‘Disgraceful Man City need whole new defence and leaders’

Date published: Thursday 16th March 2017 11:17

Manchester City and Manchester United readers react to City’s Champions League exit, while Liverpool and Arsenal fans discuss their club’s summer transfer dealings.

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Man City lack leaders after CL failure

“Normally we play to a good level but here we didn’t. We will learn. The team does not have a lot of experience.”

With multiple Champions League winners and World Cup winners the team does not lack experience, a poor excuse for a poor performance. Sane was the brightest to shine, hopefully he will continue and will be given the title of “world class” in a couple of years. Monaco are just a well managed quality team, probably won’t be long until we see Jardim lured to the PL with a big pay packet.


We need to buy a Leder in to this team
To do that first halv in CL is just a dicgrace have never sen them that bad for a longtime.
As anyone said we need to buy defenders this summer 2 New fullbacks and a central defender depending on Kompany! Thats got to be our highest priority.
and of course buy Kroos!!!!!!!


Monaco good but as for their players?

As good as Monaco were tonight, I’m not wetting myself about their players like others. I don’t think any are the world class players that we need to fill our problem areas that of CB,DM,LB,LM and CF. Sure there are young players with potential but we got those already:

LB: Shaw
DM: Timothy Fosu Mensah
CF: Rashford

Their best player tonight, Mbappe has potential as the left-sided right footed player, but we’ve got Martial. Bernardo Silva maybe for the right-sided left footed spot, but I’m not convinced He’s the pacy, direct player we need. DM – Fabinho was good, but did he run the show? CF and CB – Monaco had none of note.

red exile

I understand the joy in seeing City fail but when you stop and think about it, it would be better for us if City and Arsenal were not able to concentrate solely on top 4.


Vardy takes a trip to the Copa, Copacabana

Vardy on the Nasri comments.

“I’m not a cheat and never have been…” (moments before his nose grew to Barry Manilow proportions)….


Liverpool need to strike early in transfer hunt

Reportedly Bayern are now interested in signing Brandt.
Admittedly the source to this story is BILD but Bayern have been interested previously and its would hardly be surprising if they were interested again.
Have we made a mistake in not pushing thru his signing in Jan?
Apparently he has a buy out clause of £10.9 mil this summer.
Could this be the reason why we have waited?




The Emre Can debate rumbles on

Nr8 we don’t know if his contract offer is 50k or 100k. All we know is that his current contract is about 35k.

Half the forum all of a sudden wants to sell him, its a repeat of the criticism aimed at Henderson & Lallana not so long ago.

If we are going to sell someone it should be Stewart, who has done next nothing in his time at the club, or Lucas.

Can might not be in form right now but he is a first eleven regular. A club of our standing should not be selling players out of the first team when we got fringe players that need to go.


Bingo: difference is Hendo & Lallana have improved in Klopps system, Can hasn’t IMO. I don’t see Can as a 1st team regular, where would you play him & who would you leave out at his expense.
As previously mentioned, it’s bloody crazy letting his contract run down so low & for that reason I think we may well end up keeping him in any case.


Do Arsenal pay too much for average players?

regardless of silly rumors, we as a club need to get much sharper in the transfer market, we pay to much for average players, we dont pay enough for world class players who end up not being that much more than we spend on the average players and we need to really sharpen up in negotiating sell price but generally we are selling average players we have over spent on in the first place

current market Bellerin has to be £50 m IMHO

Chelsea have this nailed won recently we need to get ourselves to their level


Unfortunately he’s going back there eventually…..just a natural cycle if he keeps up his progression bc defensively he is still suspect/raw. His future development @ Arsenal depends on who is our next manager.


Life’s a pitch

I wasn’t born yesterday so I can remember what the pitches looked like in winter many years ago. But football has evolved. The game is played in a higher tempo and mostly on the ground. The match in Russia was played mostly in the air as it was impossible to put in a slick passing game or fancy dribbles.
Nostalgia is good but is there’s one thing I’m not interested to be nostalgic about, it’s bad pitches (played on a few back in the day). Technology in handling pitches has dramatically improved but sometimes the climate doesn’t allow green grass. Then you should use artificial turf.


Is going down if you’re fouled cheating?

I have no truck with this idea Hazard was cheating. Every foul awarded to him was because he was impeded one way or another. Of course he made absolutely sure the ref knew about it, let’s be honest here, every attacking player in the PL goes down easily when fouled. Add to that the way he brushed off Rojo stamping on his chest, as opposed to rolling around looking like he was about to die, which would have been an option for him, and I think you could say he did Rojo and United a favour.


During Jose’s 5 and a half years as Chelsea manager, obviously you watching a Jose side a lot longer than I have, would you say he ever set up to have his players continuously and foul a opposition player or was Monday the 1st? This is the first time I am coming across this.

I reckon he told them to stop Hazard by tackling him whether borderline or legally, they were just mistimed or one for the team, something the players did themselves rather than Jose instructions.

Like I said before Herrera’s 1st yellow he made some good challenges, after his 1st yellow he made some good challenges. The rotational fouls is nonsense by Poll, as in between the fouls, there were some good tackles on Hazard. If you only scrutinise a few bad fouls and fail to notice the good tackles done, then it would make things look like how Poll described.

I would not take Graham Poll too seriously, Neville called Graham Poll out by revealing he held some personal grudges towards players from previous seasons, using what Neville said about Poll, Oliver may have held a grudge towards Herrera, reason why he was heavily inconsistent on Monday.


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