‘Defoe would have given Liverpool better value than Sturridge’

Date published: Monday 27th March 2017 12:49

Liverpool supporters feel Jermain Defoe could still do a job at Anfield now, while Arsene Wenger has been branded a leech and transfers between the Premier League and La Liga are debated.

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Jermain Defoe would have given Liverpool better value than Daniel Sturridge

Seriously, I’ve always admired Jermain Defoe. Every time we got a new manager he was always linked with a move to Liverpool. The reason for posting is that I just realised he has 13 goals and so obviously he hasn’t lost his scoring touch, despite his advancing years.

He’s was very underrated maybe not playing for any fashionable teams. We once went for Rickie Lambert but I think we should have gone for Defoe at the time.

And no offense to Daniel Sturridge but at least Defoe he would have given us better value than Sturridge has. He’s 34 and another England recall, which is pretty amazing! I think his finishing is equal to Sturridge and obviously is far more robust.

Too late to cry over spilt milk now yes, but I’ve just had a soft spot for Defoe as I always used to sign him up for Liverpool on Championship/Football manager and he always did a great job. Just sad we never signed him in real life. Anybody else thought we should have signed him in the past?

At the moment he would probably walk into our team…yes I said that! Coutinho form is off at the moment I would shuffle team and play Defoe first with Coutinho coming off the bench…

However back to reality, I agree songman that Defoe would probably think twice about signing for us if Klopp showed interest. But with Ings still out and Origi (who should go out on loan) and Sturrigdes position under threat maybe there will be more striking berths available?


I always felt this move should have happened 10 years ago. Wherever he’s gone he’s banged them in even when he wasn’t playing regularly. At the time I wanted us to sign him instead of Robbie Keane because of the disruption to the Gerrard-Torres combo and in hindsight he couldn’t have done any worse really as a backup to Torres.

Still, even now we can do a lot worse and he’d be a very handy option to have on the cheap as well.



Ferguson, Moyes, or Man Utd board to blame for struggles?

There’s a couple ways of looking at it:

1) Fergie left us in a mess with an ageing poor squad and entrusted Moyes to build a new team
2) Fergie left us with a title winning squad and decided to leave on a high.

The truth is probably somewhere in between.

The ‘mess’ though for me was all Moyes (and Woodward). Replaced a world class backroom with an above average version at best. Alienated the senior players who had a winning mentality (i.e. Vidic, Evra, Ferdinand) and gave Rooney a brand new shiny contract. RvP was Fergie’s fault as the former sulked after the latter retired. Then Moyes signed Fellaini. Then in Jan he strengthened an area that was probably our strongest area.



I think it’s fair to say that Fergie was hamstrung by the Glazers in not being able to upgrade the squad sufficiently but it’s also fair to say that it was a squad that was in decline, if only at the start of the curve when he left.

It’s also fair to say that the squad was woefully mismanaged by Moyes and LVG. Players were allowed to leave who shouldn’t have been, Hernandez would have been a great squad player although he probably wasn’t happy to be one either but he could have gotten a lot more starting time last season when we were in sore need of a striker, Evra would have been a leader when we were shorn of our biggest ones and Rooney didn’t and still hasn’t filled the gap and should have been offered anything to stay.

I think with Pogba, Fergie was trying to prove a point. Raiola and Pogba were making demands about getting game time, about starting and probably wanted assurances about both, which Fergie was definitely unwilling to give, especially given that Pogba was pretty much unproven at senior level at that time.

Having a teenager and his agent coming into his office demanding things from him, and from the club, would have pissed Fergie off no end and so he was shown the door, or allowed to leave, depending on your point of view.



Wenger is a leech. No self-respecting person would stay this long

Arsene Wenger: Tipped to sign a new Arsenal deal


The real problem is clearly the owner. He apparently wants Wenger to continue. Why I cannot fathom.

People harp on about Dein. He is responsible for bringing this even bigger loser than Wenger on board. We are doomed. The fact of the matter is that the Pool supporters chased their previous owners from their club.

