‘Divock Origi isn’t Liverpool standard – he needs selling’

Date published: Thursday 2nd February 2017 12:23

Liverpool debate the merits of Divock Origi, Man City fans are looking up and there’s mixed emotions among supporters at Arsenal, Chelsea, Leeds, Man Utd and Crystal Palace.


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Origi isn’t Liverpool standard – he needs selling

I’m not too upset with Simon Mignolet and I was glad to see his performance after the David Luiz free-kick was spot on. . but we didn’t need that, that’s for sure.

I am, however, pretty disappointed with Jurgen Klopp for the first time ever. I think he made a huge mistake in placing Adam Lallana up top like that again. He had the opportunity to play him in midfield and I think he is responsible for us not winning.

I think people will jump all over me for this but this game was there for the taking and you can all bite my balls if you disagree. Lallana plays in midfield and we are a far better side tonight. . also, its depressing to see Divok Origi even play for us anymore. If that’s harsh sounding, I’m sorry but the guy is clueless. I want us to win titles and we’re not a charity either – I just don’t see why FSG have decided to not not replace Origi

I have a funny feeling growing in me and it is that we will make the top 4 but that we will do it just, because of the lack of ambition of FSG.

I have serious question marks about these guys who own our dreams and it’s starting to give me nightmares.

Mr Makaveli


Mr Mak, Origi is far from ‘clueless’ as you say, and I have to defend him from your unfair criticism. I certainly don’t see Klopp complaining, although he has been demanding improvement from all his strikers, not just Origi.

First of all, the stats speak for themselves, 18 goals in 61 games is a decent return for a forward who is not even our first choice striker. Secondly, Origi is not our first choice striker, but a squad striker, and he is going nowhere.

In summer, I expect Klopp to buy a top striker who will become our first choice, with Origi and Ings (if he ever recovers) as backup, and interchanging this new striker with Firmino as the false 9. Sturridge most likely to be sold.

Any team that wants to win Premiership has to have a strong squad with at least 2 good strikers (as most top teams now play with just one striker), and that is why Origi has a big part to play at Liverpool.

Also with Liverpool being in 4 competitions next season, as I think will happen, squad players will become vital so as to give first choice team a chance to rest.



If Arsenal have the best squad, why are they ‘specialists in failure’?

Arsene Wenger: Given his players two days off

Hello all,

Question. If Arsenal have the best squad in the Premier League, why are we not consistently winning?

Our performances are erratic and other teams are outplaying us, both tactically and in one on one situations.

I’m not attacking any viewpoint, just we seem to be the same every year. The defence is still weak, midfield gets played around and our forwards seem ineffective when the bus is parked.

We have changed many players, yet non seem to “step up” (I exclude Sanchez). Team self belief and drive very fragile. I’m sure you feel the same dread when we play the “in your face teams”, as we go missing. We are treading water in a swimming race. In this very close competitive sport, any weakness, however small, is sufficient to destroy the, or any positives that you have. Afterall, that’s how the games played. That’s how life is played period.

All on this page share a love for Arsenal, abet from different angles, but a common focus on the one team WE, choose to support.

There needs to be a change, you know by my past posts, what I think, so will not bore you. However, from whatever position, or standpoint, We cannot carry on in the present direction.

To remain competitive, we need to soberly, correct the malaise that is preventing Arsenal from being the best, most feared team in the Premier league.

Times are changing, methods and tactics advance. This is a cold fact of life. You cannot hesitate in mainstream football, if you do, you don’t last long. The signs are there for Arsenal. Time to wake up.

Gooner for life.



No we don’t have the best squad in the PL.Anyone who believes that is simply put naive and ignorant.Because having the best squad in the PL would mean the players should be gifted with a winning mentality.The manager’s job would just be to put the pieces into place.

Granted wenger does nothing at all to improve our mentality,which is why we’re often so erratic.It still dosen’t excuse the poor mentality of the players and they have to take blame as well.

I take no pleasure in saying this and I actually hate to say this but our team has been overrated for quite some time now.We are such a pretentious team, in all these years for all the apparent title challenges we’ve out in have we once ever come close enough to winning the title.No.We swiftly overcome the average teams, but once we face the top teams we get destroyed and that’s where my confidence in the team goes to nil.

Klopp said the other day, he’d rather give in a good performance and draw then give a bad performance and win.And I completely agree with that.Because if you give a good performance atleast the team is headed in the right direction, the tactics etc are all correct it’s upto the players. But that’s not the case at our club.

The results or our league standing might not suggest so but we’ve played pathetically poor at times this season, and which is why we always get found out against the big guns.Yes that occasional 3-0 against a man utd or chelsea,but that is so rare to see at the club.Our record is pretty pathetic against them.

I’d rather lose two games against a so called smaller team, then one game against a big side.Because then you know that the quality is there, just not the consistency.

