moan on forums and social media.

FSG is here to stay and uncertainty whether Klopp would learn from his mistakes and stop being stubborn remains to be seen. Tough times.


hear what you’re saying about Coutinho and out wide for this game at least especially with no Mane might be better all round.

I’ve got a sneaky feeling for a 2-2 draw Liverpool will play to a higher level v United and will create a lot of chances my fear for Liverpool is that the defence may struggle against United’s pace and the power of Lukaku hence my 2-2. But what do I know.😊 Cheers 999

nine nine nine

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