Why can’t we do likewise? Because we lack passion, just like our gutless team; we cannot show our frustration and anger. The protests are not gathering any momentum. People talk about stewards at the Emirates. If,say 30K protest (loudly but peacefully) with banners etc against the owner, BoD and Wenger do you think the stewards can stop this?

Surely there aren’t 30K of them. Regarding Wenger, I have lost whatever respect I had for him.

He will go down as a leech. No self respecting person insists to stay when he knows he is so despised. And when he has failed so badly over years.



Yes the mentality as a whole our club is cowardly.They simply have not shown that they care, and the manager has to be responsible for that.I’d rather get relegated and show fight than achieve a fourth place trophy and get capitulated.

Ahmad – Well,I’ve said it for the biggest time Kronke is most at fault.He has set the standard for this club,and without a change in ownership we’ll probably be worse off even without Wenger.

But where the manager is concerned, for me wenger has already gone down as a leech. I’ve lost all respect for him, what he’s doing to the club.



Which Prem players will move to La Liga – and vice versa?

Sorry if this is to early lol, anyway what are you expecting this summer? Coutinho to Barcelona is a rumour flying around, with Rakatic being part of the deal.

Hazard to Real is another, apparantly he is learning Spanish. Real’s main target is De Gea, can see him going this summer and can you blame him?

Arguably the best keeper on the planet, or top 3. He deserves better then fighting to get into the top 4 every year.



Griezmann will go to Man Utd for around 70m if they get in the cl.

Lol, Rakitic for couthino will never happen. Most Liverpool fans would bite your hand off for that. Couthino is far to inconsistent. Plays well for a few months, gets injured then sturrgles for form. Its been happening since he joined us.

liverpool need 6 players. Priorty should be a centre back and left full.

sean the sailor


I think Real will go for Courtois instead, or else Donnarumma. If de Gea does leave Utd will have to shell out for Oblak, and rightly so, he’s probably the best keeper in the world right now, if they can’t get him they’ll go for Donnarumma and will prob pay at least what they get for DDG.

As stated in the Monday Verdict today Griezmann’s buyout clause isn’t big enough to put off the PL’s big teams, £85m or so isn’t going to break the bank for any of Chelsea, Utd or City. Arsenal could easily afford it also but, as always, they won’t spend big.

United need a midfield enforcer to allow Pogba push forward into his preferred and more effective advanced midfield role, Brozovic might be a good fit and apparently Mourinho has been making moves in that direction again.

Expect Utd to have most of its transfer business done by mid-July. Centre back is still a priority and we could probably do with wing backs as well but Valencia is doing well there and can do so for at least one more season so a left back will come in first with Shaw convincing no-one at present.

Don’t think Hazard will leave, if he goes to Real I wouldn’t be surprised to James AND Isco come in the other direction as part of the deal.

Rakitic for Coutinho, apparently willing to let Neymar leave as well. If so the wheels are well and truly coming off at Barca, also Jordi Alba is unhappy at the moment and wants out. Either they need to money or the club is completely changing direction, either way allowing those three players leave would be a massive mistake.



Newcastle don’t have players to play 4231 in Premier League

Everyone knows how a 4231 works, one up top, holds up the play, brings the midfield into play etc etc

It works in the championship, not exciting, but effective. Doubt it would work in the premier league, not with our current squad.

If Rafa brings in more quality players, 4231 will be effective, but not very exciting once again. Rafa is a good manager due to organisation and discipline, only way to get more attacking attractive football, is by getting better quality individuals in the attacking area of the field.




Liverpool should consider Kurt Zouma as Sakho replacement

If Liverpool are scouring the Premier League for a new centre-half and someone to replace Mamdou Sakho, then why not Kurt Zouma?

The lad has Premier league experience and was going to hit a starter place before his injury.

Very solid and is not afraid going for challenges.

He’s better than sakho or klavan and way ahead of Mings

Having a difficult time to get back in first team and his price may be affordable.



Whatever happens at Liverpool, for the club to get back to where they need to be they can’t keep selling their best players which Coutinho is, despite his recent slump in form.

Liverpool need to be adding to Coutinho not having to replace him.

nine nine nine

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