Also this saying that we can beat any side on our day is the most bullish*T piece of saying there is.We got knocked out the round of 16 CL last five seasons if I’m correct.Simply put because the opponents were better than us.
We never do enough to win the tie, but enough to please our unambitious fans.

the specialone


Obviously people are having some major disagreements on the quality of our squad but for me, there is no question that other managers would get more from this current crop than Wenger does.
What we need is a boss that takes defending seriously and devotes serious time and resources to making it work. We need a manager that knows the best positions for his players and one who is strong enough to pick in form players and not just his pets.

If you look at the quality of our squad, it is very strong in some areas…..

Personally I wouldn’t say Cech is an elite player anymore, but world class keepers are very tough to find these days. He is still very good but perhaps not a match winner anymore. Ospina is a capable back up. Nothing more.

Bellerin is the best full back in the league probably. However, we don’t have a capable back up. On the left, I actually think Monreal is on the slide and Gibbs has never convinced anyone he is top class. LB is an area to address. At CB, Kos is brilliant on most occasions and Mustafi has been an improvement on what we had. He is still only 24 as well. Back up options…..Gabriel is not good enough and Per is finished. Improvements to be made in that department. Its tough to make comparisons with Chelsea as they don’t really play with full backs. However, Moses and Alonso are not what you would call world beaters really. Just used well in a system that works. City’s defence is awful. We absolutely have better options than they do. Spurs have cracking full backs and their 2 CBs are very good. Again, their back up options are hardly great.

Midfield is an area we all thought was well stocked and yet we find ourselves down to the absolute bare bones. Even when fit, do we have the best midfield options? As much as I like him, I don’t see Xhaka getting into the Chelsea, City or Spurs side. Cazorla when fit possibly would. After that, I don’t see any of our central players pulling up trees. Chelsea have excellent defensive options in Kante and Matic and Spurs have Dier and Wanyama who are very effective.

Up top I think we have a lot of quality players on their day. Welbeck, Theo, Alexis, Ozil, Giroud, Perez, Iwobi….Chelsea have a lot of class as well in Costa, Hazard, Wilian and Pedro. Spurs are nothing like as strong as we are in that department. City have goals up top obviously. Alexis would get a game for them. Any of the others?

I think overall we have better options in some areas of the pitch than our rivals but it will never matter until we can get a manager that can make the most of them. We absolutely need to strengthen in full back positions and potentially the middle of the park again because that is our biggest issue right now.



Man Utd have too many ‘passengers and show Rooney blind loyalty’

My thoughts from the game:

1.) Once again – we had absolutely no width. The amount of times Valencia tried to get down the line but had to deal with 2 or even 3 players because Mhkitaryan or mata moved towards the middle and didn’t pull a player with him was criminal – I honestly think he has had around 1000 scenarios this season where Valencia was let down by his right winger. Likewise, Rashford kept wqide which was good but he doesn’t know how to run down the line and can’t cross with his left whilst Blind never overlaps.

2.) Our crossing is abysmal. Not bad – ABYSMAL. There was a time that Valencia pulled a ball back to Herrera, all alone on the edge of the side of the box with all the time in the world and he gave the most horrible cross (somehow Ibrahimovic reached it on the line far off from the post). Likewise, Valencia and Blind are hopeless at crossing. There’s no point in having tall players like Ibrahimovic and Rashford in the box if your other players can’t pick them out for toffee.

3.) The team’s first touch and dribbling is dire – the only way we get past people is when someone does an intelligent run and someone else picks out an intelligent pass, this doesn’t work when the defence is overcrowded (like it always is when small teams come to OT).

4.) There are too many passer-bys in each match. yesterday the majority of players didn’t even try to do anything, they just pass and move. There’s no risk taking, no extra effort to break down the defence.

Even before yesterday, the future scared me – Man City have bought young, hungry players like Sterling, Gabriel Jesus and Sane to use speed and slice through defences, we continue to invest in middle-aged mediocrity. We need to invest in the best young forwards and give them a chance – it’s not like we stand to lose anything giving them a chance.

sympathy for the devils


I love Wayne Rooney and all but that was a mistake by Jose bringing him on … he offered nothing really. Mhikitaryan was awful for first 45mins and should have been hooked off by half time and replaced by Martial then maybe shaw/young for Carrick if we were still chasing. Valencia had no end product and needed an effective winger in front of him.

Mata did more in 15mins than most players the whole night … despite his woeful attempted finish



Finally – win at West Ham showed us what Pep’s vision at City is

Well done City, another clean sheet as well. We need to keep this run going because I can see us moveing up the table with more confidence now

Brian blue


Just watched the highlights and we looked superb. Some great young talent in the team, can see what Pep is trying to build (I think), hope he gets the chance to see it through. Dropping Bravo hopefully shows Pep is learning and I honestly hope Bravo comes back a much better player in a few games.

HK Blue


Finally got to see a game where we played well very well.
It was a really interesting front 3 we had up last night. the future look really good.
Sane mom for me.
Imagen IF we had fullback that where fast like the wingers that is the most importent positions pep need in the summer
We have a goalkepper that is out on loan so no need to buy a new.
But what a speed team we had last night
And a straight forward play no hold ups. I was really impressed with the speed and flair by our 3 front guys.

Kun Aguero is Finally going to get some competition in the attack. Since Dzeko left he really had no threat on his position so hopefully Jesus brings Aguero back to his best.


Chelsea to put Arsenal’s title chances to the sword

The only change I would consider to the starting line up for Chelsea would be as always between Pedro or Willian.

I fully expect a similar reaction from Arsenal as we saw from Liverpool. They have to up for the game and know that a loss will kill their hopes of a title win. Obviously that is our motivation and would be reducing the teams capable of catching us down to a couple, possibly even only 1…?

It will be tough but at the same time we must know that we are more than capable of taking revenge and getting 3 points. while Arsenal are not playing well they do not give up and have players who can turn a game – but so do we

I was always more optimistic about this game than last nights and so far see nothing to change my opinion. KTBFFH



Arsenal are bottlers – and we should put them to the sword. I’ll stick my neck out and say we will win 3-0 (hope i don’t jinx this)!



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Without being spoilt and Arsenal are still Arsenal.. fully expect us to pick up 3 points and get revenge for the beating at the emirates.

Doubt Antonio will start cesc. So far he only starts fab, despite his numerous influential cameo’s, when he expects us to fully dominate possession. Usually against a much weaker team like in the cup runs so far. Conte has shown himself to be quite rigid in making changes to his side and rightly so with so many wins. Quick pressing – like Liverpool or to a lesser extent Arsenal – exposes fabs weaknessess. That said he did very wel against city in December when Matic was out.

I reckon the big one is Pedro v Willian – who will get the nod? Pedro is chipping in with goals but was woeful v spurs whilst Willian by his standards is also scoring and assisting more… I reckon he will pick Willian again.

super frankie

I think we should go for the win because Spurs will be facing Liverpool next weekend. I would definitely go for an attacking line up and would instruct our wing backs to push higher up the pitch. And with the form that Hazard is ( just having a little problem ) this is the perfect game that he should be recapturing his early season form.

I would also play Pedro and Fabregas in this game. Willian needs to be rested. so my starting line up is, Courtois, Azpi – Luiz – Cahill, Moses- Kante – Fabgregas-Alonso, Pedro – Costa – Hazard.

How i would love to end any lingering hopes that Arsenal have over winning the title at Stamford Bridge.



Palace new boys offer survival hope

I believe V Aarnholt, Schlupp and Sakho are better than what we have. Milivojevic is tough to say as none of us know much about him but the signs and messages from supporters of his previous clubs are promising.

Saying that the Premiership is a tough beast to master but we will see what he has/brings shortly as he should be fit and ready to play the win against Bournemouth was a great 3 points away from home.

As Bournemouth are a good passing team you would probably say that they were the most difficult team to play between them, Sunderland, MIddlesborough and Watford.

Obviously another 9 points would be amazing if maybe a little optimistic but we need to be optimistic with the players we have brought in.

Even if we got 5/6 points out of the next 3 games it would be massive as it brings more clubs back closer to the relegation positions and we can move out.

Up The Palace! PTID!



Duo deserve chance despite Chelsea’s summer wish list

Cesc Fabregas: Involved in fracas on Saturday

All this speculation with Chelsea’s summer transfers…Whoever we bring in, I’d rather we keep Cesc.

In terms of incomings, I’d like Veratti, Van Dijk, Moratti and a quality full-back.

Andreas Christiansen also must be given a proper chance though and to prove he can replace John Terry. A lot will depend on what happens with the likes of Costa, Hazard and Courtois…..they all leave we will have about £200million in the kitty.



Leeds march on – and signings give more strength

Alfonso Pedraza: Joins Leeds on loan

Delighted for Leeds in winning at Blackburn. That really is good form and I feel now that Garry Monk has somewhat instilled into the side ‘the bit between their teeth’.

Thumbs up tsm, Marshy and the fellow Gents on here – here’s hoping for another 3 points ????



Roofe and Sacko should be extremely worried about their places in the first team; both were virtual automatic choices. They have got us this far with the others but both need to bring more to the party than promise.

We simply need 3 points every game if we are to prevail – the others above us all seem to have momentum as have we. Whoever blinks will be left behind to either fight it out in the play offs if lucky or miss out on the Main Chance all together.

We are in a good place just now.

Keep the faith (and perhaps gird your loins)

Phoenix United

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